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1       <B><A HREF="isos/mindi.iso">Test CD</A></B> - if you think your
2       hardware is faulty, please download <A HREF="mindi.iso">this ISO</A>,
3       burn it to a CD, and boot from it. It lets you test your RAM (with
4       memtest86) and your CPU (with cpuburn and lucifer). Feedback is welcome.</P>
6       <B>Debian users</B> - click to download <A HREF=";searchon=names&amp;version=all&amp;release=all">Mondo</A>
7       and <A HREF=";searchon=names&amp;version=all&amp;release=all">Mindi</A>...
8        and <A HREF="other/mindi-kernel-1.0.tgz">mindi-kernel</A> if your
9       kernel blows. Much <A HREF="">kudos</A>
10       is due to H&eacute;ctor Garc&iacute;a &Aacute;lvarez for rolling the
11       DEBs. I am trying to create my own snapshot DEBs but I have not yet
12       succeeded. Please be gentle with your criticism. :) My thanks go to
13       Steve Hindle and Dagfinn Bakken for helping me with Debian.</P>
14           <A HREF="daily/unstable/changes">Monitas</A> (alpha-quality)</TD>
15         <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN=CENTER>
16          <P ALIGN=CENTER>
17           August/September</TD>
18         <TD WIDTH="15%" VALIGN=CENTER>
19          <P ALIGN=CENTER>
20           <A HREF="monitas/stefan/html/monitasconcepts.html">HTML docs</A></TD>
21         <TD WIDTH="15%" VALIGN=CENTER>
22          <P ALIGN=CENTER>
23           <A HREF="monitas/monitas.html">Download</A></TD>
24         <TD WIDTH="15%" VALIGN=CENTER>
25          <P ALIGN=CENTER>
26           <A HREF="monitas/stefan/monitasconcepts.pdf">PDF docs</A></TD>
27        </TR>
28       </TABLE></P>
29      </CENTER>
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