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May 9, 2018:

6:33 PM Changeset [3709] by bruno
mindi now logs the value of MINDI_TMP

Apr 30, 2018:

11:26 AM Ticket #840 (unable to restore iso image of centos 7) created by rishab
getting error of mondo restore alreday exist - retavl = 256

Apr 13, 2018:

12:29 PM Changeset [3708] by bruno
daptation for gcc 5 (inline funcs mngt)
1:35 AM Changeset [3707] by bruno
Update pbtest to latest version with SLES support
1:27 AM Changeset [3706] by bruno
Adds bind mounting of virtual FS to ease debug when used manually
1:17 AM Changeset [3705] by bruno
Check return status of mr-net-get-config to avoid errors due to …

Apr 11, 2018:

1:13 PM Changeset [3704] by bruno
Remove the useless mr-unmount-subroutine-me script
2:08 AM Ticket #838 (mondorescue doesn't restore btrfs subvols) closed by bruno
2:07 AM Ticket #839 (mondorestore fail to restore a btrfs FS) closed by bruno
fixed: Fixed in [3703]
2:07 AM Changeset [3703] by bruno
- Fix #839 by forcing the creation of BTRFS FS
2:07 AM Ticket #839 (mondorestore fail to restore a btrfs FS) created by bruno
If the disk on which we're restoring is already containing a BTRFS FS …
2:05 AM Changeset [3702] by bruno
- Fix #838 by skipping subvol fstab lines for the mountlist

Apr 10, 2018:

4:49 PM Ticket #838 (mondorescue doesn't restore btrfs subvols) created by bruno
brtfs subvols are considered as duplicated mount points in …

Apr 9, 2018:

3:15 PM Ticket #818 (Data not restored after performing Mondo restore from NFS) closed by bruno
2:50 PM Ticket #829 (RHEL 5 repo - obsolete repodata) closed by bruno
fixed: Should be fixed now, create repo has been relaunched on this repo.
2:45 PM Ticket #471 (calculate EXTRA_SIZE and BOOT_SIZE values before assigning them) closed by bruno
fixed: In 3.3 version, only EXTRA_SPACE remains to have a bit of extra room …
2:17 PM Ticket #837 (Unable to log after restore of RHEL 7) closed by bruno
fixed: Checked with a full backup/restore on RHEL 7.3.

Apr 3, 2018:

12:31 AM Changeset [3701] by bruno
Workaround #836 by disabling crc on XFS FS at restore time for now.

Apr 2, 2018:

11:28 AM Changeset [3700] by bruno
Adds a test script for RHEL/Fedora VMs

Mar 31, 2018:

7:06 PM Ticket #837 (Unable to log after restore of RHEL 7) created by bruno
After a restore of RHEL 7, with mondoarchive 3.3.0 beta, it's not …
11:30 AM Changeset [3699] by bruno
Improve logging again
11:26 AM Ticket #836 (grub2 not restored correctly on RHEL 7.3 and upper) created by bruno
When restoring on RHEL 7.3+, at reboot of the VM used to test, grub …

Mar 28, 2018:

12:41 AM Changeset [3698] by bruno
Improve logging of device.map file for grub2

Mar 26, 2018:

5:52 PM TroubleShooting edited by bruno

Feb 28, 2018:

12:04 PM Ticket #835 (EFI support issue on Ubuntu 16.04) created by bruno

Jan 25, 2018:

11:26 AM Ticket #834 (Have isolinux files parametrized based on distributions) created by bruno
On arch linux the file is under: […] which is not covered by mindi …

Jan 24, 2018:

7:21 PM Ticket #833 (Issues when restoring RHEL7 /boot under XFS format. Just getting GRUB ...) created by jdaraya
Hello guys, I have several years using mondo and I would like to …
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