source: MondoRescue/branches/stable/mondo/src/test/test-string.res @ 1156

Last change on this file since 1156 was 1054, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 14 years ago
  • Backporting more trunk content into stable
  • Adding the test and lib directories
  • Preparing for l10n
File size: 253 bytes
1string=|md0 : active raid10 hda1[0] hda12[3] hda6[2] hda5[1]
3token=|md0|, lastpos=4
4token=|active|, lastpos=13
5token=|raid10|, lastpos=20
6token=|hda1[0]|, lastpos=28
7token=|hda12[3]|, lastpos=37
8token=|hda6[2]|, lastpos=45
9token=|hda5[1]|, lastpos=53
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