Changeset 630 in MondoRescue

Jun 7, 2006, 11:32:52 AM (18 years ago)
  • Fix a bug in common-env around umask too restrictive
  • Fix permissions for autorun
  • 2.0.8-2 now in Web pages
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  • branches/2.0.8/mondo/mondo/autorun

    • Property unix-mode set to yes
  • branches/2.0.8/tools/common-env

    r576 r630  
    1212export TMPDIR=
    1313export TMP=`mktemp -d -p /tmp`
     15umask 022
  • branches/2.0.8/tools/qemu-vm.txt

    r576 r630  
    55# RPM based : urpmi, yum install, yast2
    6     neon newt-devel slang-devel autoconf automake subversion libtool gcc rpm-build wget vim-X11 gcc-c++ docbook-utils-pdf ImageMagick man docbook-dtd41-sgml groff lynx
     6    neon newt-devel slang-devel autoconf automake libtool gcc rpm-build wget vim-X11 gcc-c++ docbook-utils-pdf ImageMagick man patch
    88# gentoo
    4646mkdir -p mondo/tmp build
    4747cat > ~bruno/.rpmmacros << EOF
    48 %_topdir    /home/bruno/build
     48%_topdir    /users/bruno/build
    4949%_tmppath   %{_topdir}/tmp
    5050%packager   Bruno Cornec <>
    7272rpm -ivh afio-2.4.7-1.src.rpm buffer-1.19-1.src.rpm
    73 rpmbuild -ba RPMS/SPECS/afio.spec
    74 rpmbuild -ba RPMS/SPECS/buffer.spec
    75 chmod 644 RPMS/RPMS/i386/*
    76 scp -p RPMS/RPMS/i386/afio-[0-9]* RPMS/RPMS/i386/buffer-[0-9]*
     73mkdir -p build/BUILD build/RPMS/i386
     74rpmbuild -ba build/SPECS/afio.spec
     75rpmbuild -ba build/SPECS/buffer.spec
     76chmod 644 build/RPMS/i386/*
     77scp -p build/RPMS/i386/afio-[0-9]* build/RPMS/i386/buffer-[0-9]*
  • branches/2.0.8/website/latest-news.html

    r519 r630  
     1<p><B>2006-06-02 </B>Mondo 2.0.8-2 / Mindi 1.0.8-2 available</p>
     3It turned out that mindi 1.0.8-1 had bugs at least on RHEL 4 and also I wanted a new function for PXE deployment (change of NIC), so here are mondo 2.0.8-2 / mindi 1.0.8-2.
     6Available for the 11 distributions supported as the usual place <a href=""></a>
     9<b>CAUTION:</b> The ipconf parameter used for PXE deployment has changed and its syntaxt is NOT compatible with the previous one. You now need to precise first the NIC on which you will deploy. Look at mindi's README.pxe for details.
     11<p><B>2006-05-31 </B>Mondo 2.0.8-1 / Mindi 1.0.8-1 available</p>
     13I'm happy to announce the availability of a newest version of
     14mondo 2.0.8-1 / mindi 1.0.8-1. Enjoy it !
     18Now available at <a href=""></a>
     49<p>As usual src.rpm packages are also available in the same directory. Also a new mondo-doc package is produced for most distributions containing all the formats of mondo's documentation. Only there for completion, as mondo's package already contains the required doc files.
     53This version should fix most of latest bugs reported for mindi. the 2.0.x branch should now enter in a bug fix only mode. All new features will be introduced in 2.2.x on which we will now work (internationalization, memory management, configuration files, ...)
     57Changes are :
     65- new build process (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     66- Fix a bug in .spec for RPM build (%attr now unused)
     67(Bruno Cornec)<br>
     68- Support of dm and LVM v2 (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     69- New mr_strtok functionn added and used for dm support (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     70- Complete doc is now a separate package. mondo still contains the
     71  man pages and howto in minimal useful formats
     72  (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     73  - HOWTO now contains a new chapter on unattended support for mondo<br>
     74  - Increase size (4 times) of include|exclude variables<br>
     75  - Fix a bug on -I and -E not working with multiple parameters<br>
     76- Fix a bug in verify for NFS by swapping nfs_remote_dir and isodir when
     77  assembling name for image file to verify
     78  (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     79- Fix mondo when restoring filenames containing blanks
     80  (still a problem for filenames with ')
     81  (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     82- Fix a RPM generation bug for rh7.3 (i386-redhat-linux prefix for binaries)
     83(Bruno Cornec)<br>
     91- new build process (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     92- Fix a bug when a disk less than 2.8 MB can be built, to
     93  include enough modules to support SCSI cds
     94  (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     95- Fix a bug in .spec for RPM build (%attr now unused)
     96(Bruno Cornec)<br>
     97- Add support for LABEL on swap partitions
     98(Michel Loiseleur + Julien Pinon)<br>
     99- Attempt to fix bug 6827 (addition of a script for
     100  busybox udhcpc to support pxe/dhcp restore)
     101  (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     102  - support of dm and LVM v2 (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     103  - analyze-my-lvm is under $MINDI_LIB (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
     104- Fix a bug introduced by trying to avoid an error
     105  message when modprobe.d doesn't exist
     106  (Johannes Franken)<br>
     107- Fix for Bug #6975 (/net is now excluded from kernel search location)
     108(Bruno Cornec)<br>
     109- Allow 5670 MB fllopy disks for lilo as well (Bruno Cornec)<br>
     110- Add missing net modules (Klaus Ade Johnstad)<br>
    1113<p><B>2006-04-08 </B>Mondo 2.0.7 / Mindi 1.0.7 updated to r460</p>
    59 <p><B>2006-03-20 </B>Mondo 2.0.7 / Mindi 1.0.7 are out</p>
    60 <p>
    61 I'm happy to announce the availability of the latest and greatest
    62 version of mondo 2.0.7 / mindi 1.0.7. Version numbers have changed of
    63 format to be more in line with what is done generally (x.y.z)
    64 </p>
    65 <p>
    66 Now available at :
    67 </p>
    69 <p>
    70 mandrake/10.1/mindi-1.0.7-447.101mdk.i386.rpm<br>
    71 mandrake/10.1/mondo-2.0.7-447.101mdk.i386.rpm<br>
    72 mandrake/10.2/mindi-1.0.7-447.102mdk.i386.rpm<br>
    73 mandrake/10.2/mondo-2.0.7-447.102mdk.i386.rpm<br>
    74 mandriva/2006.0/mindi-1.0.7-447.20060mdk.i386.rpm<br>
    75 mandriva/2006.0/mondo-2.0.7-447.20060mdk.i386.rpm<br>
    76 src/mindi-1.0.7-r447.tgz<br>
    77 src/mondo-2.0.7-r447.tgz<br>
    78 </p>
    80 <p>
    81 Other distributions will follow asap (should be able to produce soon
    82 redhat 7.3, fedora core 4, and only after rhel3/4 and sles9) due to the
    83 change in the virtual machines I have to do (now using qemu + more tools
    84 to generate RPMs)
    85 </p>
    87 <p>
    88 The focus on this version has been more around the new website and
    89 documentation, and a bit less on code. So some persistant bugs are still
    90 not corrected (some dvd burning issues and dm/lvm2 support mainly) and
    91 will be hopefully in 2.0.8.
    92 </p>
    94 <p>
    96 </p>
    98 <p>
    99 v2.07 (2006-02-23)<br>
    100 - useless cat, sort|uniq commands removed (Bruno Cornec/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)<br>
    101 - Doc cleanup (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    102 - Add the actual format to messages after calls to function is_this_a_valid_disk_format() about unsupported formats.  (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    103 - Abort|Warn when one of the include|exclude dirs (-I|-E) does not exist (Bruno Cornec/Jeffs)<br>
    104 - Replaced partimagehack with ntfsclone from ntfsprogs package. (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    105 - use df -P everywhere (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    106 - Paypal incitations removed (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    107 - mondo now uses /usr/share for the restore-scripts (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    108 - rpmlint cleanups (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    109 - no shared librairies and no X11 anymore (were useless) (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    110 - files > 2GB are now really supported (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    111 - new SGML based Mondo Rescue documentation + new Web site (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    112 - mondoarchive aborts when 'mindi --findkernel' gives a fatal error (See also Debian bug #352323.) (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    113 - /tmp not excluded anymore from backup (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    114 - New RPM Build environement (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    115 </p>
    117 <p>
    119 </p>
    121 <p>
    122 1.07 (2006-02-23)<br>
    123 - stop creating further size of floppy disks if the smaller one succeeds (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    124 - init revamped (removed unnecessary second general module loading phase, start NFS appropriately depending on PXE or simple NFS) (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    125   - Changed module 'nfsacl' to 'nfs_acl' (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    126   - Mindi/DiskSize is gone (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    127 - useless cat, sort|uniq commands removed (Bruno Cornec/Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)<br>
    128 - Doc cleanup (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    129 - Bug fix for chown in (JeffS)<br>
    130 - CHANGES renamed also in now (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    131 - rpmlint cleanups<br>
    132 - Get mindi to look for analyze-my-lvm in it's library directory MINDI_LIB (See also Debian bug #351446.)<br>
    133 - mindi only deletes freshly created 1440kb images in case of error (See also Debian Bug #348966.) (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    134 - try standard grub-install in grub-MR restore script before trying anything fancy (Andree Leidenfrost)<br>
    135 - busybox mount should be called with -o ro for PXE (Make RHEL 3 works in PXE with a 2.6 failsafe kernel now available) (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    136 - Fix mindi for 2.6 Failsafe support (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    137 - mindi now depends on grep >= 2.5 (for -m option) (Marco Puggelli/Bruno Cornec)<br>
    138 - Fix a bug in LVM context for RHEL4 in GetValueFromField (Rémi Bondoin/Bruno Cornec)<br>
    139 - New RPM Build environement (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    140 - mindi now supports x86_64 natively (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    141 - stop creating further size of floppy disks if the smaller one succeeds (Bruno Cornec)<br>
    142 </p>
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