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mondo now uses /usr/share for the restore-scripts (/usr/lib should contains binary only) - this also makes rpmlint happier

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1* Tue Feb 21 2006 Bruno Cornec <> 2.0.7-1mdk
3- Update to 2.0.7
4- spec files are now generated
6* Tue Sep 06 2005 Bruno Cornec <> 2.04_berlios-74
8- Merge of patches mentionned on mondo ML + ia64 updates
9- Add -p option
11* Tue May 03 2005 Hugo Rabson <> 2.04_cvs_20050503
13- made mondo more clever about finding its home. Avoids mondo considering
14  directories like '/usr/share/doc/momdo' as its home.
16* Wed Aug 04 2004 Hugo Rabson <> 2.03
18- test sanity of user-specified tempdir
19- better SLES8 support
21* Mon Jun 28 2004 Hugo Rabson <> 2.02
23- instead of using 'dd' to erase partition table, delete existing
24  partitions w/ the same call to fdisk that is used to create the
25  new partitions; this should avoids locking up the partition table
26- set bootable partition in the above same call to fdisk, for
27  the same reason (avoids locking up the partition table)
28- better software RAID support
29- mount ext3 partitions as ext2 when restoring - better for Debian
30- better star, ACL support
31- added ACL, xattr support for afio users
33* Sat Jun 26 2004 Hugo Rabson <> 2.01
35- fixed cvs for SuSE systems
36- fixed NTFS backup/restore bug relating to partimagehack
37  log file overflow and NTFS v non-NTFS differentiation
38- more reliable extraction of config info from CDs, floppies
39- better support of ISO dirs at restore-time (Conor Daly)
40- fixed spec file for SuSE users
41- added ldconfig to install section
43* Sat Jun 19 2004 Hugo Rabson <> 2.00
45- first 2.0 release
46- updated grub-install.patched to support SuSE and Red Hat
47- call 'mt' to set block size to 32K before opening in/out tape
48- updated mondo-prep.c to create each disk's partitions all at once
49  (one call per drive) instead of one call to fdisk per partition
50- when extracting cfg file and mountlist from all.tar.gz (tape copy),
51  use block size of INTERNAL_TAPE_BLK_SIZE, not TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE
52- added star and rudimentary SELinux support
53- fixed lots of bugs
54- all logging now goes to /var/log/mondo-archive.log, with symlink
55  to /tmp/mondo-restore.log for restore-time log-tracking
56- added grub-install.patched
57- removed embleer & other binaries
58- added '-b' to specify block size
59- added '-R' for star support
61* Thu Mar 25 2004 Bruno Cornec <> 1.7_cvs-20040325
63- ia64 fixes
65* Fri Nov 07 2003 Joshua Oreman <> 1.7_cvs-20031107
67- fixed symbolic links for libraries
68- added support for boot/root multi floppies
70- added kdelibs as xmondo dependency
71- added xmondo pixmap installation
72- better find_cdrom_device(), to cope w/ multiple CD writers
73- fixed -m and -Vc flags
74- fixed NTFS support!
75- bootable CD uses native, not El Torito, support now
76- removed mondo-makefilelist
77- added 2.6 kernel support
78- if 2.6 kernel, insist that the user specify CD device
79- drop Embleer; insist on ms-sys and parted if Windows partition
81* Wed Nov 05 2003 Jesse Keating <> 1.7_cvs-20031105.1
83- added -devel package
85* Tue Nov 04 2003 Jesse Keating <> 1.7_cvs-20031104.1
87- made xmondo a second package
88- added ability to specify --without xmondo at build time
90* Sun Nov 02 2003 Jesse Keating <> 1.7_cvs-20031102.1
92- Clean up, added spanish translation
93- Set prefix to be /usr
94- added/fixed Requires
95- remove CVS directories prior to building
97* Thu Oct 23 2003 Hugo Rabson <> 1.75_cvs_20031023
99- nothing yet
101* Wed Oct 22 2003 Hugo Rabson <> 1.75
103- fixed chmod/chown bug (Jens Richter)
104- ask user to confirm NFS mountpoint in Interactive Mode
105- rewritten format_everything() to make sure LVMs, RAIDs and
106  regular partitions are prepped in the correct order
107- better magicdev support
108- rewritten external binary caller subroutine
109- DVD support added
110- better backup-time control gui; offer to exclude nfs if appl.
111- fixed multi-tape support
112- re-implemented -D and -J
113- fixed bug in extract_config_file_from_ramdisk() which
114  affected tape+floppy users
115- updated is_incoming_block_valid() to make it
116  return end-of-tape if >300 flotsam blocks
117- unmount CD-ROM before burning (necessary for RH8/9)
118- fixed some stray assert()'s
119- fixed bug in grub-MR (Christian)
120- make user remove floppy/CD before restoring interactively from tape
121- fixed bug in am_I_in_disaster_recovery_mode()
122- added code to nuke_mode() to make sure NFS
123  (backup) share is mounted in Nuke Mode
124- improved tape device detection code
125- better GRUB support
126- better logging of changed bigfiles at compare-time
127- better NTFS support, thanks to partimagehack-static
128- better logging
129- rewrote tape-handling code, breaking compatibility w/ previous versions
130- fixed ISO/CD biggiefile verification bug in mondoarchive
131- fixed bug which stopped boot/compare-time changelist from popping up
132- replaced mondo-makefilelist with C code - faster, cleaner
133- tweaked GUI - better feedback
135* Wed May 28 2003 Anonymous <root@rohan> 1.74
137- misc fixes (Michael Hanscho's friend)
138- added rudimentary support for SME
139- added better label support
140- fixed biggietime atime/ctime restoration bug 73
141- fixed 'default boot loader' detection bug (Joshua Oreman)
142- use single-threaded make_afioballs_and_images() if FreeBSD
143- fixed mondoarchive -Vi multi-CD verify bug (Tom Mortell)
144- superior get_phys_size_of_drive() (Joshua Oreman)
145- fixed RAID-related bug in where_is_root_mounted()
146- ISO tweaks
147- fixed silly bug in load_filelist() which stopped
148  funny German filenames from being handled properly
149- fixed various calls to popup_and_get_string()
150- fixed spec file
151- reject -E /
152- added partimagehack to the mix
154* Tue May 20 2003 Anonymous <root@rohan> 1.73
156- mark devices as bootable _after_ unmounting them
157- resolve boot device (-f) if softlink
158- post_param_configuration() --- store iso-dev and isodir
159- added post-nuke-sample.tgz to package
160- Nuke Mode now checks mountlist against hardware; offer user
161  opportunity to edit mountlist if insane; if user declines, abort
162- added lots of assert()'s and other checks
163- ran code thru Valgrind to catch & fix some memory leaks
164- made mondo-restore.c smaller by moving some subroutines to
165  common/libmondo-raid.c and mondorestore/mondo-rstr-compare.c
166- added '-Q' to let user test mondoarchive's ability to find
167  their boot loader and type
168- improved which_boot_loader()
169- when burning or comparing to a CD, defeat autorun if it is
170  running, to avoid confusing mondoarchive and the user
171- if original backup media no longer available at boot-time
172  then offer user chance to choose another media source
173- when booting, type 'nuke noresize' to nuke w/o resizing
174  mountlist to fill your drives
175- add 'textonly' when booting, to avoid using Newt gui
176- run nice(20) to prioritize mondoarchive at start
177- don't pause and wait for next blank CD at backup-time
178  unless necessary (e.g. previous CD has not been removed)
179- get_phys_size_of_drive() --- better support of older drives
180- don't eject if "donteject" is in kernel's command line
181- cleaned up segfault-handling
182- added Conor's strip_path() to improve file list display
183- added Herman Kuster's multi-level bkp patch
184- better boot-time screen/message
185- added Joshua Oreman's FreeBSD patches x3
186- fixed interactive/textonly support
187- fixed support for subdir-within-NFS-mount
188- fixed "Can't backup if ramdisk not mounted" bug
189- try to work around eccentricities of multi-CD drive PCs
190- misc clean-ups (Steve Hindle)
192* Tue Apr 08 2003 Hugo Rabson <> 1.72
194- LVM/RAID bugs fixed (Brian Borgeson)
195- major clean-up of code (Stan Benoit)
196- make-me-bootable fix (Juraj Ziegler)
197- fixed problem w/ multi-ISO verify cycle (Tom Mortell)
198- removed duplicate entry from makefile
199- if root is /dev/root then assume not a ramdisk
200- reject relative paths if -d flag (Alessandro Polverini)
201- fixed potentially infinite loop in log_to_screen (Tom Mortell)
202- add '/' to custom filelist as workaround for obscure bug
203- ask user speed of CDRW if writing to CD
204- find_cdrom_device() --- if nonexistent/not found then
205  make sure to return '' as dev str and 1 as res
206- tweaked restore scripts tgz
207- cleaned up find_cdrom_device()
208- if user creates /usr/share/mondo/payload.tgz then untar
209  payload to CD at backup-time
210- fixed insist_on_this_cd_number()
211- fixed am_i_in_disaster_recovery_mode()
212- misc clean-up (Tom Mortell)
213- made code more legible
214- fixed post-nuke support
215- added -e support
216- fixed nfs support
217- fixed iso support
218- at restore-time, only sort mountlist internally,
219  in mount_all_devices() and unmount_all_devices()
220- fixed cosmetic bug in label-partitions-as-necessary
221- updated documentation
222- fixed fstab-hacking scripts
224* Wed Feb 12 2003 Hugo Rabson <> 1.71
226- log newt, slang, ncurses info
227- updated man page
228- handle % chars in properly (Heiko Schlittermann)
229- fixed serious NFS restore bug
230- cleaned up spec file; it should cause fewer problems now (Jesse Keating)
231- changed various strcpy() calls to strncpy() calls
232- added mondo-makefilelist to makefile (Mikael Hultgren)
233- mount_cdrom() better at handling multiple CD drives
234- exclude /media/cdrom,cdrecorder,floppy
235- sensibly_set_tmpdir_and_scratchdir() --- exclude smb and smbfs
236- better logging by eval_call_to_make_ISO()
237- accept -J <fname> to let user provide their own fs catalog
238  instead of -I <paths> to backup
239- if dir excluded with -E or included with -I and dir is actually
240  a softlink then exclude/include the dir pointed to, as well
241- better location for manpage
242- adjusted block size of tarball at start of tape, to help
243  users w/ broken tape driver firmware
244- sort -u fstab after modifying it
245- if backup type is nfs then don't estimate noof media
246- fixed Makefile (Mikael Hultgren)
247- updated manpage
249* Sat Dec 07 2002 Hugo Rabson <> 1.70
251- new devel branch opened
253* Mon Dec 02 2002 Hugo Rabson <> 1.52
255- fixed bug in multithreading
256- use new grub-MR instead of grub-install
257- wipe only the partition table (not the MBR) when partitioning drives
258- ignore lilo.conf.anaconda when looking for lilo.conf file
259- accepts '-l RAW' to backup/restore original boot sector instead
260  of running grub or lilo to init it after restoring
261- fixed&updated stabgrub-me script; software RAID + GRUB work now
262- mount/unmount /boot partition for Gentoo 1.2 users
263- re-enabled extra tape checksums
264- disabled spurious warnings
265- unmount/remount supermounts at start/end of live restore, if nec.
266- cleaned up mondo's tape block handling (now, TAPE_BLOCK_SIZE=128K
267  and I've added INTERNAL_TAPE_BLK_SIZE=32K variable for buffering)
268- added Makefile
269- added -l RAW, to backup and restore original MBR
270- cleaned up iso_mode() and nfs restoring
271- create /mnt/RESTORING/mnt/.boot.d for Gentoo users
272- made mondorestore CD bootable for ArkLinux users
273- if user runs as 'su' not 'su -' then work around
275* Sun Nov 17 2002 Hugo Rabson <> 1.51
277- pop-up list of changed files, at end of verification phase
278- better handling of changed.files list at restore-time
279- lots of CD-related fixes
280- added '-N' flag --- to let user exclude all NFS-related mounts&devices
281- better handling of 'kill'
282- restructuring of code to ease integration of mondo w/XMondo
283- fixed obscure bug in find_and_mount_actual_cd()
284- if / or /root has <50MB free then abort & complain
285- fixed
286- fixed .spec file
287- updated documentation
288- commented code
289- updated man page
290- added -v / --version flag
291- replace convoluted grep with wc (KP)
292- fixed bug affecting restoration of bigfiles from CD's created w/0 compression
293- fixed BurnProof-related bug
294- better at figuring out which is the best partition for temp/scratchdir
295- added do-not-compress-these (text file) to RPM
296- do not compress files of types listed in do-not-compress-these
297- dropped -U from call to afio - saves 20-30% runtime (Cosgrove)
298- added Cosgrove's do-not-compress-these list
299- included various patches from KP
300- chmod tmpdir, scratchdir to 700 before using
301- restore from specified backup device, even if its own cfg file disagrees
302- fixed multi-tape bug
303- fixed "Can't find first ISO when verifying nonbootable ISO" bug
304- multithreaded make_afioballs_and_images()
305- tmpdir and scratchdir are set sensibly whether mondoarchive is called with
306  command-line parameters or not
307- fixed bug in strip_spaces() which stopped it from handling
308  small strings correctly - affected mountlist editor
309- create a repaired copy of grub-install which is RAID-friendly;
310  use it when initializing boot sector with run_grub()
311- fixed bug in mondo-makefilelist
313* Sun Sep 08 2002 Hugo Rabson <> 1.50
315- if restoring, don't try to find SCSI node of CD-ROM drive; find /dev entry
316- during selective restore, skip filesets which don't contain relevant archives
317- set /dev/null's perms to 777, just in case devfs-enabled kernel mangles it
318- remove /var/run/*.pid after restoring
319- move spurious lockfiles from /home/* to /home/*/.disabled
320- ask user to confirm the tape/CD device name
321- lots of multitape-related fixes
322- added code to autodetect the hardware of the user, if possible
323- if isodir does not exist then abort
324- more sanity-checking for -d flag
325- doubled 'biggiefile' threshold... to 32MB
326- exclude /root/images/mindi
327- fixed multi-imagedev bug (Emmanuel Druon)
328- unmount/remount /mnt/floppy before/after backing up, if Mandrake
329- restructured the source files
330- fixed serious bug in line 1546 - should have been !=, not ==; stopped
331  mondorestore from correctly restoring big files
332- added '#include <signal.h>' to my-stuff.h
333- exclude "incheckentry xwait()" from changed.files
334- fixed minor bug in find_cdrom_device()
335- fixed bug in friendly_sizestr...
336- insist on tape #1 when start verifying
337- added internal buffering, replacing the external 'buffer' exe
338- if differential backup then don't permit formatting or fdisking,
339  whether Interactive or Nuke mode
340- if mondorestore is run on live filesystem (or from ramdisk) without
341  parameters then mondorestore will ask which backup media (tape, CD, etc.)
342  was used; it will read the config file from the media and proceed from there
343- if tape streamer is softlink then resolve it first
344- incorporate post-nuke tarball
345- if user doesn't specify tape size, proceed anyway; behave intelligently
346  in the event of end-of-tape
347- prefix bkpinfo->restore_path to biggiefile fname before generating
348  checksum & comparing to archived biggiefile
349- if /etc/lilo.conf not found not /etc/lilo.conf.anaconda found
350  then create a softlink from the former to the latter, to work
351  around RH7.3's b0rken LILO support
352- LFS support (mharris, michele, hugo)
353- fixed verify bug --- CD#1 was being verified again & again & ...
354- differential mode fixed; supported again
355- ask user for boot loader + device if not detectible
356- list up to 512 files in file selection window at once (was 128)
357- better handling of bigfiles' checksums, perms and owns
358- delete final filelist if <=2 bytes long
359- if kernel not found and mondo in graphics mode then popup and ask
360  for kernel path+filename
362* Sun Jul 14 2002 Hugo Rabson <> 1.45-1
364- 1.5x branch forked off from 1.4x branch
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