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Nov 11, 2006, 4:03:07 PM (14 years ago)
Bruno Cornec

svn2build fully described


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    2727 * It then source commen-env, which sets up and creates 2 variables $TOPDIR for the delivery of the files/packages and $MONDOTMP for temporary files
    2828 * It then source svn-env which creates 3 variables $VER which is mondo version, $REVISION which is the current SVN revision and finaly $TAG which is our package tag (what is after the - in an rpm/deb).
     29 * It then creates the delivery directory ($TOPDIR/$VER-$TAG)
     30 * Then for each package to be built (passed in parameter or taken by default as all except mindi-kernel), it exports from SVN the content of that package, seting up the REVISION file at the same time and a log file in the target directory. Then for each distro, it instantiate a build file (spec for RPM e.g.) with variables previously computed,  creates the log file required for it as well, and uses m4 to create the final file based on templates under each package directory/distributions files. Those steps are distro dependent (rpm, deb and emerge)
     31 * Then documentation is instantiated as well (mondo-doc is always the first package in the list in order for that step to be made before as the result is used by the other packages)
     32 * Then mindi doc is added to the delivery directory of mindi
     33 * Then mondo doc is added to the delivery directory of mondo, and bootsstrap is called which will recreate the autoconf environment.
     34 * Finaly once all these steps are done, the tar files are created (tar.gz and tar.bz2)
    3036then you can call