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MondoRescue 2.2.7 is now finished

Ok, for me it's now finished. Will take however the whole night to generate all required packages, and gentoo is still not completely automated, but all in all it's working pretty well now with pb 0.9.4+. For the first time also, it will be an easy merge for Andree, so that Lenny's packages should be there very soon now ! And I think this version is a really good one, fixing some annoying issues people had (/dev/shm is gone, syslinux static files are gone, new modules are supported in mindi for Lenny and OpenSuSE 11.0, -E taking devices also and a compatibility issue format problem fixed with pre-2.2.5 versions)

So if no giant bug shows up soon, I hope to be able to work on mindi in perl now in the devel SVN branch and have it working by the end of the year (I now, I'm an optimistic guy ;-)