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Most of Andree's remarks are now there

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  • branches/stable/tools/livwww

    r374 r386  
    2930find $DESTDIR -type d | xargs chmod 755
    3031find $DESTDIR -type f | xargs chmod 644
     32cd $DESTDIR
    3133if [ _"$1" == _"" ]; then
    3234        exit 0
     36    if [ _"$1" == _"test" ]; then
     37        DESTDIR=$TESTDIR
     38    else
     39        DESTDIR=$MONDODIR
     40    fi
    34 cd $DESTDIR
    3542tar cfj /tmp/mondo-www.tz2 .
    36 ssh ${DESTUSER}@${DESTMACH} "rm -rf ${MONDODIR} ; mkdir ${MONDODIR}"
     43ssh ${DESTUSER}@${DESTMACH} "rm -rf ${DESTDIR} ; mkdir ${DESTDIR}"
    3744scp /tmp/mondo-www.tz2 ${DESTUSER}@${DESTMACH}:/tmp
    38 ssh ${DESTUSER}@${DESTMACH} "cd ${MONDODIR} ; tar xfj /tmp/mondo-www.tz2"
     45ssh ${DESTUSER}@${DESTMACH} "cd ${DESTDIR} ; tar xfj /tmp/mondo-www.tz2"
  • branches/stable/website/about.shtml

    r373 r386  
    6262      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
    6363      <I><B>Andree Leidenfrost</B></I><BR>
    64       co-development, maintenance, Debian packaging</P>
     64      co-development, maintenance, Official Debian packager</P>
    6565      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
    6666      <I><B>Lars Rupp</B></I><BR>
    67       Offical SuSE packaging</P>
     67      Offical SuSE packager</P>
    6868      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
    6969      <I><B>Mike Roark</B></I><BR>
    70       Contributor SuSE packaging</P>
     70      Contributor SuSE packager</P>
    7171      <p></p>
    7272  <div class="h2-4">
  • branches/stable/website/docs.shtml

    r366 r386  
    1414  <p>The Mondo Rescue HOWTO is available under various formats:</p>
    1515  <ul>
    16           <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.html">single HTML</a> page.</li>
    17           <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.pdf">PDF</a> document.</li>
    18           <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.rtf">RTF</a> document.</li>
    19           <li>A <a href="/docs/">PostScript</a> document.</li>
    20           <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.txt">Text</a> document.</li>
    21           <li><a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto/index.html">online</a>.</li>
     16          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.html" target="_blank">single HTML</a> page.</li>
     17          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.pdf" target="_blank">PDF</a> document.</li>
     18          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.rtf" target="_blank">RTF</a> document.</li>
     19          <li>A <a href="/docs/" target="_blank">PostScript</a> document.</li>
     20          <li>A <a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto.txt" target="_blank">Text</a> document.</li>
     21          <li><a href="/docs/mondorescue-howto/index.html" target="_blank">online</a>.</li>
    2222  </ul>
    2828  <p>Here are some other documents seaking of Mondo Rescue:</p>
    2929  <ul>
    30           <li>A Mondo Rescue <a href="/docs/mondo-intro.pdf">introduction</a> (in French) made by Gallig Renaud.
    31           <li>A Mondo Rescue <a href="/docs/mondo-presentation-v1.pdf">presentation</a> made by Bruno Cornec.
    32           <li>A Mondo Rescue hardware migration <a href="/docs/HOWTO-_Deploy_Linux_from_SCSI_to_SATA.pdf">guide</a> made by François-Xavier Horel.
     30          <li>A Mondo Rescue <a href="/docs/mondo-intro.pdf" target="_blank">introduction</a> (in French) made by Gallig Renaud.
     31          <li>A Mondo Rescue <a href="/docs/mondo-presentation-v1.pdf target="_blank"">presentation</a> made by Bruno Cornec.
     32          <li>A Mondo Rescue hardware migration <a href="/docs/HOWTO-_Deploy_Linux_from_SCSI_to_SATA.pdf target="_blank"">guide</a> made by François-Xavier Horel.
    3434<!--#include virtual="/bottom.shtml" -->
  • branches/stable/website/downloads.shtml

    r369 r386  
    4949<h3>Source code</h3>
    51     <li>tarball available under <a href=""></a></li>
     51    <li>tarball available under <a href=""></a></li>
    5252    <li>Subversion browing available at <a href=""></a></li>
    5353    <li>Anonymous HTTP Subversion check out of the project available with the following instruction set: <pre><tt>svn checkout</tt></pre></li>
  • branches/stable/website/index.shtml

    r385 r386  
    2727  </div>
    2828  <p><a href="">Bruno Cornec</a>: lead development, maintenance, rpm packaging, web site, documentation<br>
    29     <a href="">Andree Leidenfrost</a>: co-development, maintenance, debian packaging<br>
     29    <a href="">Andree Leidenfrost</a>: co-development, maintenance, Official Debian packager<br>
    3030  </p>
    3131    <p>Original Author</p>
    4848  <div class="c"><a href=""><img src="/images/icon-73lab.png" width="89" height="40" alt="73lab logo" title="Graphics by Ayo" /></a>
    4949    <a href=""><img src="/images/icon-mandriva.png" width="160" height="40" alt="Mandriva" title="Hosted on Mandriva Linux" /></a>
     50    <a href=""><img src="/images/hpisc.png" width="160" height="40" alt="HP/Intel Solution Center" title="Sponsored and hosted by the HP/Intel Solution Center" /></a>
     51    <a href=""><img src="/images/hp.png" width="120" height="40" alt="Linux at HP" title="Sponsored HP" /></a>
    5052  </div>
    5153  <div>
    52   <p>This Web site is sponsored by <a href="">HP</a> and the <a href="">HP/Intel Solution Center</a>.</p>
    5354  <p>This website has been designed according to the <a href="">W3C standards</a> in order to be viewable by most standard compliant browsers. Since it uses some CSS techniques, it may not render correctly on some non-free (as in <i>freedom</i>) widely used browser. If this is the case with your browser, you may want to try the latest version of <a href="">Firefox</a>, a standards compliant free software browser.</p>
    5455    <p>This site is best viewed with the free <a href="">"Vera" True Type Font</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;from Bitstream.</p>
  • branches/stable/website/support.shtml

    r373 r386  
    3636            <h2>Professional support services</h2>
    3737    </div>
    38     <p>If you're ready to pay for a support contract around Mondo Rescue, for your business, you may enter in contact with the following companies which have the structure to deliver it:
     38    <p>For commercial support contracts for Mondo Rescue please contact one of the following companies:
    3939    <ul>
    4040            <li><b><a href="">Linagora</a></b> - Contact: <a href="">Support Service</a></li>
    4141    </ul></p>
    4242    <p>For commercial enhancement and consulting services around Mondo Rescue,
    43     please contact one of the following companies which have the structure to deliver it:
     43    please contact one of the following companies:
    4444    <ul>
    4545            <li><b><a href="">Hewlett-Packard</a></b> - Contact: <a href="">Free, Libre and Open Source Expertise Center</a></li>
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