This knowledge base contains information that is still to much in flux or immature to be put into the proper documentation. Some like the Roadmap? will (hopefully!) always be that way.


Coding Standards

Boot Process Unraveled

Distribution Packaging


Standards Compliance


Using Virtualisation Tools With Mondorescue

FTP Setup

The repository on the ftp server is organized the following way:

|---- src (contains the .tar.gz files required for the mondorescue project)
|---- distro-a
|      |
|      |---- 1.0 (contains all packages made for that release of distro-a)
|      |---- 2.0
|---- distro-b
       |---- 1.1 (contains all packages made for that release of distro-b)
       |---- 2.3

Development hints

There are 2 mondorescue versions managed under SVN.

The first one is called 'stable'. From it we derive the official mondorescue releases. Currently the latest official releases are 2.06 for mondo & 1.06 for mindi in r266. 2.0x names are there for historical reasons. The next published releases will use the more classical schema:

x.y.z with

x for major versions and rewrite of the code. y for minor versions (even numbers for stable ones, and odd numbers for unstable ones) z for incremental releases inside a minor version.

The second one is called 'trunk' and is currenlty dedicated to a rewrite of the memory management in mondorescue including first the removal of sprintf/strcat/strcpy functions in the code. It's NOT stable. it may even NOT compile Once it is, it will probably lead to a 2.1.x/1.1.x version.

Development evolution is shown by this diagram:

trunk  ------------------------------------------------------>>>
            |            |           |
          2.1.0        2.1.1      2.1.2
          r3xx         r3xx       r4xx ........
            |            |           |
            \_______>>   \_______>>  \________________
stable -----------------------------------------------|------>>>
            |            |           |                |
          2.06         2.0.7      2.0.8            2.2.0
          r266         r3xx       r4xx ........    r5xx
            |            |           |                |
            \_______>>   \_______>>  \_______>>       \_______>>

So patches on the stable version should be produced against the stable version and then ported back to trunk using svn merge. Conflicts have to be expected and resolved due to the massive rewrite of code for memory management.

Do not use version 2.10/1.10 of mondo and mindi of the official site as they are broken and not maintained at the moment. Not sure they will be one day either :-). Be conservative and either use the latest cvs versions of the official site, or better the published 2.06/1.06 versions of this site at


If you have ideas on what needs to be done, please use the Features function of Berlios... For improvements around ntfsclone look at


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