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    95 <chapter id="about">
     95<chapter id="intro">
    9696<title>About this Guide</title>
    98 <sect1 id="purpose">
     98<sect1 id="intro-purpose">
    9999<title>Purpose / Scope of this Guide</title>
    124 <sect1 id="newversion"><title>New versions of this document</title>
     124<sect1 id="intro-newversion"><title>New versions of this document</title>
    126126<para>The newest version of this document can always be found on
    172 <sect1 id=thanks><title>Aknowledgements</title>
     172<sect1 id=intro-thanks><title>Aknowledgements</title>
    174174<para>Thanks goes to these people for helping and adding to this
    591591<chapter id="overview"><title>Overview</title>
    593 <sect1 id="mondorescue">
     593<sect1 id="overview-mondorescue">
    594594<title>Mondo Rescue</title>
    595595<para>Mondo Rescue backs up your file system to CD, tape, NFS
    654 <sect1 id="mindi">
     654<sect1 id="overview-mindi">
    689 <sect1 id="linuxbackup">
     689<sect1 id="overview-linuxbackup">
    690690<title>Linux Backup</title>
    691691<para>Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux are used primarily as Linux
    767 <sect1 id="winbackup">
     767<sect1 id="overview-winbackup">
    768768<title>Windows Backup</title>
    769769<para>Backing up windows partitions.</para>
    770 <sect2 id="win95"><title>Windows ME/95/98</title>
     770<sect2 id="overview-winbackup-win95"><title>Windows ME/95/98</title>
    771771<para>Verify that the partition is listed in /etc/fstab and is
    772772mounted (e.g. /dev/hda1). Mondo will take care of everything else.
    779779C: to correct the Windows boot sector.</para>
    781 <sect2 id="winnt"><title>Windows NT4/2K/XP</title>
    782 <para>Windows NT4/2K/XP typically use the NTFS file system, not
    783 VFAT.. The user should use '-x /dev/hda1' (or whichever device the
    784 /dev/hda1. The user will have to boot from a DOS floppy and run SYS
    785 C: to correct the Windows boot sector.</para>
    786 </sect2><sect2 id="AEN13"><title>3.4.2. Windows NT4/2K/XP</title>
     781<sect2 id="overview-winbackup-winnt"><title>Windows NT4/2K/XP</title>
    787782<para>Windows NT4/2K/XP typically use the NTFS file system, not
    788783VFAT.. The user should use '-x /dev/hda1' (or whichever device the
    801 <sect1 id="history">
     796<sect1 id="overview-history">
    802797<title>Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux
    829 <sect1 id="sysreq">
     824<sect1 id="overview-sysreq">
    832 <sect2 id="hwreq">
     827<sect2 id="overview-sysrq-hwreq">
    833828<title>Hardware Requirements</title>
    860 <sect2 id="kernelreq">
     855<sect2 id="overview-sysrq-kernelreq">
    861856<title>Kernel Requirements</title>
    907902(static), then it will be available at boot-time by default.</para>
    909 <sect2 id="swreq">
     904<sect2 id="overview-sysrq-swreq">
    910905<title>Software Requirements</title>
    911906<para>See Mondo's <ulink url="../download.html">Download
    932 <sect1 id="mindi-install">
     927<sect1 id="installation-mindi">
    933928<title>Mindi Installation</title>
    934929<para>If you are installing from a tarball then copy it to wherever
    986 <sect1 id="mondo-install">
     981<sect1 id="installation-mondo">
    987982<title>Mondo Installation</title>
    988983<para>If you are installing from a tarball then copy it to wherever
    1040 <sect1 id="mindi-test">
     1035<sect1 id="test-mindi">
    10411036<title>Testing Mindi</title>
    1149 <sect1 id="mondo-test">
     1144<sect1 id="test-mondo">
    11501145<title>Testing Mondo</title>
    1224 <sect1 id="backup-commands">
     1219<sect1 id="backup-cmd">
    12251220<title>Backup Commands and Options</title>
    12561251man page</ulink> on the website or type 'man mondoarchive' at the
    1258 <sect2 id="backup-cdr">
     1253<sect2 id="backup-cmd-cdr">
    12591254<title>Standard Example With CD-R</title>
    12771272for them.</para>
    1279 <sect2 id="backup-cdrw">
     1274<sect2 id="backup-cmd-cdrw">
    12801275<title>Standard Example With CD-RW</title>
    12921287<para>Replace '2' in '-Ow2' with the writer's speed.</para>
    1294 <sect2 id="backup-tape">
     1289<sect2 id="backup-cmd-tape">
    12951290        <title>Standard Example With Tape</title>
    13081303size of the tape. As of v1.51, that is no longer necessary.</para>
    1310 <sect2 id="backup-failsafe">
     1305<sect2 id="backup-cmd-failsafe">
    13111306        <title>Standard Example With Failsafe kernel</title>
    1327 <sect2 id="backup-network">
     1322<sect2 id="backup-cmd-network">
    13281323        <title>Standard Example With Network Backup</title>
     1345<chapter id="compare">
     1347<para>Before you trust your backup CD, make sure your BIOS can boot
     1348CD (and that it is configured to do so).</para>
     1351<para>Boot from the first CD.</para>
     1358<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1362bash# compare
     1368<para>Follow the on-screen instructions. This will compare your
     1369backup against your original file system.</para>
     1370<para>FYI, no bad archives have been created since May 2000. Having
     1371said that, I would still encourage you to run Compare before
     1372trusting the backups.</para>
     1373<para>To view the file differences, look at the file
     1374'/tmp/changed.txt'. Normal differences include logs and other
     1375dynamic system files that changed during the time of the backup
     1376process. If only a few files differ - e.g. files in /var, files
     1377ending in '&amp;#732;', logs, temporary files, /etc/mtab,
     1378/etc/adjtimex - then you know the archives are good. Your logs will
     1379change over time, too. Bear in mind that a difference between the
     1380backup and the live copy does not&nbsp;indicate a flaw in Mondo. It
     1381indicates that you or your filesystem changed the files, so the
     1382backup is no longer 100% up to date. However, that is inevitable,
     1383as your filesystem changes from moment to moment (which is why you
     1384back it up regularly).</para>
     1388<chapter id="restore">
     1391<sect1 id="restore-overview">
     1394<para>I hope you don't have to restore from scratch very often.
     1395It's nerve-wracking until you realize that Mondo's restore engine
     1396is very reliable. I backup and restore my system 2 or 3 times a
     1397week as part of the testing process. I have no other backup regime,
     1398so it had better work.</para>
     1399<para>If you find that you cannot make your PC boot from the CD,
     1400take heart: the first backup CD of each set contains floppy disk
     1401images to give you the same functionality as the CD (minus the
     1402archives, of course) on floppies. Remember, your Mondo CD is a
     1403fully functional CD-based mini-distribution as well as a recovery
     1405<para>You can choose from the following modes:</para>
     1411<listitem><!-- $MVD$:spaceretainer() --><para>&nbsp;</para>
     1414<listitem><para>Restore step-by-step, or restore a subset of the
     1415archives. This is the method you should mainly use for your
     1416recovery needs.</para>
     1420<listitem><!-- $MVD$:spaceretainer() --><para>&nbsp;</para>
     1423<listitem><para>Wipe your drives and restore everything,
     1424automatically and unattended. Warning: This does exactly what is
     1425says, so be carefull using it.</para>
     1429<listitem><!-- $MVD$:spaceretainer() --><para>&nbsp;</para>
     1432<listitem><para>Boot to a shell prompt. If you want to do anything
     1433creative, you should boot into Expert Mode. It's called expert, I
     1434think that says it all.</para></listitem></varlistentry>
     1436<para>If the CD is not found during the initial restore CD boot
     1437attempt, reboot the PC a second time prior to reporting failure.
     1438Occasional timing errors and hardware/software/system conflicts do
     1442<sect1 id="restore-tips">
     1443<title>Tips and Tricks</title>
     1445<para>Ideally, restore your system to a spare hard drive to test
     1446the integrity and reliability of your disks. To do that, either
     1447edit your mountlist to make the devices point to your spare hard
     1448drive, or swap your hard drive cables between boots.</para>
     1449<para>At a bare minimum, compare your CD against your file system
     1450before you decide whether to trust them.</para>
     1451<para>To test Mondo's ability to handle your LILO or GRUB boot
     1452loader and accompanying configuration file:</para>
     1455<para>Boot from the backup CD into Expert Mode</para>
     1462<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1466bash# mondorestore --mbr
     1474<para>To fix any mess it made (not that it should) type:</para>
     1478<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1482bash# mount-mebash# chroot /mnt/RESTORINGbash# lilo OR grub-install '(hd0)'bash# exitbash# unmount-me
     1490<para>If it did not work then please copy /tmp/mondo-restore.log to
     1491a floppy (or to your hard disk), gzip it and e-mail it to the
     1492mailing list.</para>
     1495<sect2 id="AEN39"><title>9.2.1. Barebones (Nuke) Restore</title>
     1496<para>Imagine that your hard drives happen to be wiped,
     1497deliberately or accidentally. Or, imagine that you want to clone
     1498your existing operating system. In either case, you want to run in
     1499Nuke Mode.</para>
     1500<para>If you want to wipe everything and restore your whole system
     1501from CD, please:</para>
     1504<para>Boot from the first Mondo CD</para>
     1507<para>Press &lt;enter&gt;</para>
     1510<para>Insert the subsequent CD when asked</para>
     1513<para>Watch the screen for errors</para>
     1516<para>That's it. The restoration process for tape or NFS users is
     1517similarly easy: just boot, answer the on-screen prompts, and
     1519<para>Now, should something go wrong, you will be able to examine
     1520/tmp/mondo-restore.log to see what happened. All is not lost. You
     1521can fdisk and format the partitions yourself, using the tools that
     1522come with the CD. You can then run mondorestore in Interactive Mode
     1523and say 'no' when asked if you want Mondo to partition/format your
     1525<para>If you want to see exactly what Mondo is doing while it is
     1526restoring, press &lt;Alt&gt;&lt;left cursor&gt; to view its
     1527logfile, in a virtual console, scrolling past.</para>
     1528</sect2><sect2 id="AEN40"><title>9.2.2. Interactive Restore</title>
     1529<para>Interactive Mode is for people who have lost a subset of data
     1530from their live file system, or perhaps who have lost some data
     1531from their latest backup and want to restore a subset of data from
     1532an earlier backup. If you want to restore only some files or if you
     1533do not want to prep/format your drives, then you should boot into
     1534Interactive Mode. The interactive mode will provide an 'Editing
     1535mountlist screen' that allows you to setup a different disk
     1537<para>To move up and down between partitions in the 'Editing
     1538mountlist screen', use the Up and Down arrows. To move between the
     1539main window and the buttons at the bottom, use the Left and Right
     1540cursor keys. TAB shifts focus from one screen item to the other in
     1541a haphazard fashion, owing to the complexities of the Newt
     1543<para>If you want to restore selectively, just press &lt;enter&gt;
     1544and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to say
     1545yes/no to a range of questions.</para>
     1546<para>If you are planning to modify your partition table, you would
     1547do well to read up on the partition layout and the use of fdisk, it
     1548gives you some could pointers on how to best lay out partitions.
     1549You can find good guide her.
     1550<ulink url="">http://www.ibiblio.o
     1552<para>If you want to restore a subset of the backup then:</para>
     1555<para>Boot from the CD</para>
     1562<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1566bash# interactive
     1574<para>Then, after booting, answer the questions as follows:</para>
     1578<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1582Do you want to partition your devices? noDo you want to format them? noDo you want to restore everythin
     1583g? noDo you want to restore something? yesWhich path do you want to restore? /home/hugo [e.g.]Do you wa
     1584nt to run LILO to setup your boot sectors? Yes
     1590</sect2><sect2 id="AEN42"><title>9.2.3. Expert Restore</title>
     1591<para>If you are planning to modify your partition table, you would
     1592do well to read up on the partition layout and the use of fdisk, it
     1593gives you some could pointers on how to best lay out partitions.
     1594You can find good guide her.
     1595<ulink url="">http://www.ibiblio.o
     1597<para>To restore manually, please:</para>
     1600<para>Boot from the first CD, then type:</para>
     1604<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1608bash# expert
     1617<para>Then do whatever you like. :) You may type the following, of
     1622<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1626bash# mondorestore
     1632</sect2><sect2 id="AEN44"><title>9.2.4. Modified partitions -
     1633Restore to a different disk geometry</title>
     1634<para>One of the nice things about Mondo is that it lets you wipe
     1635your existing system and restore it in any layout you like (within
     1636reason). You can move from non-RAID to RAID,install and utilize
     1637additional drives, move from ext2 to ReiserFS, etc., all without
     1638risking the loss of data.</para>
     1639<para>If the user excluded a particular partition from backup and
     1640specifically excluded it from the mountlist itself using -E then
     1641Mondo will insert a small (32MB) partition at restore-time, in
     1642order to avoid having to re-jig fstab, the partition table,
     1644<para>To do this:</para>
     1647<para>Boot into Expert Mode, then type:</para>
     1651<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1655bash# mondorestore
     1663<para>(edit the mountlist using the on-screen editor)</para>
     1666<para>If you want to move from ext2 to ReiserFS, you can do it here
     1667(so long as your kernel supports ReiserFS). Ditto for XFS, JFS or
     1669<para>Mondorestore will try to modify your /etc/fstab to reflect
     1670changes you have made to the mountlist. If you are not using LILO,
     1671you can still create your own /mnt/RESTORING/etc/lilo.conf and run
     1672lilo -r /mnt/RESTORING to configure your boot sectors and Master
     1673Boot Record.</para>
     1674<para>Mondo (technically, Mindi on behalf of Mondo) creates a file
     1675called a mountlist. This can be found on the ramdisk at
     1676/tmp/mountlist.txt; it looks something like this:</para>
     1678<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1682/dev/hda1/mnt/windows vfat 4096000/dev/hda5 / reiserfs 6023000&gt;/dev/hda6 /tmp xfs 955000/dev/hda7 /u
     1683sr xfs 4096000
     1689<para>It is fairly easy to understand the list. Each line refers to
     1690a single device/partition. The line format is:</para>
     1692<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1696&lt;device&gt; &lt;partition&gt; &lt;format&gt; &lt;Kilobytes&gt;
     1702<para>If you have added a hard drive and want to take advantage of
     1703the additional space, you could amend the above mountlist to
     1706<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1710/dev/hda1/mnt/windows vfat 6096000/dev/hda5 / reiserfs 9123000/dev/hda6 /tmp xfs 955000/dev/hdb1 /usr x
     1711fs 8192000/dev/hdb2 /home xfs 8192000
     1717<para>This assumes that your old hard drive is /dev/hda and the new
     1718hard drive is /dev/hdb.</para>
     1719<para>Or, if you want to add RAID support, create a new
     1720/etc/raidtab on the ramdisk (which is beyond the scope of this
     1721HOWTO) and then write a mountlist like this:</para>
     1723<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1727/dev/hda1 /mnt/windows vfat 6096000/dev/md0 / reiserfs 9123000/dev/md1 /tmp xfs 955000/dev/md2 xfs 8192
     1728000/dev/md3 /home xfs 8192000
     1734<para>So long as your /etc/raidtab file is sane, Mondo can
     1735automatically partition and format your disks for you, including
     1736the RAID devices.</para>
     1737<para>Once you have finished editing /tmp/mountlist.txt using
     1738mondorestore's built-in editor then you may choose 'OK'. Please
     1739note that this will not write anything to your hard disk. You will
     1740only reformat or repartition your disks if you say 'Yes' when asked
     1741if you want to do those things.</para>
     1742</sect2><sect2 id="AEN47"><title>9.2.5. Advanced</title>
     1743<para>It is now possible to restore to a live filesystem using
     1744Mondo. In other words, you do not have to boot your PC from your
     1745CD/floppy in order to restore files. Mondo was originally designed
     1746for disaster recovery - situations in which you cannot boot your
     1747PC. If you can boot your PC, it is not really a disaster, is it? :)
     1748Well, if you have wiped out your priceless collection of "MTV's
     1749Bjork Unplugged" MP3's, perhaps it is. Anyway, just type this as
     1752<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     1756bash# mondorestore
     1763<informaltable><tgroup cols="2"><tbody>
     1766<ulink url="images/rest1.png"><inlinemediaobject><imageobject>
     1767<imagedata fileref="images/rest1-mini.png">
     1772Choose your type of backup media. The live restoration process is
     1773very similar to what you'll experience if you type mondorestore
     1774with no parameters after booting from a Mondo CD/floppy.
     1779<ulink url="images/rest2.png"><inlinemediaobject><imageobject>
     1780<imagedata fileref="images/rest2-mini.png">
     1785Hit 'OK' when you have inserted the tape/CD. If you generated a
     1786tape backup, the tape itself should be enough. If you generated a
     1787CD backup, the first CD should be enough. Otherwise, you may need
     1788the boot floppy.
     1793<ulink url="images/rest3.png"><inlinemediaobject><imageobject>
     1794<imagedata fileref="images/rest3-mini.png">
     1799Flag the files and directories you wish to restore. Use the 'More'
     1800and 'Less' buttons to open and close subdirectories.
     1805<ulink url="images/rest4.png"><inlinemediaobject><imageobject>
     1806<imagedata fileref="images/rest4-mini.png">
     1811Specify the location to restore the files to. In general, '/' is
     1812appropriate. If you do not want to overwrite newer versions of the
     1813files you are restoring then specify /tmp/BKP or similar as the
     1814restore path.
     1819<ulink url="images/rest5.png"><inlinemediaobject><imageobject>
     1820<imagedata fileref="images/rest5-mini.png">
     1825Mondorestore will retrieve configuration information from the
     1826media. (The sample screen is for tape users. CD users will see
     1827something different.)
     1832<ulink url="images/rest6.png"><inlinemediaobject><imageobject>
     1833<imagedata fileref="images/rest6-mini.png">
     1838Data will be restored to the hard disk - first the regular files,
     1839then any big (32MB or greater) files in the restore set.
     1844<para>I hope this manual is proving to be useful to you.</para>
     1849<chapter id="faq">
     1852<sect1 id="faq-overview">
     1854<para>Are the errors from Mindi or Mondo? Look at
     1855/var/log/mondo-archive.log, /var/log/mindi.log or the
     1856mondo.err.xxxxx.tgz log indicated by the screen message. Pipe
     1857screen errors which relate to the creation of boot disk(s) and or
     1858data disk(s) to a text file.</para>
     1859<para>See the <ulink url="">web
     1860site</ulink> for details. If you are going to e-mail
     1861<ulink url="../../feedback/feedback.html">the list</ulink> then
     1862please attach that text file (zipped!) and tell me:</para>
     1865<para>Your kernel version</para>
     1868<para>Your Linux distro's name and version</para>
     1871<para>Whether your kernel supports initrd and loopfs; it
     1875<para>What sort of PC you are using, including hard disk
     1879<para>Mondo is freely available and you are given it for no charge.
     1880When you e-mail the mailing list, please bear that in mind.</para>
     1882<sect1 id="faq-general">
     1883<title>General Questions</title>
     1889<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN496">What is
     1892<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN501">Why is it called
     1895<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN506">Mondo does not work on my
     1896system. It keels over and dies. What's wrong?</ulink></para></term>
     1898<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN511">What if the error is in
     1901<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN516">Can I trust
     1904<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN522">How do I report a
     1906<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN527">I
     1907think Mondo should (...insert suggestion here...) and I have
     1908rewritten it accordingly. Would you like to see my
     1910<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN532">I
     1911think Mondo should (...insert suggestion here...); will you
     1912incorporate this feature for me, please?</ulink></para></term>
     1914<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN537">Mondo says, "XXX is
     1915missing," and then terminates. What's wrong?</ulink></para></term>
     1917<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN543">Can Mondo handle multi-CD
     1918backups and restores?</ulink></para></term>
     1920<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN548">Can Mondo handle
     1921Linux/Windows dual-boot systems?</ulink></para></term>
     1923<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN553">Can Mondo backup
     1924Windows-only systems?</ulink></para></term>
     1926<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN558">Does Mondo support
     1929<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN563">What if I don't use LILO?
     1930What if I use GRUB?</ulink></para></term>
     1932<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN568">Mondoarchive (or
     1933mondorestore) segfaults when I run it. What could be
     1935<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN573">I
     1936get the error, 'Cannot find /tmp/dev.0' or 'Cannot mount device
     19370x0701'; what do I do?</ulink></para></term>
     1939<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN578">Can I create a Mondo CD
     1940and then use it to create an archive of any OS on any
     1943<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN583">Why do you insist on
     1944putting floppy disk images on Mondo CD? They waste space and I
     1945never use them. The CD works just fine, so why keep the floppy disk
     1948<para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN588">Why doesn't the Mondo
     1949project have a cool-looking animal logo?</ulink></para></term>
     1950<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqgeneral.html#AEN593">Is
     1951there a Mondo user 'Code of Conduct?</ulink></para></term>
     1953<para><anchor id="AEN496"/>Q: What is "Mindi"?</para>
     1954<para>A: Mindi, a.k.a. Mindi-Linux, makes a mini-distribution from
     1955your kernel, modules, modules, tools and libraries. It can also
     1956generate an El Torito 2.88MB boot disk image. Mondo uses Mindi to
     1957create a mini-distro, then boots from it and runs on it.</para>
     1958<para><anchor id="AEN501"/>Q: Why is it called "Mondo"?</para>
     1959<para>A: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles described cool things as
     1960'mondo'. I wasn't sure what to call this project. 'Faust' was one
     1961idea I had, partly as a dig at my former boss who practically owned
     1962me because of my legal status at the time. In the end, I chose
     1963something short and distinctive.</para>
     1964<para><anchor id="AEN506"/>Q: Mondo does not work on my system. It
     1965keels over and dies. What's wrong?</para>
     1966<para>A: It works on Red Hat 7.x, Linux-Mandrake 8.x, some flavors
     1967of SuSE, some flavors of Slackware, some flavors of Debian, etc.
     1968The more distributions I support, the more moving targets I have to
     1969hit. Please bear this in mind when e-mailing the list. :) If you
     1970would like to help me by beta-testing Mondo (or Mindi) on your PC
     1971then I would be very interested in working with you to work around
     1972the eccentricities of your Linux distro. However, rest assured, 90%
     1973of the bugs reported to me are actually symptoms of FooLinux X.Y's
     1974unique way of doing things.</para>
     1975<para><anchor id="AEN511"/>Q: What if the error is in Mindi?</para>
     1976<para>A: Then send me a copy of /var/log/mindi.log (compressed,
     1977please) along with a description of your distro, your kernel, etc.
     1978Oh, and before sending it, please read it.</para>
     1979<para><anchor id="AEN516"/>Q: Can I trust Mondo?</para>
     1980<para>A: Mondo has generated reliable archives since May 2000. I
     1981have lost data by using bad CD-R disks and not verifying their
     1982contents. Some users have not tried booting from their CD until
     1983crunch time. Remember to boot into Compare Mode to verify the
     1984backup before you trust it. If Mondo did not work, you would not be
     1985reading this. If it does not work for you, your kernel is usually
     1986the culprit. Check <ulink url="kernelsupport.html">Linux Kernel
     1987support</ulink> to see what your kernel should support. Please
     1988e-mail the list (or me) if you need some help with this.</para>
     1989<para><anchor id="AEN522"/>Q: How do I report a bug?</para>
     1990<para>A: E-mail the bug report (mondo.err.xxxxx.tgz) to me. If you
     1991want to discuss it, please e-mail the list. The list is for
     1992talking; my e-mail address is for big files. :-) If you don't send
     1993me a logfile then there isn't a lot that I can do for you, so
     1994PLEASE include a logfile at the very least. Or, pop into #mondo on and see if I'm there.</para>
     1996<para><anchor id="AEN527"/>Q: I think Mondo should (...insert
     1997suggestion here...) and I have rewritten it accordingly. Would you
     1998like to see my patch?</para>
     1999<para>A: Absolutely! :-) The best way for you to make Mondo do what
     2000you want is to modify it and then send me the patch. That way, we
     2001can all benefit.</para>
     2002<para><anchor id="AEN532"/>Q: I think Mondo should (...insert
     2003suggestion here...); will you incorporate this feature for me,
     2005<para>A: I'll definitely think about it. Would you like to
     2007<para><anchor id="AEN537"/>Q: Mondo says, "XXX is missing," and
     2008then terminates. What's wrong?</para>
     2009<para>A: A good Linux distribution should contain XXX but the
     2010designers, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to include that
     2011particular tool. Check <ulink url="linuxpackages.html">Related
     2012Linux Packages</ulink> and install the missing package. If that
     2013fails, contact the vendor/distributor/manufacturer/designer of your
     2015<para><anchor id="AEN543"/>Q: Can Mondo handle multi-CD backups and
     2017<para>A: Yes, up to twenty CD per set. This 20-CD limit results
     2018from laziness on my part. I can remove it at any time. However, if
     2019your system occupies more than 20 CD, may I recommend that you
     2020invest in a tape streamer?</para>
     2021<para><anchor id="AEN548"/>Q: Can Mondo handle Linux/Windows
     2022dual-boot systems?</para>
     2023<para>A: Yes. If your system currently boots into Linux or Windows
     2024via LILO, you can backup and restore both OSes at the same time
     2025using Mondo. If you are using NTFS then add the switch, '-x
     2027<para><anchor id="AEN553"/>Q: Can Mondo backup Windows-only
     2029<para>A: Sure, if you pay me to play catch-up to Microsoft. ;)
     2030Seriously, Mondo can do it but I do not give away the
     2031functionality. If you are a Microsoft-only user, you are accusomed
     2032to paying for software and technical support. Please e-mail me for
     2033more information.</para>
     2034<para><anchor id="AEN558"/>Q: Does Mondo support LVM?</para>
     2035<para>A: Mondo supports LVM, yes. Mondo backs up and restores your
     2036existing setup but it does not make it easy for you to change your
     2037LVM configuration. You have to edit /tmp/i-want-my-lvm at boot-time
     2038to do that.</para>
     2039<para><anchor id="AEN563"/>Q: What if I don't use LILO? What if I
     2040use GRUB?</para>
     2041<para>A: GRUB is supported by Mondo.</para>
     2042<para><anchor id="AEN568"/>Q: Mondoarchive (or mondorestore)
     2043segfaults when I run it. What could be wrong?</para>
     2044<para>A: Install from tarball instead of RPM. (Or, try RPM if you
     2045just installed from tarball.) Your compiler or your libraries may
     2046be fubar. We'll see. If that doesn't work then please e-mail the
     2047<ulink url="../../feedback/feedback.html">mailing
     2049<para><anchor id="AEN573"/>Q: I get the error, 'Cannot find
     2050/tmp/dev.0' or 'Cannot mount device 0x0701'; what do I do?</para>
     2051<para>A: Please free up /dev/loop0 using 'losetup /dev/loop0 -d' to
     2052unmount that loop device. If your OS will not let you do that,
     2053contact your local support group or Linux vendor.</para>
     2054<para><anchor id="AEN578"/>Q: Can I create a Mondo CD and then use
     2055it to create an archive of any OS on any PC?</para>
     2056<para>A: Not yet. You can use Mondo to backup Linux or
     2057Linux/Windows dual boot. One day, Mondo will let you backup
     2058partitions it can't read or write, by treating each partition as
     2059one long file to be backed up. This file will be chopped,
     2060compressed and archived like any other big file.</para>
     2061<para><anchor id="AEN583"/>Q: Why do you insist on putting floppy
     2062disk images on Mondo CD? They waste space and I never use them. The
     2063CD works just fine, so why keep the floppy disk images?</para>
     2064<para>A: Because of my old college buddy, Justin Case. If you
     2065really, truly want them gone then please submit a patch to make
     2066<para><anchor id="AEN583"/>Q: Why do you insist on putting floppy
     2067disk images on Mondo CD? They waste space and I never use them. The
     2068CD works just fine, so why keep the floppy disk images?</para>
     2069<para>A: Because of my old college buddy, Justin Case. If you
     2070really, truly want them gone then please submit a patch to make
     2071them optional.</para>
     2072<para><anchor id="AEN588"/>Q: Why doesn't the Mondo project have a
     2073cool-looking animal logo?</para>
     2074<para>A: Excellent question! Please submit graphics of candidate
     2075animal logos!</para>
     2076<para><anchor id="AEN593"/>Q: Is there a Mondo user 'Code of
     2078<para>A: Yes. Read the HOWTO. Submit patches. Recommend realistic
     2079improvements. Be courteous to other users on the discussion list.
     2080Do not whine.</para>
     2083<sect1 id="faq-booting">
     2084<title>Booting and Kernel related Questions</title>
     2090<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN601">How do I know if Mondo
     2091works with my Linux distro?</ulink></para></term>
     2093<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN607">When I try to boot from
     2094the Mondo CD, it says, "VFS: Unable to mount root fs." I am using a
     2095Debian distro. What do I do?</ulink></para></term>
     2097<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN612">When I try to boot from
     2098the Mondo CD, it says, "Cannot mount root fs - kernel panic," or
     2099something similar. What do I do?</ulink></para></term>
     2101<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN618">When I try to boot from
     2102the Mondo CD, it says, "Mounting /tmp/tmpfs...fatal error! Failed
     2103UPGRADE YOUR RAM". What does that mean?</ulink></para></term>
     2105<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN624">When I try to boot from
     2106the Mondo CD, it says something about not finding my CD-ROM drive
     2107and then it blames the kernel. What does that
     2110<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN631">The Mondo CD/floppy takes
     2111ages to boot. How can I speed it up?</ulink></para></term>
     2112<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN636">I
     2113made a Mondo CD using the failsafe kernel (i.e. I said 'no' when
     2114Mondo asked if I wanted to use my own kernel). It still doesn't
     2115boot. Help!</ulink></para></term>
     2117<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN641">What if my PC won't boot
     2118from a CD?</ulink></para></term>
     2120<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN647">But why won't Mondo boot
     2121from my CD? It says my kernel is flawed/outdated/ whatever, and
     2122when I wrote to you, you told me the same thing... but I still
     2123don't get it. I mean, my kernel works for everything else. Why not
     2126<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN653">Why do I only need a boot
     2127disk if I'm using a tape drive? Where are the data
     2130<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN658">Why does it say, "Process
     2131accounting FAILED" when I reboot?</ulink></para></term>
     2133<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#AEN663">Why does it say,
     2134&amp;#8220;request_module[block-major-1]: Root fs not mounted VFS:
     2135Cannot open root device "100" or 01:00 Please append a correct
     2136"root=" boot option kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
     213701:00&amp;#8221; when i boot from the CD?</ulink></para></term>
     2139<para><ulink url="faqbooting.html#COPYBOOTDATADISK">How do i copy
     2140boot+data disk images to physical floppy
     2142<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><link linkend="TAPENICE">My tape drive
     2143doesn't play nicely with Mondo at boot-time. What do I
     2146<para><anchor id="AEN601"/>Q: How do I know if Mondo works with my
     2147Linux distro?</para>
     2148<para>A: Try running it. :) That's always a good way to find out.
     2149Check the <ulink url="../../docs/docs.html">Documentation
     2150page</ulink>, too.</para>
     2151<para><anchor id="AEN607"/>Q: When I try to boot from the Mondo CD,
     2152it says, "VFS: Unable to mount root fs." I am using a Debian
     2153distro. What do I do?</para>
     2154<para>A: Ask Debian's designers why they, unlike every other distro
     2155I can find, have included cramfs and other 'goodies' with their
     2156kernel. In the meantime, please use '-k FAILSAFE' in your command
     2157line when calling Mondo.</para>
     2158<para><anchor id="AEN612"/>Q: When I try to boot from the Mondo CD,
     2159it says, "Cannot mount root fs - kernel panic," or something
     2160similar. What do I do?</para>
     2161<para>A: Recompile your kernel (or use '-k FAILSAFE'). Take a look
     2162at <ulink url="kernelsupport.html">Linux Kernel support</ulink> to
     2163see what you're kernel must support.</para>
     2164<para><anchor id="AEN618"/>Q: When I try to boot from the Mondo CD,
     2165it says, "UPGRADE YOUR RAM". What does that mean?</para>
     2166<para>A: Recompile your kernel and add Virtual memory file system
     2167support. Take a look at <ulink url="kernelsupport.html">Linux
     2168Kernel support</ulink> to see what you're kernel must support. (Of
     2169course, if your PC has less than 64MB of RAM, you could always...
     2170what's the phrase? I know, upgrade your RAM!)</para>
     2171<para><anchor id="AEN624"/>Q: When I try to boot from the Mondo CD,
     2172it says something about not finding my CD-ROM drive and then it
     2173blames the kernel. What does that mean?</para>
     2174<para>A: Your kernel must support initrd, loopfs, IDE CD-ROM's, and
     2175ramdisks. Take a look at <ulink url="kernelsupport.html">Linux
     2176Kernel support</ulink> to see what you're kernel must support. If
     2177your kernel does not support these things, Mondo will not boot from
     2178your CD. However, when running Mindi, you may choose to use _its_
     2179kernel instead of your own. In addition, you may boot from floppy
     2180disk images instead the CD: copy the disk images from the CD
     2181/images directory to floppy disks, using 'dd'. Take a look at
     2182<ulink url="faqbooting.html#COPYBOOTDATADISK">Copy boot data
     2183disks</ulink> on how to make those.</para>
     2184<para><anchor id="AEN631"/>Q: The Mondo CD/floppy takes ages to
     2185boot. How can I speed it up?</para>
     2186<para>A: Edit mindi (it's a shell script, btw) and change
     2187LILO_OPTIONS="" to LILO_OPTIONS="-c". This enables map compaction
     2188in lilo and speeds up booting, for more info see the lilo man
     2190<para><anchor id="AEN636"/>Q: I made a Mondo CD using the failsafe
     2191kernel (i.e. I said 'no' when Mondo asked if I wanted to use my own
     2192kernel). It still doesn't boot. Help!</para>
     2193<para>A: OK, now that is a bug. :-) I included a kernel with Mondo
     2194(technically, with Mindi, which Mondo uses) to make sure that users
     2195could use Mondo despite flaws in their own kernels. If you are
     2196using Mondo/Mindi's kernel but still cannot boot from your Mondo CD
     2197then please e-mail the list.</para>
     2198<para><anchor id="AEN641"/>Q: What if my PC won't boot from a
     2200<para>A: Copy the image files from the CD /images directory, using
     2201the dd command. Take a look at
     2202<ulink url="faqbooting.html#COPYBOOTDATADISK">Copy boot data
     2203disks</ulink> on how to make those. Then boot from the first
     2204floppy; follow it up with the data disks; finally, type 'mount
     2205/mnt/cdrom' and then utilize the restore script as usual, e.g.
     2207<para><anchor id="AEN647"/>Q: But why won't Mondo boot from my CD?
     2208It says my kernel is flawed/outdated/ whatever, and when I wrote to
     2209you, you told me the same thing... but I still don't get it. I
     2210mean, my kernel works for everything else. Why not Mondo?</para>
     2211<para>A: Because Mondo makes a boot disk using your kernel. I bet
     2212your other software doesn't do that. Also, not all kernels are
     2213suitable for boot disks. I'm sorry but that's Life. Upgrade your
     2214kernel and/or recompile it. Take a look at
     2215<ulink url="kernelsupport.html">Linux Kernel support</ulink> to see
     2216what you're kernel must support.</para>
     2217<para><anchor id="AEN653"/>Q: Why do I only need a boot disk if I'm
     2218using a tape drive? Where are the data disks?</para>
     2219<para>A: On the tape. :-) The first 32MB of the tape will be set
     2220aside for a large tarball containing the data disks, a list of all
     2221files backed up, and other sundries. If Mondo and Mindi do their
     2222respective jobs then you won't need additional floppies, just the
     2223boot floppy and the tape(s).</para>
     2224<para><anchor id="AEN658"/>Q: Why does it say, "Process accounting
     2225FAILED" when I reboot?</para>
     2226<para>A: You were using Process Accounting. Red Hat (or whichever
     2227distro you are using) does not provide a startup/shutdown script
     2228yet. So, when you try to backup the process log, it just grows and
     2229grows as Mondo tries to back it up. Mondo doesn't back it up
     2230anymore and that's why. The unfortunate side-effect is... well,
     2231what you see on your screen. Type 'touch /var/log/pacct' and then
     2232'paccton' to fix the error message.</para>
     2233<para><anchor id="AEN663"/>Q: Why does it say,
     2234&amp;#8220;request_module[block-major-1]: Root fs not mounted VFS:
     2235Cannot open root device "100" or 01:00 Please append a correct
     2236"root=" boot option kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
     223701:00&amp;#8221; when i boot from the CD?</para>
     2238<para>A: Recompile your kernel and add initrd support. Take a look
     2239at <ulink url="kernelsupport.html">Linux Kernel support</ulink>to
     2240see what you're kernel must support.</para>
     2241<para><anchor id="COPYBOOTDATADISK"/>Q: How do i copy boot+data
     2242disk images to physical floppy disks ?</para>
     2243<para>A: The images are in /root/images/mindi (eve if they are
     2244created by Mondo) and also in the 'images' directory on the first
     2245CD of your backup set, if you have backed up to CD. You can copy
     2246the images to disk as follows:-</para>
     2248<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     2252[boot disk]bash# fdformat /dev/fd0u1722bash# dd if=/root/images/mindi/mindi-boot.1722.img of=/dev/fd0u1
     2253772[data disk]bash# fdformat /dev/fd0bash# dd if=/root/images/mindi/mindi-data-N.img of=/dev/fd0Replace
     2254 N with 1, 2, etc.
     2264<varlistentry><term><para id="TAPENICE"></para>Q: My tape drive
     2265doesn't play nicely with Mondo at boot-time. What do I do?</term>
     2266<varlistentry><term>A: Play with 'mt'. Use its setblksize and
     2267defblksize switches to reconfigure your tape drive if necessary.
     2272<varlistentry><term><para id="TAPENICE"></para>Q: My tape drive
     2273doesn't play nicely with Mondo at boot-time. What do I do?</term>
     2274<varlistentry><term>A: Play with 'mt'. Use its setblksize and
     2275defblksize switches to reconfigure your tape drive if necessary.
     2276Some tape drives just suck, I'm sorry to say. If yours is one of
     2277them then God help you. Mondo can handle any tape drive whose drive
     2278and firmware can handle fread(), fwrite(), fread() and fclose().
     2279Mondo uses standard C libraries to talk to your tape streamer. If
     2280your tape streamer can't handle that then you had better call a
     2281priest. Either that or ask for a refund.</term>
     2285<sect1 id="faq-install">
     2286<title>Installation related Questions</title>
     2292<para><ulink url="faqinstallation.html#AEN678">Why do I get,
     2293"newt.h not found," several times when I try to install
     2296<para><ulink url="faqinstallation.html#AEN684">Newt won't compile
     2297when i try, what's the problem?</ulink></para></term>
     2299<para><ulink url="faqinstallation.html#AEN690">I've just used up 6
     2300CD-R, only to find that Mondo won't boot!</ulink></para></term>
     2301<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><link linkend="PACKREQ">Lots of
     2302packages, required by Mondo, are missing from my system. What do I
     2305<para><anchor id="AEN678"/>Q: Why do I get, "newt.h not found," or
     2306"popt.h not found," several times when I try to install
     2308<para>A: You have not installed libnewt and/or libnewt-devel.
     2309Please do so. Check <ulink url="linuxpackages.html">Related Linux
     2310Packages</ulink> to see what Mondo requires and where you can get
     2311tarballs and RPM's. Make sure you are using the right version of
     2312newt/libnewt. Read the error messages carefully.</para>
     2313<para><anchor id="AEN684"/>Q: Newt won't compile when I try. What's
     2314the problem?</para>
     2315<para>A: You are probably missing popt.h, which newt needs to
     2316compile, it can be found in the 'popt' package. Check your
     2317distribution and see if they have popt, if not check
     2318<ulink url="linuxpackages.html">Related Linux Packages</ulink> to
     2319see where you can get it.</para>
     2320<para><anchor id="AEN690"/>Q: I've just used up 6 CD-R, only to
     2321find that Mondo won't boot!</para>
     2322<para>A: You should have used CD-RW. ;) In the HOWTO, it gives
     2323instructions on how to create a test CD (one, not six).</para>
     2328<varlistentry><term><para id="PACKREQ"></para>Q: Lots of packages,
     2329required by Mondo, are missing from my system. What do I do?</term>
     2330<varlistentry><term>A: Install them. :) If you are using RPM or DEB
     2331then you'll be told which packages you need. Mondo offers a lot of
     2332those packages on its
     2333<para><ulink url="">Download</ulink></para>
     2334web page.</term>
     2337<sect1 id="faq-hardware">
     2338<title>Hardware related Questions</title>
     2344<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN698">Can Mondo handle
     2347<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN703">Does Mondo
     2348support tape drives?</ulink></para></term>
     2350<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN708">Does Mondo
     2351support my tape drive??</ulink></para></term>
     2353<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN713">How do I copy the
     2354floppy images from the CD to floppy disks?</ulink></para></term>
     2356<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN722">Sometimes, my
     2357laptop won't mount Mondo CD properly, or something.
     2360<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN727">Does Mondo
     2361support RAID?</ulink></para></term>
     2363<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN732">Where is my CD
     2364burner, in SCSI terms?</ulink></para></term>
     2366<para><ulink url="faqhardwarerelated.html#AEN740">Can Mondo handle
     2367SCSI devices?</ulink></para></term>
     2369<para><anchor id="AEN698"/>Q: Can Mondo handle CD-RW?</para>
     2370<para>A: Yes. Use '-Ow &lt;speed&gt; &lt;device&gt;' to make it
     2372<para><anchor id="AEN703"/>Q: Does Mondo support tape
     2374<para>A: Yes. See above.</para>
     2375<para><anchor id="AEN708"/>Q: Does Mondo support my tape
     2377<para>A: If your tape drive and its firmware and the kernel-level
     2378driver support fopen(), fread(), fwrite() and fclose() - standard C
     2379library calls - then yes, Mondo should support it. If not, well,
     2380you need a refund. :) Mondo plays nicely with any sane, sensible
     2381drives. That's most of them, by the way. :) If your drive doesn't
     2382play nicely with Mondo then you may try tinkering with setblksize
     2383and defblksize using 'mt', or tweaking Mondo's block size by
     2384recompiling it with make INTTAPE=4096 or INTTAPE=8192 or something.
     2385Other than that, you need a priest or a refund.</para>
     2386<para><anchor id="AEN713"/>Q: How do I copy the floppy images from
     2387the CD to floppy disks?</para>
     2388<para>A: Mount the CD-ROM, e.g. at /mnt/cdrom. Insert a blank
     2389floppy. Type:</para>
     2391<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     2395bash# cd /mnt/cdrom/imagesbash# dd if=mindi-boot.1722.img of=/dev/fd0u1722
     2401<para>Insert another blank floppy and type:</para>
     2403<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     2407bash# dd if=mindi-data-1.img of=/dev/fd0u1722
     2413<para>Do the above for each 'mindi-data' disk image.</para>
     2414<para><anchor id="AEN722"/>Q: Sometimes, my laptop won't mount
     2415Mondo CD properly, or something. Umm...</para>
     2416<para>A: Please insert the CD, close the CD-ROM tray, wait a few
     2417seconds and then press Enter to acknowledge insertion of the next
     2418CD. Your laptop is on crack and is sucking a little too hard on the
     2420<para><anchor id="AEN727"/>Q: Does Mondo support RAID?</para>
     2421<para>A: Yes. You may backup and restore RAID systems. You may also
     2422backup a non-RAID system and restore as RAID (or vice versa) by
     2423using the mountlist editor to edit your RAID and non-RAID
     2424partitions and their settings. Mondo will do the partitioning and
     2425formatting for you.</para>
     2426<para><anchor id="AEN732"/>Q: Where is my CD burner, in SCSI
     2428<para>A: Type:</para>
     2430<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     2434bash# cdrecord -scanbus
     2440<para>Find your CD burner's device# (e.g. '0,0,0'). Call Mondo with
     2441the switch '-Oc &lt;speed&gt;' -d '&lt;device&gt;'. Or, if you feel
     2442lucky, just use '-Oc 2'; Mondo will (a) assume you want to write at
     24434x to</para>
     2444<para>a CD-R and (b) will do its best to find your CD
     2446<para><anchor id="AEN740"/>Q: Can Mondo handle SCSI devices?</para>
     2447<para>A: Mondo should be able to handle almost any hardware. So
     2448long as your kernel and modules support it, Mindi will support it
     2449and therefore so will Mondo.</para>
     2452<sect1 id="faq-backup">
     2453<title>Backup related Questions</title>
     2458<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><link linkend="MMKM">Mondo says,
     2459'Cannot run mindi --makemountlist' and aborts. What do I
     2461<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN748">Can
     2462Mondo burn CD as they are created?</ulink></para></term>
     2464<para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN753">When I try to backup to
     2465CD, cdrecord/mkisofs returns an error. Nothing else appears to be
     2466wrong. What do I do?</ulink></para></term>
     2468<para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN758">Mondo failed to burn my
     2469CD. It said something like, "Error CDB A1 01 02 53 ..." and so on.
     2470What does that mean?</ulink></para></term>
     2471<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN763">May
     2472I backup my system with one partition layout and restore with
     2474<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN775">Why
     2475does Mondo need so much free disk space?</ulink></para></term>
     2477<para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN780">Will Mondo backup
     2478partitions whose formats are not understood by Linux, such as
     2480<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN785">I
     2481am trying to do something clever, e.g. write my ISO's to an NFS
     2482mount, and I get some weird error messages. What do I
     2484<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN790">Can
     2485Mondo backup to data files on another partition, e.g. an NFS
     2487<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN795">Can
     2488Mondo backup _to_ an NFS partition, i.e. backup over a network? How
     2489about restoring?</ulink></para></term>
     2491<para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN801">Does Mondo handle System
     2492or Hidden attributes when archiving Dos/Win
     2494<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqbackup.html#AEN806">Why
     2495do you include IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS in mondo-vfat, when they belong
     2496to Microsoft and are copyrighted?</ulink></para></term>
     2497<varlistentry><term><para id="MMKM"></para>Q: Mondo says, 'Cannot
     2498run mindi --makemountlist' and aborts. What do I do?</term>
     2499<varlistentry><term>A: Look at /var/log/mindi.log and see what it
     2500says. Also, try typing 'mindi --makemountlist /tmp/mountlist.txt'
     2501to see what Mindi says. Compress the log and send it to the mailing
     2502list if you get stuck.</term>
     2504<para><anchor id="AEN748"/>Q: Can Mondo burn CD as they are
     2506<para>A: Yes. Use the '-Oc &lt;speed&gt;' switch. Use a negative
     2507number for a dummy burn.</para>
     2508<para><anchor id="AEN753"/>Q: When I try to backup to CD,
     2509cdrecord/mkisofs returns an error. Nothing else appears to be
     2510wrong. What do I do?</para>
     2511<para>A: Upgrade cdrecord and mkisofs.</para>
     2512<para><anchor id="AEN758"/>Q: Mondo failed to burn my CD. It said
     2513something like, "Error CDB A1 01 02 53 ..." and so on. What does
     2514that mean?</para>
     2515<para>A: Cdrecord reported some serious errors while trying to burn
     2516your CD. Check your CD burner, your CD-R and your kernel.</para>
     2517<para><anchor id="AEN763"/>Q: May I backup my system with one
     2518partition layout and restore with another?</para>
     2519<para>A: Yes. Boot in Interactive Mode and edit the mountlist using
     2520the snazzy new mountlist editor. Mondo can now edit your RAID
     2521partitions for you. Just open /dev/md0 (or whatever) and select
     2522"RAID.." to start. Or, to add a RAID device:</para>
     2525<para>Add two or more partitions, of type and mountpoint
     2529<para>Add device '/dev/md0' and click OK</para>
     2532<para>Follow the prompts and your own common-sense :)</para>
     2535<para><anchor id="AEN775"/>Q: Why does Mondo need so much free disk
     2537<para>A: Because I'm a bitter, twisted man who lives to torment
     2538you. Mwahahahaha! :-) Mondo has to work around the inadequacies of
     2539mkisofs, cdrecord and your own Linux distribution; in return, it
     2540asks for a lot of free disk space.</para>
     2541<para><anchor id="AEN780"/>Q: Will Mondo backup partitions whose
     2542formats are not understood by Linux, such as NTFS?</para>
     2543<para>A: Yes. Use '-x &lt;device&gt;'. (You can have more than one
     2545<para><anchor id="AEN785"/>Q: I am trying to do something clever,
     2546e.g. write my ISO's to an NFS mount, and I get some weird error
     2547messages. What do I do?</para>
     2548<para>A: Well, (a) use '-T /tmp' or '-T /home' or something in your
     2549call to Mondo. Oh, and (b) send me /var/log/mondo-archive.log,
     2550please :-)</para>
     2551<para><anchor id="AEN790"/>Q: Can Mondo backup to data files on
     2552another partition, e.g. an NFS mount?</para>
     2553<para>A: Yes. Just backup as usual but add '-d /mnt/nfs' or
     2554wherever your partition is mounted; don't use '-Oc' or '-Ot' at
     2555all; just '-Oi -d /root'. Then, after booting from the floppies
     2556which Mondo generates, you need to type 'ISO' at the
     2558<para><anchor id="AEN795"/>Q: Can Mondo backup _to_ an NFS
     2559partition, i.e. backup over a network? How about restoring?</para>
     2560<para>A: Yes. Use '-On &lt;mount&gt; &lt;directory&gt;'. On my
     2561system, I use:</para>
     2563<informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
     2567bash# mondoarchive -On
     2573<para><anchor id="AEN801"/>Q: Does Mondo handle System or Hidden
     2574attributes when archiving Dos/Win files?</para>
     2575<para>A: No. It probably never will, either. Sorry.</para>
     2576<para><anchor id="AEN806"/>Q: Why do you include IO.SYS and
     2577MSDOS.SYS in mondo-vfat, when they belong to Microsoft and are
     2579<para>A: Well, I used to, but I don't anymore. However, if you do
     2580have a Windows partition, you can still use 'format-and-kludge-vfat
     2581&lt;DEVICE&gt;/' to format and make bootable a VFAT partition.
     2582AFAIK, I am the only person to write a Linux equivalent of the DOS
     2583"SYS" command.</para>
     2586<sect1 id="faq-compare">
     2587<title>Compare related Questions</title>
     2593<para><ulink url="faqcompare.html#AEN814">When I compare my
     2594archives to my file system, Mondo tells me there are differences or
     2595errors. Are the archives bad?</ulink></para></term>
     2597<para><anchor id="AEN814"/>Q: When I compare my archives to my file
     2598system, Mondo tells me there are differences or errors. Are the
     2599archives bad?</para>
     2600<para>A: Look at /tmp/changed.files; if the files are logfiles,
     2601temp files or files which you think you may have changed recently
     2602then the archives are simply out of date, albeit only by a few
     2603minutes. Not a problem. However, if lots of files in /usr have
     2604changed or if you get lots of errors then perhaps your CD, your
     2605tapes or even your hardware could be to blame. Check your CD writer
     2606or tape streamer.</para>
     2607<para>Also, don't forget to review /var/log/mondo-archive.log for
     2608more information.</para>
     2611<sect1 id="faq-restore">
     2612<title>Restore related Questions</title>
     2618<para><ulink url="faqrestore.html#AEN822">Can Mondo help me
     2619move/resize/re-allocate my partitions?</ulink></para></term>
     2620<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqrestore.html#AEN827">My
     2621zip drive is a SCSI drive. When I restore, Mondo craps out, saying
     2622it can't mount the drive (because there is no disk in it). What do
     2623I do?</ulink></para></term>
     2624<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><ulink url="faqrestore.html#AEN832">I
     2625received a message like, 'Fileset NNN failed' during restore. What
     2626does it mean.</ulink></para></term>
     2628<para><ulink url="faqrestore.html#AEN837">Why does my ext3
     2629partition have less space free than when I backed it
     2631<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><link linkend="SEGF">When I restore
     2632after booting from the CD/floppies, I sometimes get errors like,
     2633"Running out of memory" or "Segmentation fault". What is going
     2635<varlistentry><term>Q: <para><link linkend="LVM">I can't
     2636nuke-restore my LVM or RAID or LVM-on-RAID setup. I have to do it
     2637manually. What now?</link></para></term>
     2639<para><anchor id="AEN822"/>Q: Can Mondo help me
     2640move/resize/re-allocate my partitions?</para>
     2641<para>A: Yes. Just backup your system in Interactive Mode using
     2642Mondo. Edit the mountlist when prompted.</para>
     2643<para><anchor id="AEN827"/>Q: My zip drive is a SCSI drive. When I
     2644restore, Mondo craps out, saying it can't mount the drive (because
     2645there is no disk in it). What do I do?</para>
     2646<para>A: Restore in Interactive Mode. Delete the SCSI drive from
     2647the mountlist before you restore. Then Mondo won't try to partition
     2648or format it. Next time you backup, use -E /dev/sdd (or whatever
     2649your zip drive is). The /dev entry will be excluded from the
     2650mountlist but not from the filelist. So, when you restore, you
     2651won't accidentally reformat your zip disk. However, after
     2652restoring, you will find that /dev/sdd (the _file_) will still be
     2653present in your /dev directory. Cool, eh?</para>
     2654<para><anchor id="AEN832"/>Q: I received a message like, 'Fileset
     2655NNN failed' during restore. What does it mean.</para>
     2656<para>A: It usually means either you had a very large (&gt;2GB)
     2657file which was not archived owing to a flaw in your distro or your
     2658filesystem has changed in relation to the backup.</para>
     2659<para><anchor id="AEN837"/>Q: Why does my ext3 partition have less
     2660space free than when I backed it up?</para>
     2661<para>A: Mondo creates a 10MB journal file area. Your journal was
     2662probably smaller than that, hence the difference.</para>
     2667<varlistentry><term><para id="SEGF"></para>Q: When I restore after
     2668booting from the CD/floppies, I sometimes get errors like, "Running
     2669out of memory" or "Segmentation fault". What is going on?</term>
     2670<varlistentry><term>A: It sounds as if you are running out of disk
     2671space, probably ram disk space. Type 'df -m' to see which
     2672partitions are running low on space. Please send as much
     2673information as you can to the mailing list. This problem is
     2674believed to have been fixed in 1.63 and 1.71.</term>
     2676<para><anchor id="LVM"/>Q: I can't nuke-restore my LVM or RAID or
     2677LVM-on-RAID setup. I have to do it manually. What now?</para>
     2678<para>A: You said it yourself. You have to do it manually. :) Sorry
     2679but that's about it. At least you have all the tools to do it. I
     2680assume you know how. If you don't, look at i-want-my-lvm (a script
     2681on the ramdisk) if you're using LVM. It should give you a few
     2682clues. RAID is harder but in general Mondo's RAID support is good.
     2683After you've prepped and formatted your drives, run mondorestore
     2684again but say 'no' when asked if you want Mondo to prep or format
     2685your drives.</para>
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