Nov 6, 2007, 11:01:53 AM (13 years ago)
Bruno Cornec
  • Better output for mindi-busybox revision
  • Remove dummy file created on NFS - report from Arnaud Tiger <arnaud.tiger_at_hp.com>
  • strace useful for debug
  • fix new versions for pb (2.0.0 for mindi and 1.7.2 for mindi-busybox)
  • fix build process for mindi-busybox + options used in that version (dd for label-partitions-as-necessary)
  • fix typo in label-partitions-as-necessary which doesn't seem to work
  • Update to busybox 1.7.2
  • perl is now required at restore time to support uuid swap partitions (and will be used for many other thigs

in the future for sure)

  • next mindi version will be 2.0.0 due to all the changes made in it (udev may break working distros)
  • small optimization in mindi on keyboard handling (one single find instead of multiple)
  • better interaction for USB device when launching mindi manually
  • attempt to automatically guess block disk size for ramdisk
  • fix typos in bkphw
  • Fix the remaining problem with UUID support for swap partitions
  • Updates mondoarchive man page for USB support
  • Adds preliminary Hardware support to mindi (Proliant SSSTK)
  • Tries to add udev support also for rhel4
  • Fix UUID support which was still broken.
  • Be conservative in test for the start-nfs script
  • Update config file for mindi-busybox for 1.7.2 migration
  • Try to run around a busybox bug (1.2.2 pb on inexistant links)
  • Add build content for mindi-busybox in pb
  • Remove distributions content for mindi-busybox
  • Fix a warning on inexistant raidtab
  • Solve problem on tmpfs in restore init (Problem of inexistant symlink and busybox)
  • Create MONDO_CACHE and use it everywhere + creation at start
  • Really never try to eject a USB device
  • Fix a issue with &> usage (replaced with 1> and 2>)
  • Adds magic file to depllist in order to have file working + ldd which helps for debugging issues
  • tty modes correct to avoid sh error messages
  • Use ext3 normally and not ext2 instead
  • USB device should be corrected after reading (take 1st part)
  • Adds a mount_USB_here function derived from mount_CDROM_here
  • usb detection place before /dev detection in device name at restore time
  • Fix when restoring from USB: media is asked in interactive mode
  • Adds USB support for mondorestore
  • mount_cdrom => mount_media
  • elilo.efi is now searched throughout /boot/efi and not in a fixed place as there is no standard
  • untar-and-softlink => untar (+ interface change)
  • suppress useless softlinks creation/removal in boot process
  • avoids udevd messages on groups
  • Increase # of disks to 99 as in mindi at restore time (should be a conf file parameter)
  • skip existing big file creation
  • seems to work correctly for USB mindi boot
  • Adds group and tty link to udev conf
  • Always load usb-torage (even 2.6) to initiate USB bus discovery
  • Better printing of messages
  • Attempt to fix a bug in supporting OpenSusE 10.3 kernel for initramfs (mindi may now use multiple regex for kernel initrd detection)
  • Links were not correctly done as non relative for modules in mindi
  • exclusion of modules denied now works
  • Also create modules in their ordinary place, so that classical modprobe works + copy modules.dep
  • Fix bugs for DENY_MODS handling
  • Add device /dev/console for udev
  • ide-generic should now really be excluded
  • Fix a bug in major number for tty
  • If udev then adds modprobe/insmod to rootfs
  • tty0 is also cretaed with udev
  • ide-generic put rather in DENY_MODS
  • udevd remove from deplist s handled in mindi directly
  • better default for mindi when using --usb
  • Handles dynamically linked busybox (in case we want to use it soon ;-)
  • Adds fixed devices to create for udev
  • ide-generic should not be part of the initrd when using libata v2
  • support a dynamically linked udev (case on Ubuntu 7.10 and Mandriva 2008.0 so should be quite generic) This will give incitation to move to dyn. linked binaries in the initrd which will help for other tasks (ia6 4)
  • Improvement in udev support (do not use cl options not available in busybox)
  • Udev in mindi
    • auto creation of the right links at boot time with udev-links.conf(from Mandriva 2008.0)
    • rework startup of udev as current makes kernel crash (from Mandriva 2008.0)
    • add support for 64 bits udev
  • Try to render MyInsmod? silent at boot time
  • Adds udev support (mandatory for newest distributions to avoid remapping of devices in a different way as on the original system)
  • We also need vaft format support for USB boot
  • Adds libusual support (Ubuntu 7.10 needs it for USB)
  • Improve Ubuntu/Debian? keyboard detection and support
  • pbinit adapted to new pb (0.8.10). Filtering of docs done in it
  • Suppress some mondo warnings and errors on USB again
  • Tries to fix lack of files in deb mindi package
  • Verify should now work for USB devices
  • More log/mesages improvement for USB support
  • - Supress g_erase_tmpdir_and_scratchdir
  • Improve some log messages for USB support
  • Try to improve install in mindi to avoid issues with isolinux.cfg not installed vene if in the pkg :-(
  • Improve mindi-busybox build
  • In conformity with pb 0.8.9
  • Add support for Ubuntu 7.10 in build process
  • Add USB Key button to Menu UI (CD streamer removed)
  • Attempt to fix error messages on tmp/scratch files at the end by removing those dir at the latest possible.
  • Fix a bug linked to the size of the -E param which could be used (Arnaud Tiger/René? Ribaud).
  • Integrate ~/.pbrc content into mondorescue.pb (required project-builder >= 0.8.7)
  • Put mondorescue in conformity with new pb filtering rules
  • Add USB support at restore time (no test done yet). New start-usb script PB varibale added where useful
  • Unmounting USB device before removal of temporary scratchdir
  • Stil refining USB copy back to mondo (one command was not executed)
  • No need to have the image subdor in the csratchdir when USB.
  • umount the USB partition before attempting to use it
  • Remove useless copy from mindi to mondo at end of USB handling

(risky merge, we are raising the limits of 2 diverging branches. The status of stable is not completely sure as such. Will need lots of tests, but it's not yet done :-()
(merge -r1692:1769 $SVN_M/branches/2.2.5)

1 edited


  • branches/stable/mindi-busybox/miscutils/Config.in

    r821 r1770  
    66menu "Miscellaneous Utilities"
    8 config CONFIG_ADJTIMEX
     8config ADJTIMEX
    99    bool "adjtimex"
    1010    default n
    1313      the Linux clock adjustment algorithm.
    15 config CONFIG_BBCONFIG
     15config BBCONFIG
    1616    bool "bbconfig"
    1717    default n
    2020      busybox was built.
    22 config CONFIG_CROND
     22config CHRT
     23    bool "chrt"
     24    default n
     25    help
     26      manipulate real-time attributes of a process.
     27      This requires sched_{g,s}etparam support in your libc.
     29config CROND
    2330    bool "crond"
    2431    default n
    25     select CONFIG_FEATURE_SUID
     32    select FEATURE_SUID
     33    select FEATURE_SYSLOG
    2634    help
    2735      Crond is a background daemon that parses individual crontab
    3543      work properly.
     45config DEBUG_CROND_OPTION
    3846    bool "Support debug option -d"
    39     depends on CONFIG_CROND
     47    depends on CROND
    4048    default n
    4149    help
    4250      Support option -d to enter debug mode.
    4553    bool "Using /usr/sbin/sendmail?"
    4654    default n
    47     depends on CONFIG_CROND
     55    depends on CROND
    4856    help
    4957      Support calling /usr/sbin/sendmail for send cmd outputs.
    51 config CONFIG_CRONTAB
     59config CRONTAB
    5260    bool "crontab"
    5361    default n
    54     select CONFIG_FEATURE_SUID
     62    select FEATURE_SUID
    5563    help
    5664      Crontab manipulates the crontab for a particular user.  Only
    5765      the superuser may specify a different user and/or crontab directory.
    59 config CONFIG_DC
     67config DC
    6068    bool "dc"
    6169    default n
    6472      precision arithmetic.
    66 config CONFIG_DEVFSD
     74config DEVFSD
    6775    bool "devfsd (obsolete)"
    6876    default n
    69     help
    70       This is deprecated, and will be going away in a future release.
     77    select FEATURE_SYSLOG
     78    help
     79      This is deprecated, and will be removed at the end of 2008.
    7281      Provides compatibility with old device names on a devfs systems.
    7988       But only if they are written UPPERCASE!!!!!!!!
     90config DEVFSD_MODLOAD
    8291    bool "Adds support for MODLOAD keyword in devsfd.conf"
    8392    default n
    84     depends on CONFIG_DEVFSD
     93    depends on DEVFSD
    8594    help
    8695      This actually doesn't work with busybox modutils but needs
    8796      the external modutils.
    89 config CONFIG_DEVFSD_FG_NP
     98config DEVFSD_FG_NP
    9099    bool "Enables the -fg and -np options"
    91100    default n
    92     depends on CONFIG_DEVFSD
     101    depends on DEVFSD
    93102    help
    94103        -fg Run the daemon in the foreground.
    95104        -np Exit  after  parsing  the configuration file. Do not poll for events.
     106config DEVFSD_VERBOSE
    98107    bool "Increases logging (and size)"
    99108    default n
    100     depends on CONFIG_DEVFSD
     109    depends on DEVFSD
    101110    help
    102111      Increases logging to stderr or syslog.
     113config FEATURE_DEVFS
    105114    bool "  Use devfs names for all devices (obsolete)"
    106115    default n
    107116    help
     117      This is obsolete and will be going away at the end of 2008..
    108119      This tells busybox to look for names like /dev/loop/0 instead of
    109120      /dev/loop0.  If your /dev directory has normal names instead of
    110121      devfs names, you don't want this.
    112       This is obsolete and will be going away someday.  Consider it
    113       deprecated.
    115 config CONFIG_EJECT
     123config EJECT
    116124    bool "eject"
    117125    default n
    119127      Used to eject cdroms.  (defaults to /dev/cdrom)
    121 config CONFIG_LAST
     129config LAST
    122130    bool "last"
    123131    default n
    124     select CONFIG_FEATURE_WTMP
     132    select FEATURE_WTMP
    125133    help
    126134      'last' displays a list of the last users that logged into the system.
    128 config CONFIG_LESS
     136config LESS
    129137    bool "less"
    130138    default n
    133141      a wide array of features, and is an improvement over 'more'.
     144    int "Max number of input lines less will try to eat"
     145    default 9999999
     146    depends on LESS
    136149    bool "Enable bracket searching"
    137150    default y
    138     depends on CONFIG_LESS
     151    depends on LESS
    139152    help
    140153      This option adds the capability to search for matching left and right
    141154      brackets, facilitating programming.
     156config FEATURE_LESS_FLAGS
    144157    bool "Enable extra flags"
    145158    default y
    146     depends on CONFIG_LESS
     159    depends on LESS
    147160    help
    148161      The extra flags provided do the following:
    151164      The -m flag enables a simpler status line with a percentage.
     166config FEATURE_LESS_FLAGCS
    154167    bool "Enable flag changes"
    155168    default n
    156     depends on CONFIG_LESS
     169    depends on LESS
    157170    help
    158171      This enables the ability to change command-line flags within
    159172      less itself.
     174config FEATURE_LESS_MARKS
    162175    bool "Enable marks"
    163176    default n
    164     depends on CONFIG_LESS
     177    depends on LESS
    165178    help
    166179      Marks enable positions in a file to be stored for easy reference.
     181config FEATURE_LESS_REGEXP
    169182    bool "Enable regular expressions"
    170183    default n
    171     depends on CONFIG_LESS
     184    depends on LESS
    172185    help
    173186      Enable regular expressions, allowing complex file searches.
    175 config CONFIG_HDPARM
     188config HDPARM
    176189    bool "hdparm"
    177190    default n
    179192      Get/Set hard drive parameters.  Primarily intended for ATA
    180193      drives.  Adds about 13k (or around 30k if you enable the
    181       CONFIG_FEATURE_HDPARM_GET_IDENTITY option)....
     194      FEATURE_HDPARM_GET_IDENTITY option)....
    184197    bool "Support obtaining detailed information directly from drives"
    185198    default y
    186     depends on CONFIG_HDPARM
     199    depends on HDPARM
    187200    help
    188201      Enables the -I and -i options to obtain detailed information
    191204      identify data from stdin. Enabling this option will add about 16k...
    194207    bool "Register an IDE interface (DANGEROUS)"
    195208    default n
    196     depends on CONFIG_HDPARM
     209    depends on HDPARM
    197210    help
    198211      Enables the 'hdparm -R' option to register an IDE interface.
    199212      This is dangerous stuff, so you should probably say N.
    202215    bool "Un-register an IDE interface (DANGEROUS)"
    203216    default n
    204     depends on CONFIG_HDPARM
     217    depends on HDPARM
    205218    help
    206219      Enables the 'hdparm -U' option to un-register an IDE interface.
    207220      This is dangerous stuff, so you should probably say N.
    210223    bool "perform device reset (DANGEROUS)"
    211224    default n
    212     depends on CONFIG_HDPARM
     225    depends on HDPARM
    213226    help
    214227      Enables the 'hdparm -w' option to perform a device reset.
    215228      This is dangerous stuff, so you should probably say N.
    218231    bool "tristate device for hotswap (DANGEROUS)"
    219232    default n
    220     depends on CONFIG_HDPARM
     233    depends on HDPARM
    221234    help
    222235      Enables the 'hdparm -x' option to tristate device for hotswap,
    224237      stuff, so you should probably say N.
    227240    bool "get/set using_dma flag (DANGEROUS)"
    228241    default n
    229     depends on CONFIG_HDPARM
     242    depends on HDPARM
    230243    help
    231244      Enables the 'hdparm -d' option to get/set using_dma flag.
    232245      This is dangerous stuff, so you should probably say N.
    234 config CONFIG_MAKEDEVS
     247config MAKEDEVS
    235248    bool "makedevs"
    236249    default n
    245258      devices of a particluar type to be created per command.
    246259      e.g. /dev/hda[0-9]
    247           Device properties are passed as command line arguments.
     260      Device properties are passed as command line arguments.
    248261      .
    249262      'table' reads device properties from a file or stdin, allowing
    250263      a batch of unrelated devices to be made with one command.
    251           User/group names are allowed as an alternative to uid/gid.
     264      User/group names are allowed as an alternative to uid/gid.
    254267    prompt "Choose makedevs behaviour"
    255     depends CONFIG_MAKEDEVS
    259         bool "leaf"
     268    depends on MAKEDEVS
     269    default FEATURE_MAKEDEVS_TABLE
     272    bool "leaf"
    262275    bool "table"
    266 config CONFIG_MOUNTPOINT
     279config MOUNTPOINT
    267280    bool "mountpoint"
    268281    default n
    270283      mountpoint checks if the directory is a mountpoint.
    272 config CONFIG_MT
     285config MT
    273286    bool "mt"
    274287    default n
    278291      files on the tape.
    280 config CONFIG_RUNLEVEL
    281         bool "runlevel"
    282     default n
    283     help
    284       find the current and previous system runlevel.
     293config RAIDAUTORUN
     294    bool "raidautorun"
     295    default n
     296    help
     297      raidautorun tells the kernel md driver to
     298      search and start RAID arrays.
     300config READAHEAD
     301    bool "readahead"
     302    default n
     303    depends on LFS
     304    help
     305      Preload the files listed on the command line into RAM cache so that
     306      subsequent reads on these files will not block on disk I/O.
     308      This applet just calls the readahead(2) system call on each file.
     309      It is mainly useful in system startup scripts to preload files
     310      or executables before they are used.  When used at the right time
     311      (in particular when a CPU boundprocess is running) it can
     312      significantly speed up system startup.
     314      As readahead(2) blocks until each file has been read, it is best to
     315      run this applet as a background job.
     317config RUNLEVEL
     318    bool "runlevel"
     319    default n
     320    help
     321      find the current and previous system runlevel.
    286323      This applet uses utmp but does not rely on busybox supporing
    287324      utmp on purpose. It is used by e.g. emdebian via /etc/init.d/rc.
    289 config CONFIG_RX
    290         bool "rx"
    291     default n
    292     help
    293       Receive files using the Xmodem protocol.
    295 config CONFIG_STRINGS
     326config RX
     327    bool "rx"
     328    default n
     329    help
     330      Receive files using the Xmodem protocol.
     332config STRINGS
    296333    bool "strings"
    297334    default n
    300337      specified.
    302 config CONFIG_SETSID
     339config SETSID
    303340    bool "setsid"
    304341    default n
    306343      setsid runs a program in a new session
    308 config CONFIG_TASKSET
     345config TASKSET
    309346    bool "taskset"
    310347    default n
    311348    help
    312       Retrieve or set a processes's CPU affinity
    314 config CONFIG_TASKSET
    315     bool "taskset"
    316     default n
    317     help
    318       Retrieve or set a processes's CPU affinity (on linux)
    320 config CONFIG_TIME
     349      Retrieve or set a processes's CPU affinity.
     350      This requires sched_{g,s}etaffinity support in your libc.
     353    bool "fancy output"
     354    default y
     355    depends on TASKSET
     356    help
     357      Add code for fancy output. This merely silences a compiler-warning
     358      and adds about 135 Bytes. May be needed for machines with alot
     359      of CPUs.
     361config TIME
    321362    bool "time"
    322363    default n
    326367      giving timing statistics about this program run.
    328 config CONFIG_WATCHDOG
     369config TTYSIZE
     370    bool "ttysize"
     371    default n
     372    help
     373      A replacement for "stty size". Unlike stty, can report only width,
     374      only height, or both, in any order. It also does not complain on error,
     375      but returns default 80x24. Usage in shell scripts: width=`ttysize w`.
     377config WATCHDOG
    329378    bool "watchdog"
    330379    default n
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