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#627 Mondorestore CTL+ALT+DEL Fails to Cancel Repartitioning assigned Bruno Cornec defect highest 3.0.5
#667 issue at restore time with cLVM new Bruno Cornec defect highest 3.0.5
#628 3.0.2-1 Fail to Restore from External Hard Disk assigned Bruno Cornec defect high 3.0.5
#640 mondo.tmp.xxxxx & mondo.scratch.xxxxx Issues reopened Bruno Cornec defect high 3.0.5
#635 To check grub after mondorestore, add to mondorescue this shell-script new Bruno Cornec enhancement normal 4.0.2
#642 mondoarchive -OVN does not exclude automounts assigned Bruno Cornec defect normal
#817 Mondo/mindi creating unbootable ISOs new Bruno Cornec defect normal 3.3.0
#648 Additional Control Over Boot in Mindi Configuration assigned Bruno Cornec enhancement low 3.0.5
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