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Mondo/Mindi rescue DVD no interactive mode & does not find hard disks (Areca ARC-1220 RAID Controller)

Reported by: mbab Owned by: Bruno Cornec
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Component: mondo Version: 2.2.7
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After a successful backup of the root partition with mondoarchive (CLI) and trying to use the backup DVD the interactive mode can not be started and the hard disks are not detected. Its just a shell that provides absolutely elementary commands and any command to start interactive mode or something connected to mondo returns "not found". The rescue kernel boot also throws some errors but unfortunately I dont have a log of this.

Any idea for this problem? Is it possibly connected with the used RAID controller? Or the fact that the root partition is inside an extended partition? A cross-check with the most recent version of mondo/mindi was not possible due to a segfault (see seperate ticket).

Configuration System: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Device: /dev/sda hardware RAID using the Areca ARC-1220 RAID Controller Partition: /dev/sda5 which is in the extended partition /dev/sda4 Used Packages: Mondo: 1:2.2.7-2.1, Mindi 1:2.0.4-1ubuntu1 Used command: sudo mondoarchive -OVN -i -I /dev/sda -E "/boot /home" -d /home/admin/mondobackup -s 4400M -S /home/admin/temp/mondo/scratch/ -T /home/admin/temp/mondo/tmp/

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comment:1 by Bruno Cornec, 13 years ago

1/ Would need complete log files to know for sure 2/ Updat first to latest upstream mondo packages ( + read the FAQ on this wiki for Ubuntu hints

comment:2 by mbab, 13 years ago

Unfortunately I don't have the log of this backup process. But I will recheck for this effect with the latest upstram mondo and mindi packages.

The most interesting part of the FAQ for this ticket is "Which drivers does MondoRescue support ?". I didn't found the arcmsr-driver (driver for the Areca ARC-1220 RAID Controller) within the list of supported drivers. What behaviour has to be expected then? Will the rescue CD not be able to detect and mount the corresponding block device? Is there an easy way to manually include such drivers?

comment:3 by Bruno Cornec, 13 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Fixed in rev [2834]. Will be in which should be out soon.

In the mean time a workaround is to add it in your /etc/mindi/mindi.conf file to the FORCE_MODS variable: FORCE_MODS="arcmsr"

comment:4 by mbab, 13 years ago

Thanks I will my a backup soon to test it!

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