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Customer References


The HP/Intel Solution Center is using MondoRescue to backup the solution stacks developed in the Center. It helps rebuilding the stack easily for other Proof of Concept activities, or server as a backup of the solution, especially hen the solution is deployed in our truck for EMEA roadshows, where disks tend to fail more than often. We also use some images made through the network to redeploy easily a video injector, e.g.

Other Business Units of HP or using MondoRescue mainly as a delivery mean for a full custom solution to customers, or advise customers to use it as a Disaster Recovery solution for their own IT infrastructure and support them.


MakaluMedia develops ground station systems for the space industry. MondoRescue was recently used to deploy HP DL-380 servers running SuSE Linux on a customer site. The installation process for the prototype servers was:

  • Install SLES from the distribution media, using LVM disk management.
  • Update online using YaST
  • Install additional packages needed to build the production environment.
  • Install packages needed to support MondoRescue

which in total would take more than 4 hours elapsed time per server.

MondoRescue was used to back the prototype system up to LTO tape, writing OBDR headers. Installation of a production server then reduced to booting from the tape, typing nuke, waiting about 10 minutes, mounting partitions and running grub-install in a chroot environment, and configuring networking. Total time per server was less than 30 minutes.