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Most of Andree's remarks are now there

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    2727  </div>
    2828  <p><a href="">Bruno Cornec</a>: lead development, maintenance, rpm packaging, web site, documentation<br>
    29     <a href="">Andree Leidenfrost</a>: co-development, maintenance, debian packaging<br>
     29    <a href="">Andree Leidenfrost</a>: co-development, maintenance, Official Debian packager<br>
    3030  </p>
    3131    <p>Original Author</p>
    4848  <div class="c"><a href=""><img src="/images/icon-73lab.png" width="89" height="40" alt="73lab logo" title="Graphics by Ayo" /></a>
    4949    <a href=""><img src="/images/icon-mandriva.png" width="160" height="40" alt="Mandriva" title="Hosted on Mandriva Linux" /></a>
     50    <a href=""><img src="/images/hpisc.png" width="160" height="40" alt="HP/Intel Solution Center" title="Sponsored and hosted by the HP/Intel Solution Center" /></a>
     51    <a href=""><img src="/images/hp.png" width="120" height="40" alt="Linux at HP" title="Sponsored HP" /></a>
    5052  </div>
    5153  <div>
    52   <p>This Web site is sponsored by <a href="">HP</a> and the <a href="">HP/Intel Solution Center</a>.</p>
    5354  <p>This website has been designed according to the <a href="">W3C standards</a> in order to be viewable by most standard compliant browsers. Since it uses some CSS techniques, it may not render correctly on some non-free (as in <i>freedom</i>) widely used browser. If this is the case with your browser, you may want to try the latest version of <a href="">Firefox</a>, a standards compliant free software browser.</p>
    5455    <p>This site is best viewed with the free <a href="">"Vera" True Type Font</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;from Bitstream.</p>
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