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/dev/sdb vs. /dev/sda and mondoarchive to DVD-R via the GUI

Reported by: Chris Bayne Owned by: Bruno Cornec
Priority: normal Milestone: 3.3.0
Component: mindi-busybox Version: 3.2.2
Severity: normal Keywords: /dev/sdb VS/ /dev/sda
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I have a RHEL 6.7/RHAWK 6.5.6 system that I'm working on that's primary file system is /dev/sdb due to it's /dev/sda being used for other functionality on the system that's not for storage. Anyway, every time a I build a disk off of it or a net image, it kicks it into interactive mode and I have to trick it by editing each line to say "/dev/sdaX". This get it through the restore and it ends up coming out on the other side as /dev/sdb structure on the other end. This is fine for our lab as we all know what to do with it, but will most likely frustrate our customer. What settings would I have to change for this? I most likely have the Milestone and Version wrong as I'm at home and not in front of the machine, if that's important, i can get it to you on your return correspondence.

Another requirement I have is to deliver build media to our customer and I have to have this build witnessed by a quality control engineer, meaning I will have to build this from the console using a DVD-R. When I use the mondoarchive GUI, I set it to maximum compression and gzip, everything else I use the defaults. it gets to about 84% and then will not format the disk. Is this a mondo/mindi setting or do you think this may be hardware related? are there any settings I should check?

Chris Bayne

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comment:1 by Bruno Cornec, 3 years ago

Indeed versions are important for me to help you here, but even more important are the log files. Please refer to for what is needed.

You can use some pre/post scripts in order to automatically modify the /tmp/mountlist.txt file so your fstab is re-generated correctly for your setup.

mondoarchive also supports CLI options that are documented here: and that help you automate stuff.

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