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#83 Create a package hierarchy to ease installation assigned bruno defect normal 4.0.2
#91 Error message goes to console, but not to log assigned bruno defect normal 4.0.2
#94 Show Command Assembled in GUI new bruno enhancement normal 4.0.0
#98 continue even if wrong media inserted new bruno enhancement normal 4.0.2
#104 Mondoarchive segfaults when encoutering deep filesystem arborescence assigned bruno defect normal
#116 Encryption support new bruno enhancement normal 4.0.2
#213 XFS volumes with external log could not be mounted during restore assigned bruno defect normal 4.0.0
#86 graphic tape issue and text progress indicator assigned bruno defect low 4.0.2
#95 Physical extent size for volume group isn't preserved assigned bruno defect low 4.0.0
#109 add a timestamp to the logfiles name assigned bruno enhancement low 4.0.2
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