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2 <HEAD>
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8  <TITLE>General </TITLE>
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11 <LINK REL="HOME" HREF="index.html" TITLE=" Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO "><LINK REL="UP" HREF="faq.html" TITLE=" Troubleshooting/FAQ "><LINK REL="PREVIOUS" HREF="faqoverview.html" TITLE=" Overview "><LINK REL="NEXT" HREF="faqbooting.html" TITLE=" Kernel/Linux/Booting "></HEAD>
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16    <TR>
18      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
19       Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux HOWTO</TD>
20    </TR>
21    <TR>
23      <P ALIGN=LEFT>
24       <A HREF="faqoverview.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
26      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
27       Chapter 10. Troubleshooting/FAQ</TD>
29      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
30       <A HREF="faqbooting.html" ACCESSKEY="N">Next</A></TD>
31    </TR>
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34   </P>
35  </DIV>
37   <A NAME="FAQGENERAL"></A>10.2. General</H1>
38  <DL>
40    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN496">What is &quot;Mindi&quot;?</A><BR>
41    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN501">Why is it
42    called &quot;Mondo&quot;?</A><BR>
43    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN506">Mondo does not
44    work on my system. It keels over and dies. What's wrong?</A><BR>
45    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN511">What if the
46    error is in Mindi?</A><BR>
47    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN516">Can I trust Mondo?</A><BR>
48    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN522">How do I report
49    a bug?</A><BR>
50    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN527">I think Mondo
51    should (...insert suggestion here...) and I have rewritten it
52    accordingly. Would you like to see my patch?</A><BR>
53    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN532">I think Mondo
54    should (...insert suggestion here...); will you incorporate this
55    feature for me, please?</A><BR>
56    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN537">Mondo says,
57    &quot;XXX is missing,&quot; and then terminates. What's wrong?</A><BR>
58    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN543">Can Mondo
59    handle multi-CD backups and restores?</A><BR>
60    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN548">Can Mondo
61    handle Linux/Windows dual-boot systems?</A><BR>
62    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN553">Can Mondo
63    backup Windows-only systems?</A><BR>
64    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN558">Does Mondo
65    support LVM?</A><BR>
66    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN563">What if I don't
67    use LILO? What if I use GRUB?</A><BR>
68    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN568">Mondoarchive
69    (or mondorestore) segfaults when I run it. What could be wrong?</A><BR>
70    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN573">I get the
71    error, 'Cannot find /tmp/dev.0' or 'Cannot mount device 0x0701'; what
72    do I do?</A><BR>
73    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN578">Can I create a
74    Mondo CD and then use it to create an archive of any OS on any PC?</A><BR>
75    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN583">Why do you
76    insist on putting floppy disk images on Mondo CD? They waste space
77    and I never use them. The CD works just fine, so why keep the floppy
78    disk images?</A><BR>
79    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN588">Why doesn't the
80    Mondo project have a cool-looking animal logo?</A><BR>
81    <DT CLASS="mvd-P">Q: <A HREF="faqgeneral.html#AEN593">Is there a
82    Mondo user 'Code of Conduct?</A></P>
83   </DL>
85   <A NAME="AEN496"></A><B>Q: </B>What is &quot;Mindi&quot;?</P>
87   <B>A: </B>Mindi, a.k.a. Mindi-Linux, makes a mini-distribution from
88   your kernel, modules, modules, tools and libraries. It can also
89   generate an El Torito 2.88MB boot disk image. Mondo uses Mindi to
90   create a mini-distro, then boots from it and runs on it.</P>
92   <A NAME="AEN501"></A><B>Q: </B>Why is it called &quot;Mondo&quot;?</P>
94   <B>A: </B>The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles described cool things as
95   'mondo'. I wasn't sure what to call this project. 'Faust' was one
96   idea I had, partly as a dig at my former boss who practically owned
97   me because of my legal status at the time. In the end, I chose
98   something short and distinctive.</P>
100   <A NAME="AEN506"></A><B>Q: </B>Mondo does not work on my system. It
101   keels over and dies. What's wrong?</P>
103   <B>A: </B>It works on Red Hat 7.x, Linux-Mandrake 8.x, some flavors
104   of SuSE, some flavors of Slackware, some flavors of Debian, etc. The
105   more distributions I support, the more moving targets I have to hit.
106   Please bear this in mind when e-mailing the list. :) If you would
107   like to help me by beta-testing Mondo (or Mindi) on your PC then I
108   would be very interested in working with you to work around the
109   eccentricities of your Linux distro. However, rest assured, 90% of
110   the bugs reported to me are actually symptoms of FooLinux X.Y's
111   unique way of doing things.</P>
113   <A NAME="AEN511"></A><B>Q: </B>What if the error is in Mindi?</P>
115   <B>A: </B>Then send me a copy of /var/log/mindi.log (compressed,
116   please) along with a description of your distro, your kernel, etc.
117   Oh, and before sending it, <I>please read it.</I></P>
119   <A NAME="AEN516"></A><B>Q: </B>Can I trust Mondo?</P>
121   <B>A: </B>Mondo has generated reliable archives since May 2000. I
122   have lost data by using bad CD-R disks and not verifying their
123   contents. Some users have not tried booting from their CD until
124   crunch time. Remember to boot into Compare Mode to verify the backup
125   before you trust it. If Mondo did not work, you would not be reading
126   this. If it does not work for you, your kernel is usually the
127   culprit. Check <A HREF="kernelsupport.html">Linux Kernel support</A> 
128   to see what your kernel should support. Please e-mail the list (or
129   me) if you need some help with this.</P>
131   <A NAME="AEN522"></A><B>Q: </B>How do I report a bug?</P>
133   <B>A: </B>E-mail the bug report (mondo.err.xxxxx.tgz) to me. If you
134   want to discuss it, please e-mail the list. The list is for talking;
135   my e-mail address is for big files. :-) If you don't send me a
136   logfile then there isn't a lot that I can do for you, so PLEASE
137   include a logfile at the very least. Or, pop into #mondo on
138 and see if I'm there.</P>
140   <A NAME="AEN527"></A><B>Q: </B>I think Mondo should (...insert
141   suggestion here...) and I have rewritten it accordingly. Would you
142   like to see my patch?</P>
144   <B>A: </B>Absolutely! :-) The best way for you to make Mondo do what
145   you want is to modify it and then send me the patch. That way, we can
146   all benefit.</P>
148   <A NAME="AEN532"></A><B>Q: </B>I think Mondo should (...insert
149   suggestion here...); will you incorporate this feature for me, please?</P>
151   <B>A: </B>I'll definitely think about it. Would you like to help?</P>
153   <A NAME="AEN537"></A><B>Q: </B>Mondo says, &quot;XXX is missing,&quot;
154    and then terminates. What's wrong?</P>
156   <B>A: </B>A good Linux distribution should contain XXX but the
157   designers, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to include that
158   particular tool. Check <A HREF="linuxpackages.html">Related Linux Packages</A> 
159   and install the missing package. If that fails, contact the
160   vendor/distributor/manufacturer/designer of your distro.</P>
162   <A NAME="AEN543"></A><B>Q: </B>Can Mondo handle multi-CD backups and restores?</P>
164   <B>A: </B>Yes, up to twenty CD per set. This 20-CD limit results from
165   laziness on my part. I can remove it at any time. However, if your
166   system occupies more than 20 CD, may I recommend that you invest in a
167   tape streamer?</P>
169   <A NAME="AEN548"></A><B>Q: </B>Can Mondo handle Linux/Windows
170   dual-boot systems?</P>
172   <B>A: </B>Yes. If your system currently boots into Linux or Windows
173   via LILO, you can backup and restore both OSes at the same time using
174   Mondo. If you are using NTFS then add the switch, '-x &lt;device&gt;'.</P>
176   <A NAME="AEN553"></A><B>Q: </B>Can Mondo backup Windows-only systems?</P>
178   <B>A: </B>Sure, if you pay me to play catch-up to Microsoft. ;)
179   Seriously, Mondo <I>can</I> do it but I do not give away the
180   functionality. If you are a Microsoft-only user, you are accusomed to
181   paying for software and technical support. Please e-mail me for more information.</P>
183   <A NAME="AEN558"></A><B>Q: </B>Does Mondo support LVM?</P>
185   <B>A: </B>Mondo supports LVM, yes. Mondo backs up and restores your
186   existing setup but it does not make it easy for you to change your
187   LVM configuration. You have to edit /tmp/i-want-my-lvm at boot-time
188   to do that.</P>
190   <A NAME="AEN563"></A><B>Q: </B>What if I don't use LILO? What if I
191   use GRUB?</P>
193   <B>A: </B>GRUB is supported by Mondo.</P>
195   <A NAME="AEN568"></A><B>Q: </B>Mondoarchive (or mondorestore)
196   segfaults when I run it. What could be wrong?</P>
198   <B>A: </B>Install from tarball instead of RPM. (Or, try RPM if you
199   just installed from tarball.) Your compiler or your libraries may be
200   fubar. We'll see. If that doesn't work then please e-mail the <A HREF="../../feedback/feedback.html">mailing
201    list</A>.</P>
203   <A NAME="AEN573"></A><B>Q: </B>I get the error, 'Cannot find
204   /tmp/dev.0' or 'Cannot mount device 0x0701'; what do I do?</P>
206   <B>A: </B>Please free up /dev/loop0 using 'losetup /dev/loop0 -d' to
207   unmount that loop device. If your OS will not let you do that,
208   contact your local support group or Linux vendor.</P>
210   <A NAME="AEN578"></A><B>Q: </B>Can I create a Mondo CD and then use
211   it to create an archive of any OS on any PC?</P>
213   <B>A: </B>Not yet. You can use Mondo to backup Linux or Linux/Windows
214   dual boot. One day, Mondo will let you backup partitions it can't
215   read or write, by treating each partition as one long file to be
216   backed up. This file will be chopped, compressed and archived like
217   any other big file.</P>
219   <A NAME="AEN583"></A><B>Q: </B>Why do you insist on putting floppy
220   disk images on Mondo CD? They waste space and I never use them. The
221   CD works just fine, so why keep the floppy disk images?</P>
223   <B>A: </B>Because of my old college buddy, Justin Case. If you
224   really, truly want them gone then please submit a patch to make them optional.</P>
226   <A NAME="AEN588"></A><B>Q: </B>Why doesn't the Mondo project have a
227   cool-looking animal logo?</P>
229   <B>A: </B>Excellent question! Please submit graphics of candidate
230   animal logos!</P>
232   <A NAME="AEN593"></A><B>Q: </B>Is there a Mondo user 'Code of Conduct?</P>
234   <B>A: </B>Yes. Read the HOWTO. Submit patches. Recommend realistic
235   improvements. Be courteous to other users on the discussion list. Do
236   not whine.</P>
239   <HR ALIGN=LEFT WIDTH="100%" SIZE="2">
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243      <P ALIGN=LEFT>
244       <A HREF="faqoverview.html" ACCESSKEY="P">Prev</A></TD>
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246      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
247       <A HREF="index.html" ACCESSKEY="H">Home</A></TD>
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249      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
250       <A HREF="faqbooting.html" ACCESSKEY="N">Next</A></TD>
251    </TR>
252    <TR>
253     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
254      <P ALIGN=LEFT>
255       Overview</TD>
256     <TD WIDTH="34%" VALIGN=TOP>
257      <P ALIGN=CENTER>
258       <A HREF="faq.html" ACCESSKEY="U">Up</A></TD>
259     <TD WIDTH="33%" VALIGN=TOP>
260      <P ALIGN=RIGHT>
261       Kernel/Linux/Booting</TD>
262    </TR>
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