Apr 16, 2007, 4:13:59 PM (13 years ago)
Bruno Cornec

Log files are now consistent: mondoarchive.log for mondoarchive (containing also mindi.log) and mondorestore.log for mondorestore (copied from /tmp (ram) to /var/log (disk) at the end of the restore)
One include has been created for each bianry containing only that declaration ofr the moment, but which will be extended to include all local definitions (ps_* e.g.)
Doc updated accordingly
LOGFILE in restore process is now passed in the environment and not duplicated anymore
LogIt? is not redifined either
LOGFILE should be put in environment by mondoarchive for mindi's usage but that's a step left for later.

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  • branches/2.2.2/mondo-doc/mondorescue-howto.sgml

    r1236 r1315  
    168168e-mail! Thank you. Without it we can't offer
    169169any tangible help because you aren't either. That's what the log
    170 file is for. It is located at <filename>/var/log/mondo-archive.log</filename>; and <filename>/var/log/mindi.log</filename> or at <filename>/var/log/mondo-restore.log</filename>
     170file is for. It is located at <filename>/var/log/mondoarchive.log</filename>; and <filename>/var/log/mindi.log</filename> (if called alone) or at <filename>/var/log/mondorestore.log</filename>
    24672467<para>Are the errors from Mindi or Mondo? Look at
    2468 /var/log/mondo-archive.log, /var/log/mindi.log or the
    2469 mondo.err.xxxxx.tgz log indicated by the screen message. Pipe
     2468        /var/log/mondoarchive.log or /var/log/mindi.log (if run alone). Pipe
    24702469screen errors which relate to the creation of boot disk(s) and or
    24712470data disk(s) to a text file.</para>
    25262525of the bugs reported are actually symptoms of FooLinux X.Y's
    25272526unique way of doing things.</para>
    2528 <para>Please send a copy of <filename>/var/log/mondo-archive.log</filename> to the &ML;
     2527<para>Please send a copy of <filename>/var/log/mondoarchive.log</filename> to the &ML;
    25292528along with a description of your distro, your kernel, etc.
    25302529Oh, and before sending it, please try to read it.</para>
    32543253tapes or even your hardware could be to blame. Check your CD writer
    32553254or tape streamer.</para>
    3256 <para>Also, don't forget to review <filename>/var/log/mondo-archive.log</filename> for
     3255<para>Also, don't forget to review <filename>/var/log/mondoarchive.log</filename> for
    32573256more information.</para>
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