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1MINDI LINUX                   INSTALL                               10/21/2002
3To install, please download the tarball to /tmp and then type:-
4# cd /tmp
5# tar -zxvf mindi-0.6x.tgz
6# cd mindi-0.6x
7# ./
9Or install the RPM:-
10# rpm -i mindi-0.7x-y.i386.rpm
12Replace 'x' with the last digit of the latest version (e.g. '0' of 0.70).
13Replace 'y' with the revision# (e.g. '1' of '0.70-1.i386.rpm').
15To run the program, type:-
16# mindi
18Mindi will:-
19- locate your kernel and modules
20- put together a package of all the tools you are likely to need
21- generate some floppy disk images
22- offer to write the images to disks for you
24To add files to the dependency list, you may edit
25/etc/deplist.txt before running Mindi.
27Problems? Questions? Comments? E-mail the mailing list. :) If you are reporting
28a bug or a problem then please e-mail a copy of /var/log/mindi.log to the
29mailing list or I shall be unable to help. PLEASE read the FAQ, the manual
30and the mailing list before you e-mail me. Thanks.
32                                                             Hugo Rabson
33                                                         <>
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