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    2424       <B>Mondo is comprehensive.</B> Mondo supports LVM 1/2, RAID, ext2, ext3,
    2525       JFS, XFS, ReiserFS, VFAT, and can support additional filesystems
    26        easily: just e-mail the <A HREF="/feedback.shtml">mailing list</A>
     26       easily: just e-mail the <A HREF="/support.shtml">mailing list</A>
    2727       with your request. It supports software raid as well as most hardware raid controllers. It supports adjustments in disk geometry,
    2828       including migration from non-RAID to RAID. Mondo runs on all major
    9696       author is friendly and helpful.</P>
    9797      <P>
    98        Comments? Suggestions? Click <A HREF="../feedback.shtml">here</A>
     98       Comments? Suggestions? Click <A HREF="../support.shtml">here</A>
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    1818      <h2>Mirrors</h2>
    1919    </div>
    20     <p>We are interested in uptodate mirrors for both the Web and FTP sites. Please contact us on the <a href="/feedback.shtml">mailing list</a>.
     20    <p>We are interested in up to date mirrors for both the Web and FTP sites. Please contact us on the <a href="/support.shtml">mailing list</a>.
    2222    <div class="h2-3">
    7272<h3>Mondo Rescue CD</h3>
    74 <p>In order to make it as easy as possible for you to use Mondo Rescue, you may want to download the latest <a href="">Mondo Rescue CD</a> which contains all the packages with its dependancies available on the ftp site.
     74<p>In order to make it as easy as possible for you to use Mondo Rescue, you may want to download the latest <a href="">Mondo Rescue CD</a> which contains all the packages with its dependancies available on the ftp site. It is updated daily.
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    22<html xmlns="" dir="ltr" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
    33  <head>
    4     <title>Frozen Bubble - the official home</title>
    5     <meta name="Author" content="Amaury" />
    6     <meta name="keywords" lang="en" content="frozen bubble best addictive gnu linux arcade game" />
    7     <meta name="description" lang="en" content="Frozen bubble" />
    8     <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
    9     <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="/favicon.ico" />
    10     <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="/css/common.css" />
    11     <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="/css/allbrowsers.css" />
    12     <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/functions.js"></script>
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    135  </head>
    146  <body>
    15     <!--
    16       Yup, we know this website may not be fully W3C compatible.
    17       We tried our best, though, to make it viewable by the broadest audience (even Internet Explorer users).
     7<!--#include virtual="/top.shtml" -->
     8<h1>Support around Mondo Rescue</h1>
    19       Please send an email to the webmaster @ frozen-bubble,org should you have any problem accessing the website.
    20     -->
    21     <div id="topbanner">
    22       <div id="links">
    23         <a href=""></a> <a href="">LinuxGameTome</a> <a href="">SDLnow!</a>
    24       </div>
    25       <div id="topinfo">
    26         fbweb0.9.2      </div>
     10    <div class="h2-1">
     11      <h2>Help yourself</h2>
    2712    </div>
    28     <div id="body">
    29       <div id="logo">
    30         <a href=""><img src="/images/banner.png" alt="Frozen Bubble logo" title="Go to Frozen Bubble homepage" /></a>      </div>
    31       <div id="navbar">
    32         <ul>
    33           <li><a href="" title="Frozen Bubble website homepage" >home</a></li>
    34           <li><a href="" title="News about the game" >news</a></li>
    35           <li><a href="" title="Download Frozen Bubble now !" >downloads</a></li>
    36           <li><a href="" title="Artwork from the game" >artwork</a></li>
    37           <li><a href="" title="Music from the game" >music</a></li>
    38           <li><a href="" title="Frozen Bubble : the making of" >making&nbsp;of</a></li>
    39           <li><a href="" title="Send us your feedback !" >feedback</a></li>
    40           <li id="current" ><a href="" title="Having trouble running the game ?" >troubleshooting</a></li>
    41         </ul>
    42       </div>
    43       <div id="main">
    44         <div id="frametopleft">
    45           <div id="frametop">
    46             <div id="frametopright">
    47           <div id="frameleft">
    48             <div id="frameright">
    49               <div id="framecontent">
    50                     <!-- ##############  Main stuff goes here  ################ -->
    51                     <h1>Having problems running Frozen Bubble ?</h1>
    53 <p><b>If you are colourblind, we already have what you're looking for:</b> please use the <tt>-cb</tt> commandline parameter, and bubbles will be printed
    54 with little geometrical symbols inside.</p>
    56   <div class="h2-1">
    57     <h2>Fix your problems</h2>
    58   </div>
    59 <p>Most of the problems you can encounter with Frozen-Bubble don't require contacting us directly, and actually we can't fix most of them. </p>
    60 <p>First, please notice that we have developed this software on the Gnu/Linux platform. There are ports to other operating-systems, but we can't and don't want to support them. If you happen to be using Frozen-Bubble on FreeBSD, Windows or Mac OSX, please contact the authors of this "version" if you have trouble installing/running/whatever. Thank you.</p>
    62   <div class="h2-2">
    63     <h2>Troubleshoot most common problems on Gnu/Linux</h2>
    64   </div>
    65 <p>First, please notice that we are not a Gnu/Linux vendor, we are not Debian, Gentoo or Mandrakesoft. So if you can't install it with apt-get, emerge, urpmi, yum or whatever, or if you managed to install it but it won't start or won't run properly, there are much higher chances this is a problem with your vendor, not with us. Try to think before contacting us: is your problem really with our software? or with how your vendor compiled/integrated it with the system? </p>
    67 <p>Now, to ease your life, we provide links to common problems you may encounter.</p>
    68 <ul>
    69 <li><u><tt>...cannot handle TLS data...</tt> message at startup</u>: it seems this is related with buggy or badly installed nvidia drivers (now you see that proprietary drivers add to the troubles, but anyway). Debian has a <a href=""> bugreport and a fix</a> for this one.</li>
    70 <li><u><tt>Can't locate in @INC...</tt> message at startup</u>: either you didn't install sdlperl, or you installed it at the wrong location. Check where the file "" was installed on your system and what is the @INC search path of perl, there are chances they don't match.</li>
    71 <li><u>crash with a <tt>SIGILL</tt> when trying to start a new game</u>: you're probably using buggy <tt>SDL-1.2.6</tt> on an Intel processors; please update to <tt>SDL-1.2.7</tt> or more recent.</li>
    72 <li><u><tt>Not a HASH reference at /usr/games/frozen-bubble line 310</tt> message at startup</u>: it seems that you're using an incompatible (too recent) version of perl-SDL. Either downgrade or apply <a href="/perl-SDL.patch">this patch</a>.</li>
    73 </ul>
    74 <p>If you have more to add, you may want to contact us: <img src="/images/mailto.png" alt="graphic email address" title="graphic email address" />.</p>
    75                     <!-- ##############  Main stuff ends here  ################ -->
    76               </div> <!-- Content -->
    77             </div> <!-- Right -->
    78           </div> <!-- Left -->
    79         </div> <!-- Top -->
    80           </div> <!-- Topright -->
    81           <div id="framebottomleft">
    82             <div id="framebottom">
    83           <div id="framebottomright">
    84             &nbsp;
    85           </div> <!-- bottomright -->
    86         </div> <!-- bottom -->
    87           </div> <!-- bottomleft -->
    88         </div> <!-- Topleft -->
    89       </div> <!-- #main -->
    90     </div> <!-- #body -->
     13    <p>First, when you have an issue, please try to read the various log files that Mondo Rescue produces. 99% of the time, the error is described in it in clear text. Those file are:
     14    <ul>
     15            <li><tt>/var/log/mondo-archive.log</tt></li>
     16            <li><tt>/var/log/mindi.log</tt></li>
     17            <li><tt>/var/log/mondo-restore.log</tt></li>
     18    </ul></p>
     19    <p>Second look at the <a href="/docs.shtml">Mondo Rescue documentation</a> and the extensive FAQ section of the Mondo Rescue HOWTO, as a lot of good tip and tricks are provided there.</p>
     20    <p>Third look at the <a href="">Mondo Rescue wiki</a> which may contain additional comments,and feel free to contribute by adding your remarks.</p>
     21    <p>Fourth look at the <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List Archives</a> as you're probably not the first with this problem.</p>
     22    <p>Finally post on the <a href="">Mondo Rescue Mailing List</a> if you did not find what you were looking for, as there are more than 400 users there who could help you, including dev team members.</p>
     23    <div class="h2-3">
     24            <h2>Mondo Rescue Mailing Lists</h2>
     25    </div>
     26    <p>There are 4 mailing lists for the Mondo Rescue Community:</p>
     27    <ul>
     28            <li>The <a href="">Mondo Rescue Announce Mailing List</a> with low traffic dedicated to annoucements around Mondo Rescue.</li>
     29    </ul>
     30    <div class="h2-5">
     31            <h2>Professional support services</h2>
     32    </div>
     33    <p>If you're ready to pay for a support contract around Mondo Rescue, for your business, you may enter in contact with the following companies which have the structure to deliver it:
     34    <ul>
     35            <li><b>Linagora</b></li>
     36    </ul></p>
     37    <p>If you're ready to pay for enhancement/consulting services around Mondo Rescue, for your business, you may enter in contact with the following companies which have the structure to deliver it:
     38    <ul>
     39            <li><b>HP</b> - Contact:</li>
     40            <li><b>Andree</b> - Contact: info_at_</li>
     41    </ul></p>
     42<!--#include virtual="/bottom.shtml" -->
    9144  </body>
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    2929          <li><a href="/artwork.shtml" title="Artwork of the Website" >Artwork</a></li>
    3030          <li><a href="/support.shtml" title="If you need support (why it's perfect :-)" >Support</a></li>
    31           <li><a href="/feedback.shtml" title="Send us your feedback !" >Feedback</a></li>
     31          <li><a href="" title="Use the Wiki" >Wiki</a></li>
    3232          <li><a href="/thanks.shtml" title="So many helped us. Many thanks" >Thanks</a></li>
    3333        </ul>
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