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     1<p><B>2006-03-20 </B>Mondo 2.0.7 / Mindi 1.0.7 are out</p>
     3I'm happy to announce the availability of the latest and greatest
     4version of mondo 2.0.7 / mindi 1.0.7. Version numbers have changed of
     5format to be more in line with what is done generally (x.y.z)
     8Now available at :
     23Other distributions will follow asap (should be able to produce soon
     24redhat 7.3, fedora core 4, and only after rhel3/4 and sles9) due to the
     25change in the virtual machines I have to do (now using qemu + more tools
     26to generate RPMs)
     30The focus on this version has been more around the new website and
     31documentation, and a bit less on code. So some persistant bugs are still
     32not corrected (some dvd burning issues and dm/lvm2 support mainly) and
     33will be hopefully in 2.0.8.
     41v2.07 (2006-02-23)<br>
     42- useless cat, sort|uniq commands removed (Bruno Cornec/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)<br>
     43- Doc cleanup (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     44- Add the actual format to messages after calls to function is_this_a_valid_disk_format() about unsupported formats.  (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     45- Abort|Warn when one of the include|exclude dirs (-I|-E) does not exist (Bruno Cornec/Jeffs)<br>
     46- Replaced partimagehack with ntfsclone from ntfsprogs package. (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     47- use df -P everywhere (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     48- Paypal incitations removed (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     49- mondo now uses /usr/share for the restore-scripts (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     50- rpmlint cleanups (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     51- no shared librairies and no X11 anymore (were useless) (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     52- files > 2GB are now really supported (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     53- new SGML based Mondo Rescue documentation + new Web site (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     54- mondoarchive aborts when 'mindi --findkernel' gives a fatal error (See also Debian bug #352323.) (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     55- /tmp not excluded anymore from backup (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     56- New RPM Build environement (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     641.07 (2006-02-23)<br>
     65- stop creating further size of floppy disks if the smaller one succeeds (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     66- init revamped (removed unnecessary second general module loading phase, start NFS appropriately depending on PXE or simple NFS) (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     67  - Changed module 'nfsacl' to 'nfs_acl' (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     68  - Mindi/DiskSize is gone (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     69- useless cat, sort|uniq commands removed (Bruno Cornec/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)<br>
     70- Doc cleanup (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     71- Bug fix for chown in (JeffS)<br>
     72- CHANGES renamed also in now (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     73- rpmlint cleanups<br>
     74- Get mindi to look for analyze-my-lvm in it's library directory MINDI_LIB (See also Debian bug #351446.)<br>
     75- mindi only deletes freshly created 1440kb images in case of error (See also Debian Bug #348966.) (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     76- try standard grub-install in grub-MR restore script before trying anything fancy (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     77- busybox mount should be called with -o ro for PXE (Make RHEL 3 works in PXE with a 2.6 failsafe kernel now available) (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     78- Fix mindi for 2.6 Failsafe support (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     79- mindi now depends on grep >= 2.5 (for -m option) (Marco Puggelli/Bruno Cornec)<br>
     80- Fix a bug in LVM context for RHEL4 in GetValueFromField (Rémi Bondoin/Bruno Cornec)<br>
     81- New RPM Build environement (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     82- mindi now supports x86_64 natively (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     83- stop creating further size of floppy disks if the smaller one succeeds (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    186<p><B>2006-02-21 </B>Mondo Rescue has a new Web site</p>
    287<p>Thanks to <a href="">Ayo</a>'s authorization, and after 2 weeks of hard work, we are proud to announce that we now have a new and updated Web site. We hope it will be useful and wait for your feedback.</p>
    1196Try rsync</p>
    12 <p><B>2006-02-01 </B>Mondo Rescue ftp server available</p>
    13 <p>Things are progressing. I've gathered all the packages that were originally on <a href=""></a> and also added Mike's SuSE RPMs
    14 + all the latest packages I've produced and put them on a new ftp server
    15 accessible at <a href=""></a>
    16 </p><p>
    17 You may have issues to access to it yet, as I've done a DNS refresh this
    18 night and propagation could not be made everywhere now.
    20 FYI:
    22 </p><p>
    23 $ host<br>
    24 has address
    25 </p><p>
    27 The tree is:
    28 </p><p>
    29 level one distribution<br>
    30 level two version number<br>
    31 level three the packages
    33 </p><p>
    34 Feel free to send me (by private mail) packages that you have and that
    35 are not in the repository, so that I can add them.
    37 </p><p>
    38 Thanks to HP and especially the HP/Intel Solution Center to help me
    39 hosting the project.
    41 Next step will be the Web site.</p>
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