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#861 new defect

mondorestore aborts with a hign numner of directories

Reported by: Bruno Cornec Owned by: Bruno Cornec
Priority: high Milestone: 3.3.1
Component: mondo Version: 3.3.0
Severity: blocker Keywords:


I tried to rescue some files from a backup, but mondorescue terminates. strace showed that the error occurs while reading filelist.full.gz. Probably because we have a filesystemstructure that goes 369 folders deep.

>DBG2: [Main] libmondo-raid.c->load_raidtab_into_raidlist#595: Raidtab is very small or non-existent. Ignoring it.
>DBG1: [Main] ../src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.c->process_filelist_and_biggielist#1036: /tmp/mondo.tmp.aqwIRa/tmp/filelist.full.gz exists
>DBG1: [Main] ../src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.c->process_filelist_and_biggielist#1037: /tmp/mondo.tmp.aqwIRa/tmp/biggielist.txt exists
>DBG2: [Main] ../src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.c->process_filelist_and_biggielist#1039: Filelist and biggielist already recovered from media. Yay!
>INFO: root is mounted at /dev/sda
>INFO: That doesn't mean /dev/sda is the root partition. It's just a debugging message. Relax. It's part of am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode().
>DBG1: [Main] libmondo-devices.c->am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode#164: Is this a ramdisk? result = FALSE
>DBG2: [Main] ../src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.c->process_filelist_and_biggielist#1129: Forking
>INFO: Pre-processing filelist
>DBG4: [TH=19443] ../src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.c->process_filelist_and_biggielist#1144: grep -E '^/dev/.*' /tmp/mondo.tmp.aqwIRa/tmp/biggielist.txt > /tmp/mondo.tmp.aqwIRa/tmp/filelist.imagedevs
>DBG3: [Main] ../src/mondorestore/mondo-rstr-tools.c->process_filelist_and_biggielist#1158: loading filelist
>INFO: Loading filelist
>INFO: SIGABRT signal received from OS

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