source: MondoRescue/branches/3.3

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
ansible 3782   3 months Bruno Cornec Remove file
contrib 3753   17 months Bruno Cornec Remove floppy support
mindi 3785   12 days Bruno Cornec Fix #874 - improved byeboard support for opensuse 15.2 from Frank …
mindi-busybox 3770   10 months Bruno Cornec Fix for a new ts structure memeber in busybox for newer distros
mondo 3777   5 months Bruno Cornec Fix some remaining memory allocation errors
mondo-doc 3779   4 months Bruno Cornec Also deliver the SGML source file
MondoRescue 3781   3 months Bruno Cornec Adds minor fixes for Debian 10 support (Christian Werner …
tools 3753   17 months Bruno Cornec Remove floppy support
trac 3530   5 years Bruno Cornec Replace addresses by ones where it makes sense
website 3695   3 years Bruno Cornec Fix Reggie's mirror new addresses
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