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    11Mixed bag of things I'm just jotting down for now... I'd prefer if people could refrain from updating this page - get your own mixed bag! ;-)
    3 == Restore Problems ==
     3= Building Packages for Debian (and Derivatives) =
     5== Prepare ==
     7To be able to build Debian packages, install the following packages to start with:
     8- '''build-essential'''
     9- '''fakeroot'''
     11== Download ==
     13Firstly, download the package sources from:
     17or my download site for the bleeding edge (in Debian packages):
     21You need to download the following three files for every package you want to build:
     22- '''<package>_<upstream version>.orig.tar.gz'''
     23- '''<package>_<upstream version>-<package version>.diff.gz'''
     24- '''<package>_<upstream version>-<package version>.dsc'''
     26== Unpack ==
     28To create the build directory with the package source run:
     30dpkg-source -x <package>_<upstream version>-<package version>.dsc
     33== Build ==
     35Change into the newly create directory named '''<package>-<upstream version>''' and run:
     37dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc > /tmp/build-<package>.log
     40'''Note:''' The above command may fail because build dependencies are not fulfilled. If the build fails, read the error message carefully and install any missing packages.
     42'''Note:''' Appart from missing build-dependencies, there may be other issues building the packages on Debian derivatives or older versions of Debian. Often, toning down the dependencies defined in '''debian/control''' inside the build directory can help here. However, this is a bit more advanced.
     44== Install ==
     46In the parent of the build directory run:
     48dpkg -i  mindi_<package>-<upstream version>_<arch>.deb
     51'''Note:''' The above command may fail because binary dependencies are not fulfilled. If the install fails, read the error message carefully and install any missing packages.
     53== Further Reading ==
     55For more, information about the fascinating world of Debian packaging, please have a look here:
     59and for a more comprehensive overview here:
     63For all information about Debian development including but not limited to package manangement, please see here:
     67= Restore Problems =
    1175busybox 1.1.3 (and possbily other version) may be broken on amd64 in that they seem to require the existence of /etc/mtab regardless of whether the corresponding configuration option is set or not. This is not an issue on i386.
    13 === mondorestore killed ===
     77== mondorestore killed ==
    1579If mondorestore gets killed during restore for no apparent reason, this may be a memory problem. If there is still swap space available, the underlying issue maybe the kernel OOM killer.
    1781On Debian Sid amd64, kernel linux-image-2.6.16-2-amd64-k8, version 2.6.16-14 has this problem, whereas kernel linux-image-2.6.16-2-amd64-generic, version 2.6.16-14 is fine.
    19 == Compilation Problems ==
    21 === Compiler Warnings ===
     83= Compilation Problems =
     85== Compiler Warnings ==
    2387gcc 4.1.2 appears to be stricter than earlier versions when '-Wall' is used. The following is fine in earlier versions of gcc:
    40104(No '*' at the front!)
    42 === busybox Error './sh: Cannot set tty process group (Operation not permitted)' ===
     106== busybox Error './sh: Cannot set tty process group (Operation not permitted)' ==
    44108On Debian sid amd64, busybox versions 1.00, 1.1.3 and possibly others may give the following error when called as sh:
    52116This problem does not occur on i386.
    54 == Build from SVN on Debian (and maybe others) ==
     118= Build from SVN on Debian (and maybe others) =
    56120Trying to build packages from SVN may currently have some issues. The following tries to address the ones I experience on Debian. They may be applicable to other environments as well.
    158222Install Debian package 'docbook'.
    160 === Tip ===
     224== Tip ==
    161225Run the following to just get mindi and mondo source tarballs: