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2 <HEAD>
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8  <TITLE>Mondo Rescue </TITLE>
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19       Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO</TD>
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24       <A HREF="overview.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
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27       Chapter 3. Overview</TD>
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37   <A NAME="MONDORESCUE"></A>3.1. Mondo Rescue</H1>
39   Mondo Rescue backs up your file system to CD, tape, NFS (archives
40   stored remotely) or ISO's (archives stored locally). Mondo uses afio
41   as the backup engine; afio is a well-respected replacement for tar.
42   In the event of catastrophic data loss, you may restore some or all
43   of your system, even if your hard drives are now blank. Mondo Rescue
44   can do a lot of other cool things:</P>
45  <UL>
46   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
48    You can use Mondo to clone an installation of Linux. Just backup the
49    crucial stuff and exclude /home, /var/log, etc.</P>
50   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
52    You can backup a non-RAID file system and restore it as RAID
53    including the root partition (if your kernel supports that).</P>
54   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
56    You can backup a system running on one format and restore as another format.</P>
57   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
59    You can restructure your partitions, e.g. shrink/enlarge, reassign
60    devices, add hard drives, etc, before you partition and format your
61    drives. Mondo will restore your data and amend /etc/lilo.conf and
62    /etc/fstab accordingly.</P>
63   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
65    You can backup Linux/Windows systems, including the boot sectors.
66    Mondo will make everything right at restore-time. (However, do run
67    &quot;Scandisk&quot; when you first boot into Windows, just in case.)</P>
68   <LI CLASS="mvd-P">
70    You can use your Mondo backup CD to verify the integrity of your computer.</P>
71   </UL>
73   Mondo's principal virtue is that it protects you from the problems
74   that can arise when you reinstall completely from scratch. If you
75   want to wipe and restore your system every year just as a matter of
76   'good practice', Mondo is not for you. However, if you want to get up
77   and running again in a hurry after someone breaks into your computer
78   and wipes it (or if you accidentally wipe it yourself) then Mondo is
79   definitely for you. It will permit you to roll back to a known-good
80   installation in a very short period of time, sometimes as little as
81   twenty minutes. Even if you backup large amounts of data to tape
82   daily and do not want to add yet another backup regime, please
83   consider backing up the core filesystem (i.e. everything but the
84   directories containing your huge database and your prizewinning
85   novel) every month or so, just in case. You will be glad you did.</P>
87   <B>What is Mondo not?</B></P>
89   Mondo is not an everyday backup program. It is not designed to
90   replace tar, afio, kbackup, etc. Mondo is designed to make it
91   possible to recover from scratch if necessary. Tar and afio offer a
92   quick, convenient way to backup small sets of files, sometimes to
93   removable media.</P>
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96   </P>
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103       <A HREF="overview.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
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105      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
106       <A HREF="index.html" ACCESSKEY="H">Home</A></TD>
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108      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
109       <A HREF="mindilinux.html" ACCESSKEY="N">Next</A></TD>
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111    <TR>
112     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
113      <P ALIGN=LEFT>
114       Overview</TD>
115     <TD WIDTH="34%" VALIGN=TOP>
116      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
117       <A HREF="overview.html" ACCESSKEY="U">Up</A></TD>
118     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
119      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
120       Mindi Linux</TD>
121    </TR>
122   </TABLE>
123 </BODY>
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