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The Mondo Rescue Dev Team

Starting Points

This knowledge base contains information that is still too much in flux or immature to be put into the proper documentation. Some like the Roadmap will (hopefully!) always be that way.


Marketing / Feedbacks


FTP Setup

The repository on the ftp server is organized in the following way:

|---- src (contains the .tar.gz files required for the mondorescue project)
|---- distro-a
|      |
|      |---- 1.0 (contains all packages made for that release of distro-a)
|      |---- 2.0
|---- distro-b
       |---- 1.1 (contains all packages made for that release of distro-b)
       |---- 2.3

Those directories also contain information files for your package manager. Typically a project.repo for Fedora|RHEL's yum, a project.urpmi for Mandriva, a project.sources.list for Debian|Ubuntu.

Development hints

There are 3 mondorescue versions managed under SVN.

The first one is called 'stable'. From it we derive the official mondorescue releases. Currently the latest official releases are in the branches/2.2.7 tree. Old 2.0x names are there for historical reasons. The published releases now use the classical schema:

x.y.z with

x for major versions and rewrite of the code. y for minor versions (even numbers for stable ones, and odd numbers for unstable ones) z for incremental releases inside a minor version.

The second one is called 'trunk' and is currently dedicated to a rewrite of the memory management in mondorescue, including first the removal of sprintf/strcat/strcpy functions in the code. It's NOT stable. It may even NOT compile. As of today, no further effort will be put on it;

Another tree called 'devel' is a rewrite of mondo with perl. Once it is in a better shape, it will probably lead to a 3.0.x version.

Development evolution is shown by this diagram:

devel  ------------------------------------------------------>>>
            |            |           |
          3.0.0        3.0.1      3.0.2
          r10xx         r11xx       r12xx ........
            |            |           |
            \_______>>   \_______>>  \________________
stable -----------------------------------------------|------>>>
            |            |           |                |
          2.06         2.0.7      2.0.8            2.0.n
          r266         r5xx       r6xx ........    r5xx
            |            |           |                |
            \_______>>   \_______>>  \_______>>       \_______>>


If you have any ideas on what needs to be done, please use the enhancement feature of our Trac system... For improvements around ntfsclone look at


Andree's Stuff - mixed bag of things I'm just jotting down for now...

BrunoSandBox - same for me :-)

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