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  1. Boot parameters
    1. pre and post parameters

This page is targetted at providing a more living documentation for MondoRescue vs the current HOWTO.



Boot parameters

The file README.bootparam of the mindi package provides all the parameters one can use at boot time during a MondoRescue restoration.

pre and post parameters

In 2.2.9, mindi introduced 2 new parameters at boot prompt, pre and post. They are used to respectively launch a script just before launching mondorestore, and after its execution.

The main goal is to allow for the pre option to configure for example the HDD layout differently, and to re-configure the systems (static IP address e.g.) for the post option.

If the mastering of the target systems is regular, you can even create a /etc/mindi/mindi.conf configuration file on the master, which could redefine the MINDI_ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS variable of mindi like this:

cat >> /etc/mindi/mindi.conf << EOF
MINDI_ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS="devfs=nomount noresume selinux=0 barrier=off udevtimeout=10 pre=/tmp/isodir/ post=/mnt/RESTORING/tmp/"

Of course, these params can be passed at the boot prompt.

And the scripts could contain as an example:

cat > /path/to/nfs/ << EOF
sed -i -e "/vg02/ d" /tmp/mountlist.txt
sed -i -e "/vg03/ d" /tmp/mountlist.txt
cat > /tmp/ << EOF
mount /proc
mount /sys
vgcfgrestore vg02
vgcfgrestore vg03
sed -i -e "s/IPADDR=.*/IPADDR=x.y.z.t/" /mnt/RESTORING/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

Of course, those scripts couls makemore dynamic requests to improve the resulting deployment.

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