source: branches/stable/mondo/src/mondoarchive/mondoarchive.h @ 1326

Last change on this file since 1326 was 1326, checked in by Bruno Cornec, 13 years ago
  • MONDO_LOGFILE is rather a char* exported by each main program (consolidation of those mecanisms in .h files with ps_*)
  • One include has been created for each binary containing only the specific declarations
  • Log files are now consistent: mondoarchive.log for mondoarchive (containing also mindi.log) and mondorestore.log for mondorestore (copied from /tmp (ram) to /var/log (disk) at the end of the restore)
  • Doc updated accordingly
  • LOGFILE in restore process is now passed in the environment and not duplicated a nymore
  • LogIt? is not redifined either
  • LOGFILE should be put in environment by mondoarchive for mindi's usage but that's a step left for later.
  • label-partitions-as-necessary should now work correctly for LABEL and UUID (grep -w removed)
  • Remove useless script compare-me

(All coming from 2.2.2) (remains changes in my-stuff.h coming later on)

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
File size: 438 bytes
2 * $Id$
3 *
4 * Code (c)2007 Bruno Cornec <>
5 * Provided under the GPLv2
6 *
7 * Main include for mondoarchive
8 *
9 */
11#ifndef MONDO_CONF_DIR
12#define MONDO_CONF_DIR "/usr/local/etc/mondo"
16 * Compatibility #define to ease the transition to logfile-in-a-variable.
17 */
18char *MONDO_LOGFILE = "/var/log/mondoarchive.log";
20/* No restriction on ps options */
21char *ps_options = "auxww";
22char *ps_proc_id = "$2";
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