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Mar 10, 2024, 7:24:20 PM (3 months ago)
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Removes support for ia64 depracated in upstream kernel, and elilo

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  • branches/3.3/mindi/README.uefi

    r3556 r3886  
    55Depending on the boot mode you use (UEFI or BIOS), mondo and mindi will have to behave accordingly.
    6 Depending of your choice, software configuration, you may also use GPT or MBR as a file table format. Refer to README.ia64 for more details on how mondo and mindi deal with that.
     6Depending of your choice, software configuration, you may also use GPT or MBR as a file table format.
     8The fdisk command used by mindi/mondo to determine all aspects related to the disc hasn't been adapted yet to handle GPT. Only the parted command is able to do it.
     10So a perl script called mr-parted2fdisk was written that will take as input all the order that mindi/mondo pass to fdisk, translate them to be given to parted and print the result in fdisk format. So this is a filter allowing fdisk replacement. It's only used for GPT based disks. On BIOS based disks, mr-parted2fdisk is a link to fdisk.
     12Thus mindi/mondorestore commands launched by root will pass all their call to mr-parted2fdisk on GPT based disks instead of the real fdisk, and be able to support the GPT format. It will call fdisk and parted for its work.
     14The script will setup everything correctly for you.
     16Note that mr-parted2fdisk supports currently only the -l and -s options as well as the commands p,n,d,w,t,a,q
     18On SLES 10, fdisk is not provided anymore. You'll have to rebuild the util-linux package by desactivating fdisk removal in the spec file.
    819In BIOS mode, mindi uses sylinux as boot loader for the restore media. As this doesn't work reliably yet with UEFI other strategies have been usd:
    920When using a distribution like RHEL6.x, then grub 0.97 will be used as boot loader for the restore media. During tests, we had success with grub-0.97-93.el6.x86_64 part of RHEL 6.6. In particular, the version provided with RHEL 6.5 doesn't boot !
    37482016-03-21 Make instructions more generic
    38492015-08-28 Initial file
     502015-03-21 tool renamed to mr-parted2fdisk
     512013-06-08 no binary made anymore, only perl scripts
     522005-12-12 parted2fdisk used everywhere
     532005-03-23 Explain compilation and backup/restore split
     542004-09-16 Initial file
  • branches/3.3/mindi/deplist.d/base.conf

    r3783 r3886  
    77 # For swap uuid support, ia64 and probably then more in the future
     77# For additional tools support
  • branches/3.3/mindi/

    r3377 r3886  
    6969    echo $ARCH | grep -E '^i[0-9]86$' &> /dev/null && ARCH=i386 && locallib=$local/lib
    7070    echo $ARCH | grep -E '^x86_64$' &> /dev/null && locallib=$local/lib64
    71     echo $ARCH | grep -E '^ia64$' &> /dev/null && locallib=$local/lib
    7271    sublocallib="$locallib/mindi"
  • branches/3.3/mindi/mr-parted2fdisk

    r3691 r3886  
    66# [developed for mindi/mondo]
    8 # Aims to be architecture independant (i386/ia64)
    9 # Tested on ia64 with RHAS 2.1 - Mandrake 9.0 - RHEL 3.0 - SLES 10 - RHEL 5 -
     8# Aims to be architecture independant
    1110# Copyright B. Cornec 2000-2015
  • branches/3.3/mindi/rootfs/etc/init.d/rcS

    r3697 r3886  
    127127    chmod 666 /dev/tty* /dev/console
    128128    # By default first serial line is configured as tty
    129     # Required to have a correct serial console support (MP on ia64 or VSP with iLO e.g.)
     129    # Required to have a correct serial console support (VSP with iLO e.g.)
    130130    for i in `cat /proc/cmdline` ; do
    131131        echo $i | grep -qi serial= && serial=`echo $i | cut -d= -f2`
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