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    10911091See man page for help
     1094== Installing from APT ==
     1095The ftp site is also set up as an apt repository.  You can install and update your mindi/mondo packages using apt.  First create a file in your apt repo directory (most probably /etc/apt/sources.list.d) like the following (you may download it from our ftp server in each debian|ubuntu/version directory).  Note that this sample is for debian.  You will need to edit a bit for other distros.
     1098[root@tesla sources.list.d]# cat mondorescue.sources.list
     1099deb 8 contrib
     1100deb-src 8 contrib
     1103Such a file is now automatically produced by project-builder and available on the ftp server at the same place as the packages.
     1104E.g. for Debian 8 x86_64 download it from
     1106If you want to contribute to the testing of !MondoRescue, also download the corresponding repo file under the test directory and the same subtree. In the above case it's
     1108Now just use the commands:
     1111# apt-get install mondo
     1115apt will discover that mindi is a dependency for mondo and add it to your list.
     1117Here is a sequence of a successful installation of the stable version of mondo in a Debian 8 container
     1119]$ docker run -ti --rm centos:7
     1120[root@fe4902a26572 /]# yum install -y wget