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May 10, 2007, 1:07:43 AM (13 years ago)
Bruno Cornec

Attempt to support some USB keyboard/mouse at restore time better

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  • branches/stable/mindi/distributions/conf/mindi.conf.dist

    r1431 r1433  
    109109mindi_scsi_mods="3w-xxxx 3w_xxxx 3w-9xxx 3w_9xxx 53c7,8xx a100u2w a320raid aacraid adpahci advansys aha152x aha1542 aha1740 aic79xx aic79xx_mod aic7xxx aic7xxx_mod aic7xxx_old AM53C974 atp870u BusLogic cciss cpqfc dmx3191d dpt_i2o dtc eata eata_dma eata_pio fdomain gdth g_NCR5380 i2o_block i2o_core ide-scsi ieee1394 imm in2000 initio ips iscsi isp megaraid megaraid_mm megaraid_mbox mptbase mptscsih mptsas mptspi mptfc mptscsi mptctl NCR53c406a ncr53c8xx nsp32 pas16 pci2000 pci2220i pcmcia ppa psi240i qla1280 qla2200 qla2300 qla2xxx qla2xxx_conf qlogicfas qlogicfc qlogicisp raw1394 scsi_debug scsi_mod sd_mod seagate sg sim710 sr_mod sym53c416 sym53c8xx sym53c8xx_2 t128 tmscsim u14-34f ultrastor wd7000 vmhgfs"
    110110mindi_ide_mods="ide ide-generic ide-detect ide-mod ide-disk ide-cd ide_cd ide-cs ide-core ide_core edd paride ata_piix libata via82cxxx generic nvidia ahci sata_nv cmd64x"
    111 mindi_usb_mods="usb-storage usb-ohci usb-uhci usbcore usb_storage hid uhci_hcd ehci_hcd uhci-hcd ehci-hcd ohci-hcd ohci_hcd usbkbd usbhid"
     111mindi_usb_mods="usb-storage usb-ohci usb-uhci usbcore usb_storage input hid uhci_hcd ehci_hcd uhci-hcd ehci-hcd ohci-hcd ohci_hcd usbkbd usbhid keybdev mousedev"
    112112mindi_pcmcia_mods="pcmcia_core ds yenta_socket"
    113113mindi_cdrom_mods="cdrom isocd isofs inflate_fs nls_iso8859-1 nls_cp437 sg sr_mod zlib_inflate"
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