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Sep 7, 2015:

7:14 PM Ticket #778 (mondorestore doesn't restore labelled vfat partitions) created by Bruno Cornec
RHEL 7 seems to allow the usage of UUID references in /etc/fstab to …
7:11 PM Ticket #777 (mondoarchive doesn't create a bootable UEFI media on RHEL7) created by Bruno Cornec
Now that #717 is fixed, and RHEL6 working with UEFI, we need to add …

Sep 1, 2015:

10:05 AM Ticket #776 (modoarchive fails if option '-e' is not supported by genisoimage / mkisofs) created by GVR
Hi Bruno Versions : […] Backup made on a sshfs shares with the …

Aug 30, 2015:

11:19 PM Milestone 3.2.1 completed
Cf: …
4:33 PM Ticket #742 (generate debuginfo packages for RHEL6) closed by Bruno Cornec
fixed: I've updated my RHEL6 VM with the appropriate package …
1:15 PM Ticket #749 (mkisofs fails when creating ISO#2 - CentOS 6.5) closed by Bruno Cornec
1:10 PM Ticket #666 (Mondo restore hangs) closed by Bruno Cornec
1:07 PM Ticket #660 (Using recovery failed with SIGABRT signal received from OS) closed by Bruno Cornec
12:52 PM Ticket #717 (mindi doesn't detect UEFI based systems) closed by Bruno Cornec
fixed: Fixed as of rev [3454] at least with RHEL 6.6 and RHEL7
12:49 PM Ticket #763 (DVD boot fails with "Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(1,0)" - ...) closed by Bruno Cornec
12:44 PM Ticket #772 (spam) closed by Bruno Cornec

Jul 6, 2015:

6:59 PM Communication edited by Bruno Cornec

Jun 22, 2015:

11:24 AM Ticket #775 (Unusual error messages at restore time) created by Bruno Cornec
When restoring an HP ProLiant? Gen8 server, there is unusual logging on …

Jun 19, 2015:

2:00 AM Ticket #774 (Exit after mondorestore hangs the system) created by Bruno Cornec
Exit after mondorestore hangs the system: > I have try to restore …

May 27, 2015:

11:37 PM Ticket #601 (mondoarchive on shared directory : Operation not permitted) reopened by Bruno Cornec
With 3.2.0 on with a similar -d target dir another report gives: FATAL …
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