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Look at :

  • valgrind
  • callgrind
  • graphviz
  • doxygen
  • dejagnu

We should probably sign packages

gentoo build binary packages. Look at

(all bugs now solved)

Fedora official pkgs (in progress)

Mandriva pkgs update (Done)

Look at tape management:

"Bill R. Williams" <>

FWIW: I seen problems with other platform/backup-software wherein the backup was to tape and verify was attempted. (I won't mention names. :-)

ANYWAY, my rule of thumb regarding use of tape devices is :

mt -f $TAPE status

I can check $? to see if it at least can "see" the device.

mt -f $TAPE rewind

I can check $? to see if it can operate the device, and this will cause a "wait" until the device is ready.

This also always assures me that my $TAPE is at the beginning. For those of ye saying, "Well, duh!" Let me just say: NEVER presume that your tape is at the beginning! There are devices which allow use of TAPE with NO-REWIND-ON open/close. Other *opinions* of note:

  • I always set my tape device to blocksize=0 which means


  • I always write the biggest blocksize to tape that I can. The

bigger the tape block and the faster the read/writes plus the more efficient use of the physical media. IOW: You get more data on the tape with bigger blocks.

Of couse these come from the "old school" and have served me well even up through the new LTO devices. (Yes, I have seen open-spool tape run off the end of the reel. Go ahead and laugh. ...was never funny at the time. :-)

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