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    4242Of course, those scripts could make more dynamic requests to improve the resulting deployment.
     44== Manual restoration ==
     46In the case of a problem during restoration, you have to know that your data are stored in an open format so that you can lways have access to them.
     48A first way to do it is to use the mondorestore command manually on a system where it is installed, and point it to the media containing you data, and then interactively select the files you want to restore in the tree displayed and the place in which mondorestore will re-create them.
     50A second even more manual way to do it, is to mount your media (if not tape) and extract from it with afio the content you want to restore. A quick howto would be:
     52# mount /dev/hdb /cdrom
     54(or if you have the iso-image you use: mount -o loop mondo.iso /cdrom)
     56Locate the wanted files in /cdrom/archive/filelist.*
     57If you want to find the file fstab:
     59# grep fstab /cdrom/archives/filelist.*
     61That might return something like this:
     63    /cdrom/archives/filelist.13:/etc/fstab
     65Once you know which number has your wanted files:
     67mkdir /tmp/mondoextract ; cd /tmp/mondoextract
     68cat /cdrom/archives/13.afio.lzo | cpio -idvm --verbose
     70If you used bzip2 instead of lzo, then unpack with:
     72afio -ZP bzip2 -i /cdrom/archives/13.afio.bz2