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1/* libmondo-fork-EXT.h */
3extern char *call_program_and_get_last_line_of_output (char *call);
4extern int run_program_and_log_to_screen (char *basic_call, char *what_i_am_doing);
5extern int run_program_and_log_output (char *program, int);
6extern int eval_call_to_make_ISO (struct s_bkpinfo *bkpinfo,
7       char *basic_call, char *isofile,
8       int cd_no, char *logstub, char *what_i_am_doing);
9extern int run_external_binary_with_percentage_indicator_OLD (char *tt, char *cmd);
10extern int run_external_binary_with_percentage_indicator_NEW (char *tt, char *cmd);
11extern int copy_from_src_to_dest(FILE*,FILE*,char);
12extern int feed_into_partimage(char*input_device, char*output_fname);
13extern int feed_outfrom_partimage(char*output_device, char*input_fifo);
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