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#683 closed defect (fixed)

SIGSEGV on mondoarchive

Reported by: Petr Baláš Owned by: Bruno Cornec
Priority: normal Milestone: 3.0.4
Component: mondo Version: 3.0.3
Severity: normal Keywords:


kerio:/usr/local/sbin# mondoarchive -Oi -9 -N -l LILO -E "/tmp|/proc|/sys|/_archive|/mnt/mnt|/var/cache/apt/archives|/home/_kerio/store|/opt/kerio|/home/_encryped" -s 4200m -d /_archive/


Execution run ended; result=-1

Type 'less /var/log/mondoarchive.log' to see the output log

Neoprávněný přístup do paměti (SIGSEGV)

Debian 6.0.7 - packages from "deb 6.0 contrib"

kerio:/usr/local/sbin# cat /var/log/mondoarchive.log

[TH=10088] libmondo-tools.c->reset_bkpinfo#785: Hi root is mounted at /dev/md0

No, Schlomo, that doesn't mean /dev/md0 is the root partition. It's just a debugging message. Relax. It's part of am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode(). [TH=10088] libmondo-devices.c->am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode#166: Is this a ramdisk? result = 0

[TH=10088] libmondo-tools.c->setup_tmpdir#769: Failed to create global tmp directory for Mondo.

running: umount -d /mnt/cdrom > /mondo-run-prog-thing.tmp 2> /mondo-run-prog-thing.err

umount: /mnt/cdrom: not mounted

...ran with res=256

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comment:1 by Bruno Cornec, 11 years ago

Status: newassigned

What happens if you use the -T option to force the temp dir ?

Could you also please test the beta of mondo 3.0.4 later this week-end as it should fix this issue.

comment:2 by Bruno Cornec, 11 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Should be fixed with latest 3.0.4 as all the tmp management was reviewed and improved. Please reopen if not the case.

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