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mondo ignore non system partitions

Reported by: Chucky Owned by: Bruno Cornec
Priority: normal Milestone: 4.0.0
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I have system, which contains non standard filesystem partitions (informix data parts). Mondo can't backup them (ofcourse), he ignores them. When I want to clone system, he don't know about these partitions and I have to make them by hand. When cloning multiple machines, it is annoying. I resolved this by saving (sfdisk -d) for all drives in system, and in modified post-init, if they didn't match current setup, I ask to repartition them. I wish mondo can parttion them in the same fashion.

Moreover, it is philosophical that mondo should include two basic modes: restore to original system and clone system. In restore original, the system ramdisk & bootup process could be used to ensure correct module & device initialization, repartition drives to same configuration with NO questions :). In clone mode, there could be that nice features like inserting all modules, mountlist resizing and checking, many questions etc.


running OpenSuse 11.1 & 11.2 64

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If you provide the info on how to format these Informix partitions, I can add the support at restore into mondorestore, and it will be done for you then.

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Well, the problem is not how to format those partitions - this will be done automatically by script upon system boot-up. I just need mondo to remember and create an empty partition. Currently, it ignores any partition that is not in fstab / has not common filesystem id.

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