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In order to contribute to MondoRescue, you have multiple ways:

  • First, edit the Wiki and improve its content
  • Second send patches on the MondoRescue Mailing-List to get them discussed, approved and applied.
  • Third, once you've proved your ability to provide good patches, ask to become official contributor by sending your public SSH key to the maintainer
  • Once accepted as maintainer, you can have access to the repository in write mode using the following CLI:
    $ mkdir mondorescue
    $ cd mondorescue
    $ svn co svn+ssh:// .
    $ svn co svn+ssh:// .

Note that currently, the stable branche is 2.2.9 (which is then declined into, - tags available as well) If you modify 2.2.9, please also apply your modification to the next branch, 2.2.10 at the moment.

A third tree (devel) is used for experimental stuff on mondorescue, including the perl rewrite, and shouldn't be used for the moment. A fourth tree (trunk) was an attempt to rewrite mondorescue to only use dynamic memory allocation. Most of that work is now in 2.2.10 and it should be considered dormant.

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