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trac.ini Reference

Trac configuration is done by editing the trac.ini config file, located in <projectenv>/conf/trac.ini.

This is a brief reference of available configuration options.


name Project name
descr Short project description
url URL to the main project website
icon URL to icon file to use as shortcut icon (favicon)
footer Page footer text (right-aligned)


repository_dir Path to local Subversion repository
htdocs_location Base URL for static Trac graphics and CSS files
database Database to use for this project
templates_dir Path of Clearsilver templates
default_charset Source files uses this charset


log_type Logging facility to use. (none, file, stderr, syslog, winlog)
log_file If log_type is file, this should be a path to the log-file
log_level Level of verbosity in log (CRITICAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG)

See also: TracLogging


default_version Default version for newly created tickets
default_severity Default severity for newly created tickets
default_priority Default priority for newly created tickets
default_milestone Default milestone for newly created tickets
default_component Default component for newly created tickets

See also: TracTicketsCustomFields


max_size Maximum allowed file size for ticket and wiki attachments


smtp_enabled Enable SMTP (email) notification (true, false)
smtp_server SMTP server to use for email notifications
smtp_from Sender address to use in notification emails
smtp_replyto Reply-To address to use in notification emails
smtp_always_cc Email address(es) to always send notifications to
always_notify_reporter Always send notifications to any address in the reporter field

See also: TracNotification

src URL to image to use as header logo
link Destination URL to link to from header logo
alt alt text for header logo
width Header logo width in pixels
height Header logo height in pixels


enscript_path Path to Enscript program


changeset_show_files Number of files to show (-1 for unlimited, 0 to disable)


tab_width Displayed tab width in changeset diffs

See also: TracGuide, TracAdmin

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.