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    3131other supported filesystem partitions to/from CD/DVD-+R/RW media, tape,
    3232NFS, ... and Mindi Linux provides the bootable emergency restore
    33 CD/floppy set which Mondo uses at boot-time.
     33CD set which Mondo uses at boot-time.
    423 Mondo calls Mindi. Mindi generates bootable floppy disk images and
    424 auxiliary data disk images which are based on your existing Linux
     423Mondo calls Mindi. Mindi generates bootable images and
     424auxiliary data images which are based on your existing Linux
    425425distribution and filesystem. That way, you can be sure Mondo's
    426426tools will be compatible with your existing filesystems and
    455 Do you want to create a boot floppy at the end? Yes, if you're a
     455Do you want to create a boot image at the end? Yes, if you're a
    456456tape or NFS user. No, if you are using CD/DVD-R[W]'s and your computer
    457 supports bootable CD's. Tape users only need one floppy but other
    458 users may need more. Mondo will advise accordingly.
     457supports bootable CD's or using PXE.
    465 <para>Try to boot from the first CD of the backup (or the first
    466 floppy, if you made floppies). Choose 'Compare Mode' by typing
     464<para>Try to boot from the first CD of the backup. Choose 'Compare Mode' by typing
    467465compare at the boot screen.</para>
    471469checkout the compatibility of your system. (see
    472470<link linkend="test-mindi">Testing Mindi</link> for more
    473 details). Remove the CD/floppy; boot your computer as usual;
     471details). Remove the CD; boot your computer as usual;
    474472execute as root</para>
    544 bash# mondoarchive -OVc 4 -I /home -gF
     542bash# mondoarchive -OVc 4 -I /home -g
    551549latter would require 'w' instead of 'c'). The '4' is the speed of
    552550your CD writer. The string after -I is the path to be backed up.
    553 The '-gF' means you are going to see the pretty yellow-on-blue
    554 screen instead of the boring white-on-black screen. :) It also
    555 means Mondo will not offer to create physical boot floppies for
    556 you. It is assumed that you are able to boot from the CD which
    557 Mondo has generated.</para>
     551The '-g' means you are going to see the pretty yellow-on-blue
     552screen instead of the boring white-on-black screen. :)
    558554<para>Example 2-2. A backup of your whole filesystem to NFS using
    559555the command line</para>
    612608If you find this to be the case for your computer, please use '-L'
    613609to force Mondo to use LILO instead of Syslinux as the boot loader
    614 for its CD/floppies. (NB: This has nothing to do with which boot
     610for its CD. (NB: This has nothing to do with which boot
    615611loader your hard drive uses.) Also, it is a good habit to specify
    616612your tape streamer with '-d &lt;device&gt;'. You don't usually need
    690 Mindi Linux creates a set of boot/root floppy disk images
     686Mindi Linux creates a set of boot/root images
    691687that will let you perform basic system maintenance on your Linux
    692688distro. The principal virtues of Mindi's boot disks are the fact
    749745            tape. Say 'yes' when asked if you want to verify them.</para>
    751 <listitem>
    752     <para>If you are not backing up to CD, please create boot
    753     floppies when prompted.</para>
    754 </listitem>
    756748<para>Next, restore archives to your live filesystem.</para>
    760752command-line options.</para>
    762 <listitem><para>Insert the CD or the first boot floppy when prompted.
     754<listitem><para>Insert the CD when prompted.
    763755                Press &lt;Enter&gt;. Wait a moment.</para></listitem>
    764756<listitem><para>Select a subset of files to restore, e.g. /usr/local/man
    774 <para>Boot from CD/floppies.</para>
     766<para>Boot from CD.</para>
    776768<listitem><para>Select 'Interactive Mode' at boot-time. (Type
    912 <para>floppy disk support (built in)</para>
    913 </listitem>
    914 <listitem>
    915904<para>ext2 file system support (built-in)</para>
    924913<para>vfat support in the active kernel - mindi needs this when creating
    925 syslinux boot floppies</para>
     914syslinux boot images</para>
    934923module. It does require that your kernel support the initrd
    935924initial ramdisk facility. Typically this is supported by the Linux
    936 kernel. Modules used are needed to support the CD, floppy disks,
     925kernel. Modules used are needed to support the CD,
    937926hard disks, etc. If the support is modular, then the modules will
    938927be incorporated in a boot disk by Mindi. If the support is built-in
    12191208# mindi
    1220 Mindi Linux mini-distro generator v1.09-r762
     1209Mindi Linux mini-distro generator v1.2.4-r1532
    12221211Latest Mindi is available from http://www.mondorescueg
    12271216Do you want to use your own kernel to build the boot disk (y/n) ?y
    12281217Would you like to use LILO (instead of syslinux)
    1229 for your boot CD/floppies (y/n) ?n
     1218for your boot CD (y/n) ?n
    12301219Analyzing dependency requirements                               Done.
    12311220Making complete dependency list                                 Done.
    12541243Tarring and zipping the groups..................                Done.
    12551244Creating data disk #1...#2...#3...#4...#5...                    Done.
    1256 Making 1722KB boot disk...........................1440+0 enregistrements lus.
    1257 1440+0 enregistrements écrits.
    1258 mke2fs 1.38 (30-Jun-2005)
    1259 Failed to copy /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12-15mdk-i686-up-4GB to ramdisk
    1261 Warning - failed to create 1.44MB boot/root floppies
    1263 Warning - failed to create 1.72MB boot image. Please reduce your kernel's size
    1265 if you want to make a 1.72MB floppy disk.
    12671245Making 2880KB boot disk...........................mkfs.vfat 2.10 (22 Sep 2003)
    12681246... 2880 KB boot disks were created OK                          Done.
    12691247In the directory '/var/cache/mindi' you will find the images:-
    12701248   mindi-data-1.img    mindi-data-2.img    mindi-data-3.img    mindi-data-4.img    mindi-data-5.img mindi-root.1440.img
    1271 Would you like to create boot+data floppy disks now (y/n) ?n
    12721249Shall I make a bootable CD image? (y/n) y
    12731250NB: Mindi's bootable CD always uses isolinux.
    1285 <para>If your kernel is too large (more than about 900KB) then you
    1286 cannot make boot floppies, although you can still make a bootable
    1287 CD image. The easiest way to test Mindi in either case is to say
    1288 'n' to its first question and 'y' to its second, then use the
     1263The easiest way to test Mindi is to say
     1264'y' to the last question, then use the
    12891265separate application cdrecord to make a bootable CD-R or
    15311507isn't a good idea unless you're a Mondo expert because they'll try
    15321508to restore over a network by default, which is silly because the
    1533 archives are on the CD's). Or, you can boot from the Mindi floppies
    1534 (or mondorescue.iso) and hit ENTER a few times to restore.</para>
     1509archives are on the CD's). Or, you can boot from the Mindi
     1510mondorescue.iso and hit ENTER a few times to restore.</para>
    15351511<para>Those ISO images can also be used for a PXE restore. For this
    15361512        to work, please refer to the file README.pxe provided with
    19091885<para>If you find that you cannot make your PC boot from the CD,
    1910 take heart: the first backup CD of each set contains floppy disk
    1911 images to give you the same functionality as the CD (minus the
    1912 archives, of course) on floppies. Remember, your Mondo CD is a
    1913 fully functional CD-based mini-distribution as well as a recovery
    1914 CD.</para>
     1886it's mostly because not all the required drivers to support the CD are included.
    19151888<para>You can choose from the following modes:</para>
    20131986<para>If it did not work then please copy /tmp/mondo-restore.log to
    2014 a floppy (or to your hard disk, USB key, ...), gzip it and e-mail it to the
     1987your hard disk, USB key, ..., gzip it and e-mail it to the
    23552328<para>It is now possible to restore to a live filesystem using
    23562329Mondo. In other words, you do not have to boot your PC from your
    2357 CD/floppy in order to restore files. Mondo was originally designed
     2330CD in order to restore files. Mondo was originally designed
    23582331for disaster recovery - situations in which you cannot boot your
    23592332PC. If you can boot your PC, it is not really a disaster, is it? :)
    23842357Choose your type of backup media. The live restoration process is
    23852358very similar to what you'll experience if you type mondorestore
    2386 with no parameters after booting from a Mondo CD/floppy.
     2359with no parameters after booting from a Mondo CD.
    23972370Hit 'OK' when you have inserted the tape/CD. If you generated a
    23982371tape backup, the tape itself should be enough. If you generated a
    2399 CD backup, the first CD should be enough. Otherwise, you may need
    2400 the boot floppy.
     2372CD backup, the first CD should be enough.
    2659 <question><para>Q: Why do you insist on putting floppy
    2660 disk images on Mondo CD? They waste space and I never use them. The
    2661 CD works just fine, so why keep the floppy disk images?</para>
    2662 </question>
    2663 <answer>
    2664 <para>A: Because. It helped us in the past. If you
    2665 really, truly want them gone then please submit a patch to make
    2666 them optional.</para>
    2667 </answer>
    2668 </qandaentry>
    2669 <qandaentry>
    26702631<question><para>Q: Why doesn't the Mondo project have a
    26712632cool-looking animal logo?</para></question>
    27372698your kernel does not support these things, Mondo will not boot from
    27382699your CD. However, when running Mindi, you may choose to use _its_
    2739 kernel instead of your own. In addition, you may boot from floppy
    2740 disk images instead the CD: copy the disk images from the CD
    2741 /images directory to floppy disks, using 'dd'. Take a look at
    2742 <link linkend="copybootdatadisk">Copy boot data
    2743 disks</link> on how to make those.</para>
    2744 </answer>
    2745 </qandaentry>
    2746 <qandaentry>
    2747 <question><para>Q: The Mondo CD/floppy takes ages to
     2700kernel instead of your own.
     2705<question><para>Q: The Mondo CD takes ages to
    27482706                boot. How can I speed it up?</para></question>
    27702728                CD?</para></question>
    2772 <para>A: Copy the image files from the CD /images directory, using
    2773 the dd command. Take a look at
    2774 <link linkend="copybootdatadisk">Copy boot data
    2775 disks</link> on how to make those. Then boot from the first
    2776 floppy; follow it up with the data disks; finally, type 'mount
    2777 /mnt/cdrom' and then utilize the restore script as usual, e.g.
    2778 mondorestore.</para>
    2779 <para>A: You may also want to boot using the network with PXE.
     2730<para>A: You may want to boot using the network with PXE.
    27802731        Look at the README.pxe file of mindi to know more details on how.</para>
     2732<para>A: You may also want to use a USB device (key, disk) if your machine can boot from it.
    28012753<para>A: On the tape. :-) The first 32MB of the tape will be set
    28022754aside for a large tarball containing the data disks, a list of all
    2803 files backed up, and other sundries. If Mondo and Mindi do their
    2804 respective jobs then you won't need additional floppies, just the
    2805 boot floppy and the tape(s).</para>
     2755files backed up, and other sundries.
    28062757<para>For the moment mondorescue doesn't support OBDR for tapes.
    28072758        Feel free to produce patches for it :-)</para>
    28302781at <link linkend="overview-sysrq-kernelreq">Linux Kernel support</link> to
    28312782see what your kernel must support.</para>
    2832 </answer>
    2833 </qandaentry>
    2834 <qandaentry>
    2835 <question>
    2836 <para id="copybootdatadisk">Q: How do i copy boot+data disk images to physical floppy disks ?</para>
    2837 </question>
    2838 <answer>
    2839         <para>A: The images are in /var/cache/mindi (even if they are
    2840 created by Mondo) and also in the 'images' directory on the first
    2841 CD of your backup set, if you have backed up to CD. You can copy
    2842 the images to disk as follows:-</para>
    2843 <informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
    2844 <row>
    2845 <entry>
    2846         Put an empty Boot floppy
    2847 </entry>
    2848 </row>
    2849 <row>
    2850 <entry>
    2851         bash# fdformat /dev/fd0u1722
    2852 </entry>
    2853 </row>
    2854 <row>
    2855 <entry>
    2856         bash# dd if=/var/cache/mindi/mindi-boot.1722.img of=/dev/fd0u1722
    2857 </entry>
    2858 </row>
    2859 <row>
    2860 <entry>
    2861         Put an empty Data floppy
    2862 </entry>
    2863 </row>
    2864 <row>
    2865 <entry>
    2866         bash# fdformat /dev/fd0
    2867 </entry>
    2868 </row>
    2869 <row>
    2870 <entry>
    2871         bash# dd if=/var/cache/mindi/mindi-data-N.img of=/dev/fd0
    2872 </entry>
    2873 </row>
    2874 <row>
    2875 <entry>
    2876         Replace N with 1, 2, etc.
    2878 </entry>
    2879 </row>
    2880 </tbody></tgroup></informaltable>
    3005 <question><para>Q: How do I copy the floppy images from
    3006                 the CD to floppy disks?</para></question>
    3007 <answer>
    3008 <para>A: Mount the CD-ROM, e.g. at /mnt/cdrom. Insert a blank
    3009 floppy. Type:</para>
    3010 <para></para>
    3011 <informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
    3012 <row>
    3013 <entry>
    3015         bash# cd /mnt/cdrom/images
    3016 </entry>
    3017 </row>
    3018 <row>
    3019 <entry>
    3020         bash# dd if=mindi-boot.1722.img of=/dev/fd0u1722
    3022 </entry>
    3023 </row>
    3024 </tbody></tgroup></informaltable>
    3026 <para>Insert another blank floppy and type:</para>
    3027 <para></para>
    3028 <informaltable><tgroup cols="1"><tbody>
    3029 <row>
    3030 <entry>
    3032 bash# dd if=mindi-data-1.img of=/dev/fd0u1722
    3034 </entry>
    3035 </row>
    3036 </tbody></tgroup></informaltable>
    3038 <para>Do the above for each 'mindi-data' disk image.</para>
    3039 </answer>
    3040 </qandaentry>
    3041 <qandaentry>
    30422907<question><para>Q: Sometimes, my laptop won't mount
    30432908                Mondo CD properly, or something. Umm...</para></question>
    32033068<para>A: Yes. Just backup as usual but add '-d /mnt/nfs' or
    32043069wherever your partition is mounted; don't use '-Oc' or '-Ot' at
    3205 all; just '-Oi -d /root'. Then, after booting from the floppies
     3070all; just '-Oi -d /root'. Then, after booting from the media
    32063071which Mondo generates, you need to type 'ISO' at the
    33053170<question><para id="SEGF">Q: When I restore after
    3306 booting from the CD/floppies, I sometimes get errors like, "Running
     3171booting from the CD, I sometimes get errors like, "Running
    33073172out of memory" or "Segmentation fault". What is going on?</para></question>
    33083173<answer><para>A: It sounds as if you are running out of disk
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