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The only easily discerned mention of usb boot is mindi. This Q45 should shorten and ease this aspect of the mondo learning curve.


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    818818You can refer to [ mondoarchive man page] and also this [ blog post]
     820== Q45 How do I create a ''mondo'' bootable usb key? (Less than DVD sized!)
     822''Answer gleaned from docs / wiki / mailing lists / trac by B.S.''[[BR]]
     824Mindi creates a ''mindi'' bootable usb key, sans mondo restore goodness, while what you probably want is a ''mondo'' bootable usb key.[[BR]]
     826Every mondoarchive run creates a smaller boot .iso file you can use to boot, within which you can then point to your archive files, perhaps residing on an external USB drive you've also plugged in at restore boot time. Typically, this file is written to /var/cache/mindi/mondorescue.iso - the filename is output very near the end of the mondoarchive run. You can write this (much smaller, mine was 113MB, having written DVD sized iso's) file to a CD, or follow FAQ 42 to make a bootable USB key. (Bonus: If you keep a copy of this smaller iso around, no need to write a current iso or usb key unless and until you actually need to restore. Same for the iso files themselves, assuming no nfs - copy the iso files from your main backup storage to an external usb drive when, and only when, disaster actually strikes.)[[BR]]
     828Documentation suggests if you simply want to generate this ''mondo'' boot iso file, execute a small mondoarchive run only, such as by using -I /etc.