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    1616       succeeded. Please be gentle with your criticism. :) My thanks go to
    1717       Steve Hindle and Dagfinn Bakken for helping me with Debian.</P>
    18       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    19        If you want the<B> source code to BusyBox</B>, whose precompiled
    20        binaries are present in Mindi, please go to<A HREF="http://www.busybox.net"> http://www.busybox.net</A>
    21        and download from there.</P>
    22       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    23        <B>CVS </B>is on here! It is now accessable through
    24        cvs.mondorescue.org, e.g.:-</P>
    25       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    26        <FONT FACE="Century Schoolbook,serif"><FONT SIZE="2"># cvs -d
    27        :pserver:anon@cvs.mondorescue.org:/mondorescue co mindi-devel</FONT></FONT></P>
    28       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    29        (or for you developers)</P>
    30       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    31        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2"># export CVS_RSH=ssh</FONT></FONT><BR>
    32        <FONT FACE="Courier New"><FONT SIZE="2"># cvs -d
    33        :ext:username@cvs.mondorescue.org:/data/cvs/mondorescue commit</FONT></FONT></P>
    34       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    35        The modules are mondo-stable, mondo-devel, mindi-stable, and mindi-devel.</P>
    36       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    37        <A HREF="http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=4220">Click
    38         here</A> to see Jesse Keating's SourceForge packages for Mondo 1.4x
    39        and Mindi 0.6x - the stable branches of 2002. Jesse is the 1.4x/0.6x
    40        maintainer and a fine fellow as well.</P>
    41       <P ALIGN=CENTER>
    42        I'll resume development of Monitas when time permits.</P>
    43       <CENTER>
    44       <P ALIGN=CENTER>
    45        <TABLE WIDTH="600" CELLPADDING="2" CELLSPACING="1" BORDER="1">
    46         <TR>
    47          <TD WIDTH="30%" VALIGN=CENTER>
    48           <P ALIGN=CENTER>
    4918           <A HREF="daily/unstable/changes">Monitas</A> (alpha-quality)</TD>
    5019         <TD WIDTH="25%" VALIGN=CENTER>
    6332       </TABLE></P>
    6433      </CENTER>
    65       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    66        See the <A HREF="../docs/docs.html">Documentation</A> page if you
    67        have problems running or installing Mondo or Mindi.</P>
    68       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    69        BTW, do you need an 'atftp' RPM? Here's the <A HREF="misc/atftp-0.6-1.src.rpm">SRPM</A>,
    70         just for run. To build it, just type 'rpmbuild --rebuild
    71        &lt;package&gt;' after downloading it.</P>
    72       <P ALIGN=JUSTIFY>
    73        Still reading? The default contribute page looks like <A HREF="contrib-default.html">this</A>.
    74         I've had to put it here so that my snapshot roller script will do
    75        its thing. Don't ask. It's very complicated. A dozen chickens
    76        perished so that this script could live. Muahahahaha. I am
    77        Ozymandias, king of kings... Look upon my works, o ye people, and...
    78        look, a pony!</TD>
    79     </TR>
    80     <TR>
    81      <TD BGCOLOR="#333333" VALIGN=CENTER>
    82       <P>
    83        <IMG SRC="shared_graphics/spacer.gif" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></TD>
    84     </TR>
    85     <TR>
    87       <P ALIGN=CENTER>
    88        Comments? Suggestions? Click <A HREF="../feedback/feedback.html">here</A>
    89 This mirror provided by the lovely Joe Cooper of <a href=http://www.swelltech.com>SwellTech</a>.
    90     </TR>
    91    </TABLE>
    92  </BODY>
    93 </HTML>
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