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    r2725 r3232  
    6868      or input from a pipeline.
    70 config VI
    71     bool "vi"
    72     default y
    73     help
    74       'vi' is a text editor. More specifically, it is the One True
    75       text editor <grin>. It does, however, have a rather steep
    76       learning curve. If you are not already comfortable with 'vi'
    77       you may wish to use something else.
    79 config FEATURE_VI_MAX_LEN
    80     int "Maximum screen width in vi"
    81     range 256 16384
    82     default 4096
    83     depends on VI
    84     help
    85       Contrary to what you may think, this is not eating much.
    86       Make it smaller than 4k only if you are very limited on memory.
    88 config FEATURE_VI_8BIT
    89     bool "Allow vi to display 8-bit chars (otherwise shows dots)"
    90     default n
    91     depends on VI
    92     help
    93       If your terminal can display characters with high bit set,
    94       you may want to enable this. Note: vi is not Unicode-capable.
    95       If your terminal combines several 8-bit bytes into one character
    96       (as in Unicode mode), this will not work properly.
    98 config FEATURE_VI_COLON
    99     bool "Enable \":\" colon commands (no \"ex\" mode)"
    100     default y
    101     depends on VI
    102     help
    103       Enable a limited set of colon commands for vi. This does not
    104       provide an "ex" mode.
    106 config FEATURE_VI_YANKMARK
    107     bool "Enable yank/put commands and mark cmds"
    108     default y
    109     depends on VI
    110     help
    111       This will enable you to use yank and put, as well as mark in
    112       busybox vi.
    114 config FEATURE_VI_SEARCH
    115     bool "Enable search and replace cmds"
    116     default y
    117     depends on VI
    118     help
    119       Select this if you wish to be able to do search and replace in
    120       busybox vi.
    123     bool "Catch signals"
    124     default y
    125     depends on VI
    126     help
    127       Selecting this option will make busybox vi signal aware. This will
    128       make busybox vi support SIGWINCH to deal with Window Changes, catch
    129       Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-C and alarms.
    131 config FEATURE_VI_DOT_CMD
    132     bool "Remember previous cmd and \".\" cmd"
    133     default y
    134     depends on VI
    135     help
    136       Make busybox vi remember the last command and be able to repeat it.
    138 config FEATURE_VI_READONLY
    139     bool "Enable -R option and \"view\" mode"
    140     default y
    141     depends on VI
    142     help
    143       Enable the read-only command line option, which allows the user to
    144       open a file in read-only mode.
    146 config FEATURE_VI_SETOPTS
    147     bool "Enable set-able options, ai ic showmatch"
    148     default y
    149     depends on VI
    150     help
    151       Enable the editor to set some (ai, ic, showmatch) options.
    153 config FEATURE_VI_SET
    154     bool "Support for :set"
    155     default y
    156     depends on VI
    157     help
    158       Support for ":set".
    160 config FEATURE_VI_WIN_RESIZE
    161     bool "Handle window resize"
    162     default y
    163     depends on VI
    164     help
    165       Make busybox vi behave nicely with terminals that get resized.
    168     bool "Use 'tell me cursor position' ESC sequence to measure window"
    169     default y
    170     depends on VI
    171     help
    172       If terminal size can't be retrieved and $LINES/$COLUMNS are not set,
    173       this option makes vi perform a last-ditch effort to find it:
    174       vi positions cursor to 999,999 and asks terminal to report real
    175       cursor position using "ESC [ 6 n" escape sequence, then reads stdin.
    177       This is not clean but helps a lot on serial lines and such.
    180     bool "Optimize cursor movement"
    181     default y
    182     depends on VI
    183     help
    184       This will make the cursor movement faster, but requires more memory
    185       and it makes the applet a tiny bit larger.
    18770config FEATURE_ALLOW_EXEC
    18871    bool "Allow vi and awk to execute shell commands"
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