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Aug 23, 2019:

11:14 AM Changeset [3721] by bruno
setup pb keys for web delivery

Aug 21, 2019:

8:23 AM Changeset [3720] by bruno
Increase upload size for trac

Aug 18, 2019:

4:57 PM Changeset [3719] by bruno
Avoid cerating /mnt/cdrom if it exists
4:57 PM Changeset [3718] by bruno
Improve display

Aug 13, 2019:

11:20 PM Changeset [3717] by bruno
minor pbtest improvements

Aug 8, 2019:

12:32 AM Changeset [3716] by bruno
Ensure we have enough upload size for logs (2MB)

Aug 7, 2019:

3:23 PM Ticket #833 (Issues when restoring RHEL7 /boot under XFS format. Just getting GRUB ...) closed by bruno
fixed: I suppose that the packages mentioned are fixing the issue.
3:21 PM Ticket #824 (floppy error: -5 while reading block 0) closed by bruno
3:19 PM Ticket #334 (Ram disk computation based on initrd size) closed by bruno
fixed: Has been fixed in [3522]
3:11 PM Ticket #832 (RHEL 5 repo - some rpms are signed by unsupported GPG key) closed by bruno
2:51 PM Ticket #840 (unable to restore iso image of centos 7) closed by bruno

Aug 6, 2019:

9:29 PM Ticket #849 (Restored VM Fails to Boot) created by kevenw
I'm having an issue with my mondorestore'ed VM failing to boot after …

Aug 3, 2019:

1:51 AM Changeset [3715] by bruno
fix dhcpd.c compilation for SLES15 where linux/packet.h is the include …
1:44 AM Ticket #848 (Provide mondorescue packages for SLES 15) closed by bruno
fixed: Packages are now available for the latest stable version of …
12:04 AM Ticket #848 (Provide mondorescue packages for SLES 15) created by bruno
SLES 15 is now available so we should provide packages for it

Aug 2, 2019:

12:01 PM Ticket #847 (mismatch between filelist and afio files) created by bruno
I did a mondo/mindi backup of a linux system, and copied the .iso …

Jul 29, 2019:

10:13 AM Ticket #846 (About Reassembling Large files task) closed by bruno
fixed: Hello, Please remember this is an Open Source project using the free …

Jul 10, 2019:

4:19 AM Ticket #846 (About Reassembling Large files task) created by shushosho
Hi team, A task names "Reassembling Large files" runs during mondo …
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