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MondoRescue conferences

The 2 conferences I recently made for OSCON 2008 in Portland and the Linux Symposium in Ottawa went well. More people in that lat one, and I felt also better in Ottawa. Hope it will help create awareness around the MondoRescue project, and how HP is really committed to Open Source, by allowing me to deliver those speeches and support that project. Kudos to Phil Robb, Martin Michlmayr and Bdale Garbee who are always helpful.

I also attended the Augeas conference in Ottawa, which was very interesting, and pobably some pieces of should use it in the future, as well as pb. Same is true for Config-Model of Dominique Dumont. If only I could allocate more time to work on all these stuff !

Nothing planned yet for the future. Will try to go to 2009 one more time on Porject-Builder this time. And I'll be in Solutions Linux Paris in 2009 as well.

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