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     868== Q51/ How to get the mondorestore.log file on the restored system in order to email it and get some support ? ==
     870Answer from Victor Gattegno:
     872Depending on the stage at which the restore has failed or succeeded, the log file may be under /tmp or /var/log (copied at the end of the restoration on the restored disk). You may use one of the follwoingmethods to get your log back:
     8741/ save {/tmp,/var/log}/mondorestore.log on a mounted USB key,
     875   if you connect a USB key before making a choice in the "mondorestore choice menu" (interactive, compare, expert...), through Alt-F2 you should be able to create a directory, mount the vfat USB key on it, and copy the {/tmp,/var/log}/mondorestore.log file to the USB key. (the usb_storage" and "vfat" driver modules may be forced at backup with the FORCE_MODS option of the /etc/mindi/mindi.conf file in order to be present at restore time and used that way).
     8762/ save {/tmp,/var/log}/mondorestore.log to a tftp server through tftp
     877   After the "boot:" prompt, once booted, busybox is used to provide a light Linux environment (with tftp command embedded) at restore time ; so it's possible to shift to a busybox shell through Alt-F2 (or Alt-F3, etc... Alt-F1 allowing to return to mondorestore GUI screen), and to save mondorestore.log by tftp it to a tftp server.
     878   tftp transfert, from mondo busybox shell to a tftp server:
     879   # ifconfig eth0 netmask up   (if necessary)
     880   # ifconfig lo   (if necessary)
     881   # cd /tmp
     882   # tftp -p -l mondorestore.log tftp_server_ip_address
     884   Quick tftp server setup:
     885   # mkdir /tmp/tftp ; chmod 777 /tmp/tftp
     886   # /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -v -l -c -s /tmp/tftp
     888   If tftp server -c option is not used, tftp command can return "tftp: server error: (1) File not found", then a solution is to have a file in the tftp server directory with the same name and with the write right permissions (otherwise "Permission denied" error could occur).
     889   # touch /tmp/tftp/mondorestore.log ; chmod 777 /tmp/tftp/mondorestore.log
     8913/ mount a NFS directory exported by a NFS server, and copy {/tmp,/var/log}/mondorestore.log to it