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Replace the contents of the README files for mondo and mindi with
something hopefully slightly more useful.
Given that MondoRescue? hosting is in a state of flux, I'll be happy to
update things once the dust has settled (or before if required).

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    1 --------------------------------------------------
    2 $Id$
    3 --------------------------------------------------
    4 Please see the QuickStart section of Mondo's manual--                           10/19/2002
    7 or
    8 /usr/share/doc/mondo-x.xx/
     4MondoRescue is the premier GPL disaster recovery suite for Linux/FreeBSD.
     6This is the Mondo part of MondoRescue. Mondo comprises the mondoarchive and
     7mondorescue tools that carry out the actual backups and and restores. The part
     8of MondoReccue responsible for creating boot media is called Mindi and
     9available in a separate package.
     11MondoRescue is reliable. It backs up your server or workstation to tape, CD-R,
     12CD-RW, DVD, NFS or hard disk partition. In the event of catastrophic data loss,
     13you will be able to restore all of your data [or as much as you want], from
     14bare metal if necessary. MondoRescue is in use by numerous blue-chip
     15enterprises and large organizations, dozens of smaller companies, and tens of
     16thousands of users.
     18MondoRescue is comprehensive. MondoRescue supports LVM, RAID, ext2, ext3, JFS,
     19XFS, ReiserFS, VFAT, and can support additional file systems easily. It
     20supports adjustments in disk geometry, including migration from non-RAID to
     21RAID. MondoRescue runs on all major Linux distributions and FreeBSD and is
     22getting better all the time. You may even use it to backup non-Linux
     23partitions, such as NTFS.
    12 Word!
     29You can get the latest packages from
     32Please see file 'INSTALL' for instructions about how to build and install
     33Mondo. Note that your distribution may already contain MondoRescue, so all you
     34may have to do is install the mondo package and you are all set.
     40Various documentation is available on the MondoRescue website at
     41 This documentation may also be
     42available locally under /usr/share/doc/mondo-<version> or similar (or under
     45Further to that, there are manpages for mondoarchive(8) and mondorestore(8).
     51Apart from the above-mentioned documentation, there is a Wiki with growing
     52contents at the following URL:
     54Also, there is a mailing list Please go to
     55 for further
     56information and the opportunity to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the list.
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