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1MINDI                            CHANGES
31.06 (xxx)
4- mindi manpage added (Andree Leidenfrost)
5- clean up remaining mount points, mindi.err at the end (Wolfgang Rosenauer)
6- fix bugs for SuSE distro around tar, tr and find arguments order
7  (Wolfgang Rosenauer)
8- new busybox version used for better PXE support (Bruno Cornec)
9- USB keyboard support (Bruno Cornec)
10- -p should now work with ISO/PXE/NFS modes (Bruno Cornec)
11- relocate what was under /usr/share to /usr/lib (FHS compliance)
12  (Bruno Cornec/Andree Leidenfrost)
13- manage non ambiguous delivery under /usr (packages) or /usr/local (tar ball)
14  (Bruno Cornec)
15- use parted2fdisk everywhere (Bruno Cornec)
171.05 (2005-11-19)
18- Bug fix for ldd output incorrectly handled, leading to "grep not found" error
19  (Andree Leidenfrost)
20- NFS now works in interactive mode, and nolock problems are solve
21  (Andree Leidenfrost)
22- IA-64 support is now working for rhel 3
23  (Bruno Cornec)
24- add MINDI_CONF to the mindi LOGFILE
25  (Philippe De Muyter)
26- Speed up fdisk'ing dev/ida raid devices
27  (Philippe De Muyter)
30- support exec-shield
31- added 'ide-generic' module to IDE modules in mindi to ensure that kernels
32  with fully modularised IDE sub-system boot
33- rewrote script 'wait-for-petris' to ensure that petris actually starts and
34  can be restarted reliably
35- fixed syntax error in mindi where a wrong delimiter is used in and sed call
36  when processing file '/etc/'
37- removed '#!/bin/bash' from file 'rootfs/etc/bashrc' (bashrc get sourced, not
38  executed)
39- removed executable flag from:
40  - 'rootfs/etc/'
41  - 'rootfs/root/.profile'
45- better support of SLES 8
49- better kernel-level logging
50- added ACL, xattr binaries to deplist.txt
51- fixed obscure bug which occasionally stopped mindi from correctly finding
52  and documenting all LVM2 LVM-on-RAID volumes
56- added ide_tape and other modules to mindi's config detection
57- unmount errant ramdisk ($mtpt) if fail to create boot floppy
58- better support of ISO dirs at restore-time (Conor Daly)
62- first 1.0x release
63- catch Ctrl-Alt-Del; trigger soft reset
64- better support of SuSE 9.1
65- added mdadm to deplist.txt
66- better detection of multiple Mindis (Martin Fürstenau)
67- don't complain if just a Mindi boot CD & not a platform for Mondo
68- updated busybox to 1.0.0pre10
69- removed uClibc
70- add memtest support
71- 2.6 kernel support
72- removed Embleer files (Andree Leidenfrost)
73- LVM v2 support for 2.6 (Takeru Komoriya)
74- added kernel-only floppy support, to accommodate really big kernels
75- updated+rebuilt busybox
76- added star support
77- mount /sys at boot-time
78- better 64-bit and 2.6 kernel support
79- better LVM, failsafe kernel support (Jim Richard)
80- use LILO, not raw kernel, on 1.4MB boot floppy
81- record names of unsaved modules for future reference
82- enlarged ramdisk by 8MB
85- changed some '==' to '=' --- now more RH6-friendly
86- allow absolute pathnames again in deplist
87- disable multifunc cd thing
88- better Gentoo support (Bill)
89- better OnStream support
90- better Slackware support (Laurenz)
91- added partimagehack-static to deplist.txt
92- recompiled Busybox - 10k smaller, better stack-handling
93- fixed boot screen typo
94- added support for 'auto' fs format
95- better devfs support for Mandrake users
96- better Debian+LVM support (Ralph Grewe)
97- updated analyze-my-lvm to handle floating-point gigabyte -L values
101- altered rootfs's /dev entry to stop cvs from becoming confused
103- added multi-function CD support to mindi and sbin/post-init
104- re-mount root as rw just in case
105- ask user to remove last data (floppy) disk if nec. (Tom Mortell)
106- added support for 5th column in mountlist.txt for labels
107- added symlinks.tgz
108- suppress erroneous error messages re: failsafe kernel
112- added cciss.o to SCSI_MODS
113- if format type is (e.g.) ext3,ext2 then use 1st entry
114- re-enabled fsck*
115- if cciss in use then enable it at boot-time
116- added /dev/ataraid/* to boot disk via ataraid.tgz (Luc S.)
117- better ISO support
118- tweaked mindi to use 10-15% fewer floppies
119- added RUN_AFTER_INITIAL_BOOT_PHASE var at start of Mindi, which
120  user may use to force Mindi to run command before bootstrapping
121  to aux data disks or CD - e.g. 'echo engage > /proc/scsi/something'
122- allow for Debian & other Stiefkinder that use 'none', not 'swap'
123  as the mountpoint of the swap partition
124- removed afio dependency
125- added RUN_AFTER_BOOT_PHASE_COMPLETE to let user specify a command
126  to be run by Mindi after it boots but before it runs mondorestore
127- re-worked and tarball not to use tgz's
128- cleared up the boot msg
129- updated busybox to 0.60.5; updated uClibc to 0.9.19
130- add #!/bin/sh to start of insert-all-my-modules
131- fixed obscure bug in install-additional-tools
132- change grep -m1 to grep | head -n1, for Debian users
133- moved lib.tar.bz2 and vmlinuz to mindi-kernel tarball/rpm
137- fixed LVM/RAID bugs (Brian Borgeson)
138- if bad lilo, give more verbose error before quitting
139- added mt and perl to deplist.txt
140- insmod ide-cd, cdrom, isofs, just in case
141- boot-time tmpfs ramdisk is now 40m (was 34m)
142- cleaned up logs
143- iso mode now calls Interactive
144- make SizeOfPartition() more Debian-friendly (Andree Leidenfrost)
145- clean up some calls to grep, esp. partition_mountpt=...
146- corrected some bashisms, to suit Debian ped- er, users
147- made first line refer to bash, not sh, to make sure
148  the Debian people know Mindi requires bash, not hs
149- changed grep -v "#" and grep -vx "#.*" to grep -vx " *#.*"
150- disabled code which would make Mindi use sfdisk instead of fdisk
151  if it looked as if Debian's fdisk would misbehave
155- updated ResolveSoftlinks() to work better with b0rkn Gentoo devfs /dev
156- patched analyze-my-lvm (Benjamin Mampaey)
157- detect built-in boot.b files in lilo
158- return w/err, don't abort, if Matt Nelson's RH8 system is farked
159- better at finding isolinux.bin
160- better at analyzing dependencies when running on broken distributions
161- try harder to boot from CD, even if tape fails
162- added ADDITIONAL_BOOT_PARAMS to be sent to kernel
163- better resolution of relative softlinks, leading to fewer
164  duplicates on data disks and therefore fewer data disks
165- detect Debian+devfs; use sfdisk instead of fdisk in that
166  eventuality, to work around yet another of Debian's warts
167- removed /lib/libuuid.* from rootfs.tgz
168- fixed vi
169- mindi now uses gawk --traditional (making gawk behave in a functionally
170  identical way to awk) - PASS; great, so now Debian needs to fix its awk :)
171- removed / from list of dirs accessed when trying to resolve deplist entry
172- spinner bugfix; handle odd LABELs properly (Tom Mortell)
177v0.90 (DEVEL)
178- new stable branch
179- EXTRA_SPACE=16384
180- fixed deplist.txt
185v0.72 (DEVEL)
186- misc code clean-ups
187- save boot device's boot sector
188- detect and beware Compaq diagnostic partitions
189- better handling of devfs V non-devfs kernels and boot devs
190- trimmed to busybox 0.60.3 binary on boot disk
191- mindi now resides in /usr/local/bin
192- removed lilo from dependencies
193- more Gentoo-friendly
198v0.71 (DEVEL)
199- if your kernel's builddate doesn't match any of the kernels in
200  your /boot directory then fudge the issue & find the closest
201  match (*grumble* Debian)
202- scan tape & CD at start, to force inclusion of modules on boot device
203- double EXTRA_SPACE if >7 disks
204- slimmer, more lithesome logfile
205- now accepts --findkernel
206- line 1982 - dd count=24000 should be count=$ramdisksize (Andras Korn)
207- better handling of non-Linux partitions on DevFS-enabled kernels
208- fixed Debian/ramdisksize/bloat problem (Johannes Franken)
209- fixed 2.4.20/fdisk eccentricity (Alistair Stevens)
210- updated kernel to 2.4.18-mdk6
211- generate mountlist in dev-abetical order ;)
212- fixed minor bug in .spec file
213- better at finding /boot/boot.b if your distro breaks the de facto standard
214- fixed minor bug in MakeMountlist
215- fixed
216- cleaned up deplist.txt
217- added rudimentary -v / -version flag
218- line 1180 or so --- duplicate mindi.iso entires --- fixed
219- added /bin/[ - a softlink to /bin/sh
220- ListAllPartitions() - sanity fix (KP)
221- fixed .spec bug
222- better feedback
223- added Markus's RAID patch
224- ListAllPartitions() - include /mnt/win* (Hugo)
229v0.70 (UNSTABLE)
230- better logging by dependency-calculating code
231- better handling of dependencies, specifically softlinks
232- if called by mondo then use mondo's temp dir as our temp dir too
233- changed gawk to $AWK in a few places, to allow for Debian
234- added host* config files to deplist
235- added tftp, ifconfig to busybox
236- added RPC support to uClibc
237- cleaned up creation of Mondo-Mindi configuration file
238- fixed bug in TryToFindKernelPath which stopped it from handling
239  multiple, same-version kernels gracefully
240- cleaned up deplist.txt
241- receive 'DIFFERENTIAL' variable from Mondo
242- better Debian compatibility, esp. w/detection of ver# (Hector Alvarez)
243- better devfs support; call fgrep in places instead of grep (Andrew Korn)
244- fixed analyze-my-lvm (Ralph Gruwe)
250- moved 50K of stuff from rootfs.tgz to aux-tools.tgz
251- added x11-tools.tgz option
252- updated /dev/console and /dev/tty0 (Paul Stevens)
253- cleaned up /mnt/groovy-stuff V /tmp/tmpfs code
254- catch sigint, sighup, etc.
255- fixed LILO-related message.txt mistake
256- .spec file clean-up; automation; config file (Carl Wilhem Soderstrom)
262- fixed RH7.3 readonly bug
263- improved nfs config file creation
264- search more locations for isolinux.bin
265- added isonuke option
266- faster data disk creation
267- better DevFS support (Hector Alvarez, DuckX)
268- nfs-related fix (Hans Lie)
269- abort if vfat filesystem present but mkfs.vfat missing
270- removed softlink to pico
271- allow Mondo to say no compression will be used
272- added [ to ramdisk
273- tar data disks with -b [block size] of 32k
274- don't autoboot to 'RESTORE' screen - it's scary!
275- let user choose lilo or syslinux as boot loader
276- added syslinux support
277- cleaned up message screens
283- improved logging
289- sped it up a bit
290- fixed ISO creation bug
296- fixed RAID mountlist bug (Daniel Grandjean)
297- better at German kbd support (Klaus Guntermann)
298- no longer abort if MONDO_PATH cannot be discerned
299- updated .spec file (Jesse Keating)
305- added less.bin to deplist.txt
306- copy mondo-restore.cfg configuration file to /var/cache/mondo-archive
307- increased EXTRA_SPACE to 16384
308- fixed bug in -H (RESTORE) function
314- added mkdir -p to fix mountlist.txt-copying bug (Bruno Vidal)
315- made sure mindi.iso (for tape users) copies kernel to [cd dir]/vmlinuz
321- minor cosmetic improvements
322- improved homedir-locating code
323- make sure the kernel is copied to [cd build dir]/vmlinuz
329- keep certain /dev directories compressed until boot-time, to allow
330  Mindi to support larger kernels
331- cleaned up logging a lot
332- better detection of the kernel currently in use
333- added /dev/nst* to ramdisk
334- amend isolinux.cfg to specify the correct ramdisk size
340- bootable CD's now use ISOLINUX instead of LILO (Andy Glass)
341- abort if isolinux not found
342- abort if multiple copies of Mindi found lying around
343- include mountlist.txt in ramdisk
349- change sbin/init's Die() function (Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom)
350- improve friendliness of kernel-related warning msg (Andy Glass)
351- added s/w switch re: making floppies (Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom)
357- excluded two unused vars (Carl Soderstrom)
363- reassemble large data/library files who have older 'mv' code which doesn't
364  like to overwrite symlinks - affects older RH+Slack systems (Andrew Bulhak)
365- call /usr/bin/logger, not 'logger', in LogIt()
366- run chmod 755 `which start-nfs` before running start-nfs
372- pathname problem fixed (Fred Feirtag)
373- patch to Debianize mindi a bit (H�tor Garc� �varez)
374- removed mondo-manual.html
375- moved /dev/{cciss,ida,rd} from rootfs.tgz to aux-tools.tgz
376- cleaned up the refs to analyze-my-lvm a bit (Hugo)
377- sped up disk-creation by 20-30%
378- make sure mondo-restore.cfg is on data disk as well as boot disk
379- added support for -C (cdstream) mode
385- quash error if /opt not found
386- use /tmp/groovy-stuff instead of /mnt/groovy-stuff for
387  handling data disks and their contents, for tape users
393- misc enhancements
394- uses self-resizing ramdisk (tmpfs) for /tmp
395- allows Mondo to exclude certain devices from mountlist
396- incorporated .spec patch (Ian Kent)
397- replaced &> /dev/null with > /dev/null 2> /dev/null
398- added vi to busybox again
404- fixed errant tar warning
405- replaced libc5 with uClibc
406- compiled busybox and open against uClibc
407- moved minor scripts+tools from rootfs.tgz to aux-tools.tgz
408- Mindi can now accommodate a kernel of up to 1290KB in size
409- no longer insists on cdrecord being present
415- more pointed error messages
416- fixed silly 'cp' error (Markus Marquardt)
417- use type C's embleer file for type B Windows partitions
418- increased EXTRA_SPACE from 4096 to 8192
419- cosmetic bugfixes
420- nfs users boot into nfs options by default
426- abort if mounted partition is specified as an imagedev
427- understand 'FAILSAFE' as kernel alternative
428- added analyze-my-lvm to tools available thru PATH
429- better discovery of locale and keymap file (Claude Mah�
430- compatible with 1.2x and the new 1.38+ stuff
431- better 'bug-me' script (Troff)
437- compatible with Mondo v1.5x devel branch
438- mindi's softlink now goes in /usr/sbin; was /usr/bin
439- include nfs.o, nfsd.o, lockd.o and sunrpc.o on data disks if available
440- patched .spec file to make it easier to change installdir (Ian Mortimer)
441- updated README
442- moved many global vars to start of script
443- better at finding US kbd maps
444- migrating to a single configuration file, /tmp/mondo-restore.cfg, for
445  Mondo users; file is not in use yet but is there for future expansion
451- MINDI_HOME and MONDO_HOME defined at start of each source file, making
452  it easier to relocate Mindi and Mondo if desired
453- tries to mount /dev/hd[a-h] at boot-time, looking for CD-ROM; was hd[a-d]
454- re-enabled the msg asking user to upgrade LILO if v21.6
455- Lin/Win users are much, _much_ less likely to run out of disk space now
456  when restoring from backups (Carlos Molina)
457- patch from Andrej Borsenkow to help w/Mandrake 8.1
458- disabled ramdisk free space checker (some distros don't like it)
464- don't abort if kernel is too big for 1.72MB floppy
465- better handling of eccentric distros and their keybd layouts
466- cosmetic fixes
467- sprinkled comments liberally inside deplist.txt
468- added gawk and awk to deplist
469- lilo has been added to .spec file
470- changed a couple of FatalError()'s to Die()'s
471- better TurboLinux 7 / LVM compatibility
477- better support of non-Red Hat, non-Debian keyboard resource files
478- cleaned up /sbin/init's output
479- replaced libc5 mount with user's own 'mount'
480- updated embleer.C.bz2
481- missing /dev/hdb2 found & replaced (thanks, Troff)
482- populated /dev/rd and /dev/ida on ramdisk (Michael Eisenberg)
483- improved SizeOfPartition() function
484- improved TryToFindKernelPath() function
485- don't offer NFS users Nuke Mode
486- finds and uses lilo.real if user is using Debian, a distro which
487  installs a shell script where the lilo executable should go
488- improved support for XFS users who opt to use failsafe kernel
489- uses user's lsmod, depmod, insmod, etc.
490- fixed freeze-up resulting from missing 'cat $mappath' command
491- mount tmpfs at /tmp/tmpfs for mondo-restore's benefit
492- try to create /dev/fd0u1722 if it is missing from /dev
493- added .spec file to tarball
499- fixed a bug in the handling of non-English keyboard maps
500- force failsafe kernel to provide reiserfs.o, xfs.o, jfs.o, ext2.o,
501  ext3.o and loop.o at boot-time, just in case
502- added /dev/sr[0-3] devices
503- copy LAST_FILELIST_NUMBER to /tmp, for compatibility with Mondo v1.3x
504- incorporates NFS-related settings, if supplied by Mondo v1.3x
505- replace busybox's mount with standard libc5 mount ater restoring
506  tools from floppies: NFS mounting requires full mount
507- always make mindi.iso
513- ramdisk's size has been tweaked
514- if script 'bootstrap' is found at boot-time then execute it
515- use tty8 to show mondo's output log
516- use tty7 to offer a game of Petris (if it exists on disk)
517- be sure to use i386-only keymaps
518- if LILO's "/tmp/dev.0" error occurs then abort & tell user to reboot
519- /sbin and /usr/sbin added temporarily to PATH when Mindi runs
520- if Mondo asks then force LILO to run in backward-compatible mode
521- if Mondo's tmpdir has post-nuke.tgz in it then extract it and
522  incorporate its files in the data disks
523- losetup /dev/loop0 -d before calling LILO (Norm Crowfoot)
524- if keyboard mapping dir (usu. /lib/kbd or /usr/lib/kbd) cannot be
525  found then don't abort; simply tell the user the default keyboard
526  mapping will be used
527- added /dev/hd[a,b,c,d][17-24] to the rootfs tarball
528- won't use LILO's optimizations when creating boot floppy; however,
529  optimizations are used on CD unless --broken-bios in call to Mondo
530- won't write data disks to start of tape; lets Mondo do that
531- tweaked how Mindi moves all.tar.gz around, to make it more
532  Mondo-friendly
533- tweaked Mindi's disk-splitter
534- user must unmount /dev/loop0 before calling Mindi: LILO insists...
535- added NFS-related entries to deplist.txt
536- if not called by Mondo then don't let user choose Interactive/Nuke/
537  whatever; just offer Expert
543    - removed libm.* from rootfs.tgz
544    - replaced sh with busybox's ash
545    - upgraded busybox to 0.60-2; pared it down, too
546        - include tape-related modules on boot disk, if backing up to tape
547    - creates a tape-friendly tarball containing tools+modules
548    - reassembly of tools+libraries is more reliable now
549    - streamlined deplist.txt
550    - give user their localized keyboard layout at boot-time
551    - fix some cosmetic bugs
557    - log Mindi's version# in the event of a fatal error
558    - make Mindi's boot-time output more esthetically pleasing
559    - if filesystem is type 'image', according to Mondo, then in filelist
560      its partition type will be listed as the hexadecimal string (e.g.
561          'b', '83', etc.) and the partition mountpoint will be 'image'
567    - support for newer features in Mondo v1.3x
571    - correctly lists RAID constituent partitions in mountlist
572    - breaks compatibility with Mondo v1.2x
573    - if user's fstab has weird line(s) then ignore; don't abort
574    - working on CDROM_MODS, trying to make it work on Stewart Charnell's
575      hardware setup
576    - cleaned up /sbin/init and /sbin/post-init a bit
580    - when insmod'g modules from ramdisk's root dir, use 'ls /*.o*'
581      (was 'ls /*.*') to find them
582    - if RAID controller(s) are detected then pause for 10s to let them
583      intialize by themselves (some 3ware RAID controllers require this)
584    - cleaned up /sbin/init and /sbin/post-ini; the former now controls
585      initialization of hardware, drivers, tools, etc. and the latter
586      runs mondo-restore if it exists
587    - better detection of and compatibility with SCSI CD-ROM drives
588    - chopsize is now 64KB; was 128KB
589    - cleaned up mindi's logging
593    - better logging of find-and-mount-cdrom's progress (to
594          /tmp/mondo-restore.log)
595    - somehow, lilo was re-enabled in deplist.txt; DISABLED (again *g*)
596    - added 'linear' to the list of modules Mindi always backs up
597    - if called by Mondo then pass the name & device of the user's boot
598          loader to the restore phase, by copying BOOTLOADER.* to the ramdisk
599    - if loading from floppies then try to mount CD-ROM a 2nd time after
600      extracting files from data floppies, just in case user is a CD user
601      who couldn't get their CD-ROM drive to work initially
602    - added fix to make sure /root/images/mindi is created (Charlie Root)
603    - aware of 'iso' boot mode, for future expansion
607    - added /dev/cdrom/cdrom[1-4] to the devices automatically excluded
608      from mountlist.txt
609    - added '-f-' to the end of most tar commands, to see if it fixes a
610      bug in some obscure Debian distros
611    - added network-related dependencies to deplist.txt
612    - if called by Mondo then don't write floppy images to disks; let
613      Mondo do that: less irritating for user
614    - if called by Mondo then do some clever tricks to add mondo-restore
615      and its dependencies (mondo-restore is now a dynamic executable)
616    - finally gotten klogd to squelch echoing of kernel msgs to console
620    - finally fixed that 'lib/modules/2.4.12-xfs not found' bug! :-D
621    - cosmetic changes and minor bugfixes
622    - excluded lilo.conf and lilo from deplist.txt; use user's copy instead
623    - if your fstab mentions a RAID partition but your raidtab doesn't then
624      Mindi will terminate in a sane manner with a sane error message
625    - fixed a bug in bug-me (heh, how ironic)
626    - include and run (sys)klogd to try to pipe kernel msgs to logfile
627    - call hdparm to speed up access to CD-ROM drive
631    - disabled fsck.* in deplist.txt
632    - include /etc/fstab in logfile
633    - removed lzop.* from aux-tools; should come from user's distro anyway
634    - tweaked data disk size and data disk formatting command
635    - make ISO bootable image (as well as floppies) when backing up to tape
636    - copy boot images (floppy + CD) from temp dir to /root/images/mindi
637      after making them, just in case the user wants them later
638    - added md5sum to deplist.txt
639    - added pico->vi softlink to ramdisk
640    - in the ramdisk's /etc/bashrc, added /usr/local/bin and
641          /usr/local/sbin to the PATH= command
642    - call insert-all-modules as background task; pause 3 seconds after
643      calling it, before proceeding <--- /sbin/init
644    - call to devfs has been moved to before call to post-init
645    - added 'md5sum -> busybox' softlink
646    - Mindi now uses busybox's printf, md5sum, mount, umount, vi
647      ...NB: I said, 'vi' :-) Now you have an editor again! :-)
648    - added lilo.real to deplist.txt, to allow for Debian's evil new distro
649    - added lzop to deplist.txt
650    - no longer including lzop in Mindi's tarball / RPM
651    - improved Mindi's error-reporting a little bit
652    - changed deplist.txt's /etc/* to just *
653    - restructured the calls in /sbin/post-init that reinitialize the LVM
654      and RAID modules
655    - if mkfs.ext2 is not in PATH then abort
656    - Mindi uses a 'filename cache' to speed itself up at run-time
657      (Jean-David Marrow)
658    - Red Hat 7.2 uses a weird /etc/; I've worked around it...
659    - tested with Linux-Mandrake 8.0 and Red Hat 7.2
663    - at boot-time, activate LV's if they exist
664    - restructured deplist.txt a bit (cosmetic change)
665    - re-enabled fsck.* in deplist.txt
666    - analyze-my-lvm fails gracefully if you're not using LVM but inserted
667      the module anyway
671    - made Mindi work with Red Hat 6.2 and 2.2.19 kernel
672    - if mkisofs is not found, say so; don't just say, 'an error occurred
673      while I was trying to make an ISO image'
674    - when formatting and writing floppies, if /dev/fd0's size is
675      indeterminable then I'll use /dev/fd0H1440 instead
676    - make sure xfs.o, jfs.o, reiserfs.o, ext2.o, ext3.o modules are
677      backed up (if they exist) to boot disks
678    - fixed a silly bug that stopped Mindi from handling its own modules
679      properly; only affects newbie users with broken kernels (i.e. the
680      very people that Mindi's failsafe kernel was meant to help!)
681    - added lzop (Marcus Oberhumer's file compressor) to aux-tools.tgz
682    - added Bruno Cornec's "--cd-recovery" patch; if user uses the switch
683      (i.e. '--cd-recovery yes') then the CD will boot to a screen that
684      pauses until the user types RESTORE; then, it will enter Nuke Mode
685    - added Stephan Zegherd's "superformat" patch
686    - failsafe kernel is now 2.4.12 with XFS, JFS and lots of SCSI modules;
687      the addition of XFS and extensive SCSI support will increase the
688      size of Mindi's RPM / tarball significantly but I think it's worth it
689    - at boot-time, find out whether there are any RAID partitions; and if
690      there are, whether they are 'started' yet; if not, run raidstart to
691      start them at boot-time, before user can try to mount anything
692    - Mindi's failsafe kernel & modules are handled more elegantly now;
693      if you have raid1.o, scsi.o, etc. loaded at backup-time then Mindi
694      finds its corresponding modules in its tarball of failsafe modules
695      and stores them so that at boot-time you can do SCSI, RAID, etc.
696    - removed gawk, printf from deplist.txt
700    - make sure lvm-mod, raid0, raid1 and raid5 modules are backed up
701    - added 'you need a ramdisk' to FAQ
702    - changed the slice size from 20KB to 64KB; speeds up Mindi by 25%
703      and doesn't have any negative side-effects (...that I can see)
704    - when searching for your current kernel version, do not examine
705      a file if it does not exist (it sounds obvious, I know...)
706    - when asking user to send me a copy of their log file, point out
707      that it may contain info which they do not want me to see but that
708      they are SOL unless I can actually see their log file
709    - fixed a silly bug that would crop up when a Linux-Mandrake 8.1 user
710      would use a devfs-enabled kernel and RAID partitions at the same time
711    - plays nicely with devfs-enabled kernels and distros
712    - data floppies are now 1.44MB each; boot floppy is still 1.72MB
713    - if binutils or libbinutils is not installed, abort
714    - fixed a bug which meant that some big files overwrote each other
715          at backup-time and caused library-related problems are boot-time
716    - enabled comments ('#') in deplist.txt
717    - disabled fsck.* in deplist.txt; user may re-enable the line if
718      s/he wants those tools available at boot-time
719    - tested successfully with the following distros
720      - Linux-Mandrake 8.1 and its 2.4.8, devfs-enabled stock kernel
721      - Red Hat 7.1 and its 2.4.2 stock kernel
722    - better at guessing the size of swap partition
723    - drop minix tools from deplist; user can restore them if s/he wants
724          to use the minix filesystem
725    - don't backup _all_ cdrom modules (if backing up 'cdrom.o'); be
726      selective! ...minor bug in ListKerneModulePaths has been fixed
727    - if the user has two glibc libraries - one in /lib and one in
728      /lib/i686 - then Mindi will re-jig the softlinks so that only the
729      version in /lib is backed up, to save space on the data disks
730    - major rewrite of the code that copies the tools and libraries from
731      the data disks; prettier, faster and more stable (and did I mention
732      how kind it is to your hard-working hands?)
733    - better handling of crazy libraries and softlinks thereto
734    - new boot-time script, 'bug-me', copies user's logs to a floppy and
735          tells him/her to e-mail them to me if mondo-restore aborts
736    - ignore kernels named vmlinux (note the 'X'); traditionally, kernels
737      are named vmlinuz (note the 'Z') or something similar
738    - no longer backup all modules to CD/tape; just backup the ones loaded
739          at backup-time; this saves boot-time ramdisk space
740    - removed all references to LOOPDEVICE
741    - LVM is supported (experimental; watch this space...)
742    - included a tarball of 'sane' /dev/loop* nodes which will be extracted
743          and added to the boot disk; this helps maintain Mindi's backward-
744          compatibility with non-devfs kernels and distros
745    - when copying modules to boot or data disks, uncompress them first
746          if they are gzipped (some distros come with compressed modules)
747    - no longer copies all loaded modules to the 2.88 MB El Torito bootable
748      floppy image; instead, it copies FLOPPY_MODS to the 1.72 MB image,
749          CDROM_MODS to the 2.88 MB image, and _all_ modules that were loaded
750          at backup-time to the data disks
751        - supports tape streamers, in conjunction with Mondo
752    - uses busybox's sync again; let's see if that breaks anything...
753    - if Mondo is backing up to tape streamer then write the tape's size to
754          /tmp/TAPESIZE and the drive's device to /tmp/TAPEDEV-LIVES-HERE on
755          the ramdisk
756    - floppy disk modules (ide-floppy.o and floppy.o) now are copied
757          to the ramdisk, whether the user's kernel or the failsafe kernel
758          is being used
762    - excluded *.old from the 'boot.b' list when searching for boot.b
763    - updated Mindi's own failsafe kernel+modules to v2.4.10
764    - added umount to deplist again
765    - improved Mindi's support of modular kernels (esp. modular CD-ROM
766          drive and floppy disk drives)
767    - don't accuse Linux 2.4.10 users of having a 'buggy kernel'
768    - restored the libc5 versions of sync and umount (dropped from
769          deplist but also from busybox)
770    - fixed a lot of silly bugs related to incorporating Busybox in Mindi
771        - experimental LVM support
772    - added 'analyze-my-lvm' script to the tarball; Mindi uses it now
773    - able to recognize & record LVM mounts, adding them to the mountlist
774    - added the LVM executables (listed in the lvm-0.xx-i386.rpm) to
775      deplist.txt; they won't be added unless you have them and you won't
776      have them unless you're using LVM, so this is not 'bloat' IMO :)
777    - added date and sync to deplist again
778    - when working on LVM stuff, use 'echo y | pvcreate -ff' (was '..-f')
779    - amended format-...-kludge to allow for mountlists with >1
780          spaces between cols
781      checked the fsck.reiserfs is in deplist.txt (yes it is)
782    - incorporated busybox 0.60-1; now, Mindi is faster at run-time and
783          smaller at boot-time; you can fit a typical system onto 3 floppies;
784          also, a kernel up to 1MB in size (approx.) can now be accommodated
785    - supports kernels that have MODULAR support for CD-ROM's or floppies
786    - Mindi copies only the loaded modules to the data disks but it copies
787          _all_ modules to the CD, just in case
788    - thanks to busybox your floppy-based Mindi boot disk set should now be
789          able to accommodate a kernel of up to 1MB in size
790    - boot into Expert Mode unless boot disk was generated by Mondo
791    - exclude all softlinks from list of 'eligible' kernels
792        - exclude kernels with 'vmlinux' in their names
793    - removed A LOT of files from deplist.txt's dependency list; they are
794          listed in deplist.removed, in case you want to put them back :-)
795    - excludes libX11, libXext, libXi, libgtk, libgdk ALWAYS, whether you
796          add them to deplist.txt or not; [cancel this by editing line 485]
797    - rewrote AddFileToDir() to make it more efficient (but slower...)
798    - strip chaff from binaries; strip comments from bash scripts; strip
799          comments from /etc/termcap
803    - if you use a softlink to your CD dev, e.g. /dev/cdrecorder->scd0,
804          then Mindi should handle it properly now (i.e. not bomb out)
805    - if you have a large kernel & lots of modules loaded, Mindi will only
806      copy as many modules to the ramdisk as will _fit_ on a ramdisk that
807          will have to go alongside your kernel on a 2.88MB floppy disk
808    - if your kernel does not support loopfs, Mindi will say so & abort
809    - turned some warnings into fatal errors, to help the user to figure
810      out exactly why Mindi won't work on their kernel
811    - changed mke2fs -N24 to -N32, to see if it helps braindead distros
812    - Mondo now tells Mindi whether or not to use its stock kernel
813    - gone back to the old 'insert-my-modules' for now; it's more reliable
814    - working on the 'insert-all-my-modules' script, to make it compatible
815      with a wider range of insane distros and kernels
816    - dropped the '-c' option from LILO call
817        - removed cdrecord, mkisofs, vi, route and diff from deplist.txt
818    - slowed down the 'split data between floppies' routine; made it
819          try harder to squeeze more data onto each floppy
820    - excluding nvidia modules from the "insert-all-my-modules" script
821          because it sometimes causes freeze-ups
822    - added code to copy your fstab, lilo.conf, etc. to a tarball which, in
823          the event of an error, Mindi will ask the user to e-mail me
827    - plays nicely with devfs, so long as your old /dev/hdX, /dev/sdX
828      softlinks are still there :-)
829    - if your swap partition isn't mounted, Mindi will decide that it is
830      125MB; it used to abort but now it just warns & makes a good guess
831    - testing the failsafe kernel & associated scripts
832    - only use lilo's "-c" option if NOT a 2.88MB floppy disk image
833    - copes better with .o, .gz, etc. module suffixes
834    - better 'loaded modules / not loaded modules' feedback at boot-time
835    - semi-forces isofs and ide-cd (not isofs.o and ide-cd.o); the former
836          will be more compatible with stock kernels - e.g. Red Hat, Mandrake;
837          also added vfat, fat & a few other modules to the list of 'foced'.
838    - removed the '-c' switch from the call to LILO (some BIOSes don't
839          like it very much)
840    - removed chaff from ramdisk's /etc/login.defs, saving approx 7K
841    - format the boot disks with -N 24 (was -N 64)
842    - do not insist on CD #1 (at boot-time) if there is no 'CD #' marker
843    - amend format-and-kludge-vfat; now, it will not abort if it cannot
844      find its entry in mountlist; it doesn't need to find the entry
845          anyway, except to check that the kludge works (which it does)
846    - if user chooses to use Mindi's failsafe 2.4.9 kernel, Mindi will load
847          Mindi's versions of user's modules at boot-time
848    - make label-devices-as-necessary log its efforts
849    - added e2label and tune2fs to deplist.txt
850        - if you boot in Normal Mode, I'll call mondo-restore --interactive
851          instead of just mondo-restore
852        - replaced K7-compatible 2.4.7 kernel with a 586-comp'ble 2.4.9 kernel
853    - improved the post-run clean-up
854    - force the copying/loading of isofs.o and ide-cd.o, which enhances
855          Mindi's support for kernels that have modular CD-ROM support
856    - Interactive Mode offers to edit /tmp/mountlist.txt before running
857          mondo-restore (good idea from F. Boon)
858    - /dev/hd[e-h]* have been added to the ramdisk
859    - disabled Cuckoo and Bootstrap Modes (they weren't doing anything
860          anyway & were probably confusing some users)
861    - removed 'edit mountlist?' question (because mondo-restore takes
862          care of that now, via a user-friendly mountlist editor)
863    - included a copy of mondo-manual.html
864    - only kludge /dev/hda1 or /dev/sda1 (if vfat, of course);
865          otherwise, use regular mkfs.vfat
866        - use mkfs.dos if mkfs.vfat does not exist
867    - moved some scripts from rootfs.tgz to Mondo's restore-scripts.tgz
870v0.38                                                              08/18/2001
871        - clarified the 'more than one kernel found' comment
872    - updated the README to emphasize that the scripts are deprecated
873    - when displaying mountlist on screen, make it easier to read
874    - changed most 'echo's to 'LogIt()'s; log most screen output to
875          /var/log/mindi.log
876    - user can now use a stock 2.4.7 kernel (which comes with Mindi)
877          if the user's distro's kernel isn't right for a boot disk
880v0.37                                                              08/12/2001
881        - changed the boot screen a little bit
882    - changed the "cannot boot from CD-ROM" message (more informative now)
883    - if an 'insmod'ed module cannot be found, warn but don't abort
884    - that whole loop-mount/extract tgz to ramdisk thing --- if it fails,
885          abort, don't try to continue; also, ask if loopfs is supported by
886      kernel (if not, that might explain the error)
887    - in addition to /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules, also search
888          /root/oss/modules for kernel modules (Phillip Deackes)
889    - run syslog and klogd at restore-time, to pipe sys & knl messages to
890          /tmp/mondo-restore.log
891    - default restore-time boot mode is now 'interactive' (unless the
892          disk is a 1.72MB, in which case default mode is still 'expert')
893    - if CDROM can't find itself (long story, re: El Torito) then the
894      script will say, "Your kernel is b0rken." This will reduce the
895      number of erroneous error reports that I receive from users
896    - working on implementing Cuckoo Mode again
899v0.36                                                              08/03/2001
900    - testing it with LM8, RH71 and Slack8
901    - explicitily exluding /mnt/floppy and /floppy from mountlist.txt
902    - warn if afio not found (Mondo needs afio)
903    - optional --custom <temp dir> <out dir> switch added, to let the user
904      specify where the temp dirs and created images will be stored
905    - changed /sbin/init to install modules _before_ trying to mount
906          CD-ROM (David Granz)
907    - create a gawk->awk shortcut at restore-time if necessary
908    - specifically exclude /dev/fd0h1440 and /dev/fd0H1440 from mountlist
909    - removed silly "was CD inserted?" message
913    - if LILO fails, it writes its errors to the screen
914    - use user's boot.b and LILO instead of Mindi's
915    - tarball/RPM no longer includes boot.b or lilo
916    - mke2fs' output will be echoed to screen, if an error occurs
917    - doubled the -N inode allocations and removed some of the -i inode
918      fiddles, just in case they are making Red Hat 7.1 choke
922    - includes patch to rid Mindi of its dependence on /dev/loop devices
923      (Bill Davidsen)
924    - includes patch from 0ystein Skalsem, to fix a disk-formatting problem
925    - warns if kernel is 2.4.0-2.4.5; encourages user to upgrade
929    - excludes all devices containing ':/' (i.e. NFS mountlists)
930    - the FORMAT/SYS replacement, "format-and-kludge-vfat" now writes
931      its logfile to /tmp/format-and-kludge-vfat.log
932    - /etc/fstab now mounts floppies for read/write access by default
933    - format-and-kludge-vfat should only write to log once now
934    - added vi, top to deplist.txt
935    - updated the rootfs.tgz's README
936    - mountlist is written to screen as well as mountlist.txt
937    - tested with Linux 2.4.7; works fine
938    - changed 'mkfs' lines, to format the loop-mounted files instead of the
939      device nodes which makes Mindi work better with kernels 2.4.6+
940    - Mindi can now handle kernels of up to 930K in size
941    - sped up the process of spreading data files across data disks
942      by approx 20%
946    - software RAID is now supported
947    - added the 'raidtools' binaries to deplist.txt
948    - add /etc/fstab and /etc/raidtab to deplist.txt
949    - added /dev/md* to the ramdisk's /dev directory
950    - modified MakeMountlist() to calculate correctly the sizes of
951      RAID partitions, if they are present in /etc/fstab
952    - moved the 'LOOPDEVICE=...' code into the regular main() section
953    - install-additional-tools makes a softlink '/etc/raidtab' that points
954      to /mnt/groovy-stuff/etc/raidtab; also, '/etc/fstab.orig' that points
955      to /mnt/groovy-stuff/etc/fstab
956    - added line to 'install-additional-tools' that will delete the
957      dummy modprobe before installing data from datadisk(s)
958    - mkdir -p $outdir at the beginning, just in case...
963        - included DoJ's patch to make Mindi play more nicely with devfs
964    - slightly better and README
968        - added klogd and syslogd to deplist.txt
969    - can now cope with Red Hat's "LABEL=" entries in /etc/fstab
970    - should ignore NFS-mounted partitions now
974    - stopped the 'modprobe' errors that used to occur at the beginning;
975      they didn't mean anything but they did worry some novice users
976        - removed losetup from rootfs.tgz (wasn't doing anything useful)
977    - removed the 'txt-or-gui' stuff from Mindi (never used it anyway)
978    - added clear to deplist.txt
979    - moved rootfs.tgz's "mondo/" scripts to Mondo's "restore-scripts.tgz"
980      tarball; tarball will be untarred and contents added to the
981          data disks at run-time, if Mindi finds the tarball
982    - if user lacks fd0u1722 but has fd0h1722 then use the latter
983    - boot-up msg is more informative
984    - fixed obscure bug in find-and-mount-cdrom
985    - better at coping with hda1/2/3/4 (normal people use hda1/5/6/7 but
986      if you really want to exhaust your primaries, well hey, your life)
987    - the 'outstring sucks!' message is now more informative
991        - if AddFileToDir() is called with a file that does not exist, Mindi
992          warns but does not abort
993    - should work with gzipped modules (which end in '.o.gz') and
994          NVidia modules (which don't end in anything)
995    - should work with Red Hat's now
996        - misc. cosmetic changes to Mondo boot-time and restore-phase scripts,
997          to make the visual output cleaner & more legible
998    - insist-on-cd retracts the CD tray after asking for next CD, in case
999      the user did not close the drive before pressing <enter>
1000    - if unable to create 1.72MB boot disk then warn but do not abort
1001    - put creation date on the boot-up screen
1002    - create data disks with tarballs up to 1700KB in size; tries harder
1003          to fill each data disk to the brim
1004    - changed the call to make ext3 partitions; now, it uses a call to
1005      mkfs -t ext3 -j -Jsize=10 -q <device> (as requested by ext3 manual)
1006    - tested w/ext3; works fine
1007    - install-additional-tools doesn't call sync until after all softlinks
1008      have been finalized; that's to make sure we call the _right_ sync
1009    - ramdisk is now (size of all files in data disks PLUS 8192) KB
1010    - RPM and SRPM published
1011    - mount CDROM at start of untar-me, just in case it wasn't mounted
1012    - when restoring selectively, log the archives that have matches
1013          & the number of matches (inc. if zero)
1017    - has been tested with XFS, JFS, ReiserFS, ext2 and vfat
1018    - compatible (but not tested) with ext3
1019    - better at finding your kernel, even if you have several kernels
1020      of the same version (now checks the build date, too)
1021    - better file-spreading algorithm; a little faster; much more reliable
1022        - includes a copy of LILO, to make the boot disks properly
1023        - tells you how big the tarballs are, when it assembles them
1024    - compare-me uses 'insist-on-cd' instead of internal subroutine
1025    - it looks as if Mindi can actually cope with 920K kernels now :)
1026    - fixed some silly multi-CD bugs that would stop big files from being
1027      restored if they were spread across CD's
1031    - uses its own copy of lilo
1032        - removed all "~" (backup copies) from rootfs.tgz
1033        - updated the rootfs's README - stablilo-me, not hack-me
1034    - improved the formatting of the lilo.conf as it is created
1035        - replace all libc5 tools with libc6 (user's) tools at restore-time
1036    - added diff to deplist.txt
1037    - copy io.sys and msdos.sys (if found) to data disk(s) at
1038          run-time; softlinks them to /*.sys at boot-time
1039    - fixed some vfat formatting-related issues w/Embleer (always tricky);
1040          the kludge's error-handling is better and its exit is more graceful
1041    - say 'type nuke to restore automatically' in msg if Mondo called me
1042    - backup all modules, not just the ones present/loaded at run-time;
1043      the loaded modules go on boot disk but ALL go on data disk
1044    - reduced the max data per disk from 1700 to 1680, to suit ext2's needs
1045    - DidMondoCallMe() replaces 'ps ax | grep | blah blah'
1046    - includes user's /etc/termcap and /usr/bin/pico on disk(s)
1047    - cosmetic changes to restore-time scripts (spaces, newlines, etc.)
1048    - pipe kernel's msgs to /var/log/messages
1049    - make sure /etc/lilo.conf is 600 (RW by root only)
1053    - can accommodate a kernel >900KB in size
1054        - generates lilo.conf on-the-fly; no default/template file anymore
1055    - copies io.sys and msdos.sys to the CD (if you have them)
1056    - add the embleer tarballs to mindi-0.xx.tgz, so that users can
1057          format and make bootable msdos/Win9x partitions
1058    - added printf and hdparm to deplist.txt
1059    - incorporated Bruno Cornec's Mondo 0.991 scripts in Mindi
1060        - separated README into README, INSTALL and TODO
1061    - fixed silly {ramdisk}/sbin/InsistOnCD bug
1062    - took out mke2fs and libext from rootfs.tgz
1063    - rootfs.tgz's "/etc/bashrc" now includes /usr/share/mindi
1064    - compare-mode uses IDE optimization to speed things up
1065    - don't quibble over resizing partitions if <2MB difference
1066    - fixed silly InsistOnCD bug
1070        - don't copy *.mdsg to boot floppy image
1071    - fixed erroneous 'cannot make ISO image' error message
1072    - can accommodate a kernel as large as 890K
1073        - now uses lilo, not syslinux (lilo works better w/2.88MB boot images)
1074    - creates & formats disk images on the fly (no more .img.gz templates)
1075    - boot disks are formatted ext2, like the data disks
1076    - creates 1.72MB and El Torito 2.88MB boot floppies/images
1077        - if called by Mondo, doesn't list images or offer to copy to FDD/CDRw
1078        - includes the distro's name and kernel version in LILO's message
1082        - don't add a ramdisk; use rootfs & that's it
1083        - dependency-calculator runs approx. twice as fast as in v0.20
1084        - tested with Linux Mandrake 8.0; works well, if you recompile
1085          kernel to include floppy disk support (which LM8's kernel does not)
1086        - supports bigger kernels now, up to 900K in size
1087        - deplist.txt may now include directories, not just files
1088        - ignores kernel filenames that are hyperlinks
1089        - uses awk instead of gawk; drop the awk/gawk-finding thing
1090        - uses gzip, not bzip2; dropped bzip2, mv, ls to make rootfs smaller
1091        - copies user's /dev/fd0* devices to boot disk
1092        - calls Mindi's copy of syslinux, not user's copy
1093        - use modules' paths, e.g. instead of just 'insmod fubar', use
1094          'insmod /lib/modules/2.4.5-ac117/vfat/fubar.o'
1095        - in boot.msg, XXXXX is part 1 of the 2nd line, YYYYY is part 2 of
1096          the 2nd line, and ZZZZZ is Mindi's version# (in the 1st line)
1100        - df, du, find, lsmod, rmmod have been removed from rootfs.tgz
1101        - at boot-time, inserts kernel modules w/user's original parameters
1102        - deletes the slices after recombining them & restoring the files
1103        - includes the MINDI_VER version number in boot.msg
1104        - if boot disk is too small, lists the files & which one is too big
1105        - syslinux now waits 10 seconds before booting floppy
1106        - 'insert-all-my-modules' is copied to rootfs, not to a data disk
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