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(edit) @3722   9 days bruno Now log /boot/grub2/grub.cfg if it exists
(edit) @3721   2 months bruno setup pb keys for web delivery
(edit) @3720   2 months bruno Increase upload size for trac
(edit) @3719   2 months bruno Avoid cerating /mnt/cdrom if it exists
(edit) @3718   2 months bruno Improve display
(edit) @3717   2 months bruno minor pbtest improvements
(edit) @3716   3 months bruno Ensure we have enough upload size for logs (2MB)
(edit) @3714   5 months bruno Add support for i40e Ethernet driver
(edit) @3713   6 months bruno Adds support for xhci-pci
(edit) @3712   8 months bruno Fix cron job for httpd restart
(edit) @3711   8 months bruno Adds support for cdc_eem driver (USB emulated NICs)
(edit) @3710   10 months bruno Add support for SLES 12/15 with UEFI and grub2
(edit) @3709   18 months bruno mindi now logs the value of MINDI_TMP
(edit) @3708   19 months bruno daptation for gcc 5 (inline funcs mngt)
(edit) @3707   19 months bruno Update pbtest to latest version with SLES support
(edit) @3706   19 months bruno Adds bind mounting of virtual FS to ease debug when used manually
(edit) @3705   19 months bruno Check return status of mr-net-get-config to avoid errors due to …
(edit) @3704   19 months bruno Remove the useless mr-unmount-subroutine-me script
(edit) @3703   19 months bruno - Fix #839 by forcing the creation of BTRFS FS
(edit) @3702   19 months bruno - Fix #838 by skipping subvol fstab lines for the mountlist
(edit) @3701   19 months bruno Workaround #836 by disabling crc on XFS FS at restore time for now.
(edit) @3700   19 months bruno Adds a test script for RHEL/Fedora VMs
(edit) @3699   19 months bruno Improve logging again
(edit) @3698   19 months bruno Improve logging of file for grub2
(edit) @3697   22 months bruno Remove usage of groovy word to clarify what is done
(edit) @3696   23 months bruno Fix small ansible issues
(edit) @3695   23 months bruno Fix Reggie's mirror new addresses
(edit) @3694   2 years bruno Adds docker fw configuration for MR machine
(edit) @3693   2 years bruno Adds support for HPE ProLiant? Gen10 smartpqi driver
(edit) @3692   2 years bruno mindi reorganization: - Auto computes now the space needed for initrd …
(edit) @3691   2 years bruno Fix the parted part usage (review creation of partitions with RHEL7)
(edit) @3690   2 years bruno Adds rpcinfo to list of minimal binaries to help debug
(edit) @3689   2 years bruno Revert a modification on what I thought was useless code !!
(edit) @3688   2 years bruno Fix a search made on / creating delays on NFS based machines e.g. for …
(edit) @3687   2 years bruno Comment a now useless section of mr-parted2fdisk
(edit) @3686   2 years bruno Fix wrong spaces
(edit) @3684   2 years bruno - Skip a potential Warning when calling parted (Warning: The disk CHS …
(edit) @3683   2 years bruno force grub2-install execution (at least useful on OpeSUSE Leap) (patch …
(edit) @3682   2 years bruno Adds support for OpenSUSE 42 Leap for dbus paths under /bin (based on …
(edit) @3681   2 years bruno Document NFS no_root_squash usage (From a patch provided by Stanislav …
(edit) @3680   2 years bruno - Fix issues and increase a bit EXTRA_SPACE (patch from Stanislav …
(edit) @3679   2 years bruno Add support for -f option
(edit) @3678   2 years bruno Adding new mirror from Reggie Goldman in the US
(edit) @3677   2 years bruno Remove th ebackup of inexistant ossi file
(edit) @3676   2 years bruno minor printing improvement for ansible
(edit) @3675   2 years bruno last fixes for logrotate and docker scripts
(edit) @3674   2 years bruno use started keyword
(edit) @3673   2 years bruno now uses mga6
(edit) @3672   2 years bruno Manages mageia-docker upper script and cleanup
(edit) @3671   2 years bruno Adds management of log rotation for mondorescue sites
(edit) @3670   2 years bruno - Adds backup support - Fix deps for apt repo
(edit) @3669   2 years bruno Adds a new mail alias
(edit) @3668   2 years bruno Add forgotten playbooks
(edit) @3667   2 years bruno Many updates to MR setup
(edit) @3666   2 years bruno Multiple mr-parted2fidsk fixes for parted usage - support the boot …
(edit) @3665   2 years bruno Fix a bug when burning directly media to take back boot params (the …
(edit) @3664   2 years bruno Attempts to fix mr-parted2fdisk - usage of -m option of parted where …
(edit) @3663   2 years bruno Better handling of -s option for parted2fdisk
(edit) @3662   2 years bruno Remove useless code from CopyFromConf?
(edit) @3661   2 years bruno Adds preliminary DRBD support
(edit) @3660   2 years bruno Mutualize code in CopyFromConf? to reuse
(edit) @3658   2 years bruno Improve nfs version support by allowing usage of nfs4 e.g. as a …
(edit) @3657   2 years bruno Adds system role and fix many other ones
(edit) @3656   2 years bruno More services up and runnig for the MondoRescue? server
(edit) @3655   2 years bruno New MondoRescue? site managed with ansible now
(edit) @3654   3 years bruno Fix an eror when restoring live, bkpinfo->media_device is left empty …
(edit) @3653   3 years bruno Stop using the word PC and use machines instead
(edit) @3652   3 years bruno Fix version boudaries for bootloader analysis - replace usage of -gt …
(edit) @3651   3 years bruno Minor format improvement
(edit) @3650   3 years bruno - Fix versions given back for mr-* tools - Log pb and mr versions in …
(edit) @3649   3 years bruno - Support is planned for RHEL8/UEFI & Debian9/UEFI
(edit) @3648   3 years bruno - Adds mr-mksio script to generate the correct command to build an ISO …
(edit) @3647   3 years bruno - Fix #805 by forcing the usage of parted when more than 1000 disks …
(edit) @3646   3 years bruno Do not exit too early when dealing with an empty file, as the verify …
(edit) @3645   3 years bruno Minor improvements in msgs
(edit) @3644   3 years bruno - Adds a new perl script (mr-getparam) to get parameters from …
(edit) @3643   3 years bruno - Add a log of for grub2 - Remove extra memory allocation …
(edit) @3642   3 years bruno Add logging of internal_tape_block_size ("David C. Partridge" …
(edit) @3641   3 years bruno - Finalize fix for #644 by removing the last MAX_STR_LEN usage in the …
(edit) @3640   3 years bruno fix mondo-doc build for deb based distros where dash is the default …
(edit) @3639   3 years bruno Use LVM_SUPPRESS_FD_WARNINGS to avoid lvm error messages
(edit) @3638   3 years bruno Exit after first network interface found (do not handle others that …
(edit) @3637   3 years bruno Fix a bug on EL7 where a test was badly written
(edit) @3636   3 years bruno Becomes verbose on mr_free only if full debug
(edit) @3635   3 years bruno Remove the mv of DCOP files and the likes - doesn't work and probably …
(edit) @3634   3 years bruno chmod 666 is sufficient after restoring /dev/null
(edit) @3633   3 years bruno Small optimisation for string to partition
(edit) @3632   3 years bruno Adding some more deps to avoid error messages at restore time (harmless)
(edit) @3631   3 years bruno Fix a missing dependency on FileHandle? for the autoflush feature …
(edit) @3630   3 years bruno Fix some autoconf warnings Fix loop error in mr_msg_init
(edit) @3629   3 years bruno Allow passing just -K option to mondoarchive without going non-interactive
(edit) @3628   3 years bruno Change mr_msg_init interface definition to include argc and argv, …
(edit) @3627   3 years bruno Remove a compilation warning on a cont pointer copied and used which …
(edit) @3626   3 years bruno Adds fixes for rhel4 to busybox 1.25
(edit) @3625   3 years bruno another try
(edit) @3624   3 years bruno Still trying to improve config
(edit) @3623   3 years bruno Remove an extra mr_free command which was creating an failed assertion
(edit) @3622   3 years bruno Try to find a working version of busybox 1.25 for RHEL 4, 5, 6 and 7 + …
(edit) @3621   3 years bruno New 3?3 banch for incorporation of latest busybox 1.25. Changing minor …
(edit) @3620   3 years bruno Uses mr_malloc instead of malloc here
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